Models Own Mirror Ball Polish: Boogie Nights

To say I read about these mirror ball polishes every where is an understatement, they have all sold out now but I'm pretty sure Models Own will be re-stocking them again soon. So are they worth the hype? I decided to just get a couple, rather than the whole set as they are more of a top coat polish and I think they can all look a little similar. 

So first up to review Models Own Boogie Nights , I decided to layer it over Pink Punch as I love this polish.

Glitter- In the main Boogie nights sparkles are purple, there are also a little blue ones and pink with added sliver. There are different shape sparkles in this mix too, which gives it a very different finish they other glitter/sparkly as they cover a larger area. The plain nail shows one coat of the posh, I would say three coats gives a really great finish to get the full effect. 

Wear- I have had this on my own nails and found it's great for jazzing up dull looking polish. So if you have painted your nails and they have chipped or started to look dull, this is such a winner for putting on top when you need a fast 'going out' look. Getting it off can be a bit of a pain, but to me I'd rather that than a polish that chips off in a day.

Over all- I really like this polish, like I said it's great as a top coat it lasts and there are plenty of sparky bits and it's easy to apply. I think this is a great polish to go over bright or dark colours and I think it will be one of my favourite ones to use in the festive seasons a head. I give this a 8/10

Suggestions on wear- You can go wild with this, some that I love so far
  • A light purple to bring out the shade
  • Black as all sparkles look great over a dark base
  • Shade of blue or sliver would also make this pop
  • Use just at the tips of the nail, or at the base (just to mix it up a little)
  • Layer over a nude polish for a more grown up day time look 

All nail polishes are £5.00 GBP and you get 14ml which I think is worth it. As mine have lasted ages from other Models Own polishes I've had. They are available in boots and they have a special Models Own bottle shop at Westfield Shepherds Bush

Models own bottle image from their site, a other images are my own.

Also here are the five winners from the Witch skincare BB cream giveaway, congrats and stay tuned for more giveaways very soon.

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  1. oo i can't wait to try out these colours! X

    1. They said they are re stocking in October :)

  2. models own nail polish are great, and cute colour choices! :)

    1. Thanks kitten, yeah I rate them they rarely chip on me. x

  3. This is such a nice post! I've never tried these polishes, but they look soooo good :D

  4. I think everyone went a bit mental over these, didn't they? Tbh I was expecting more from these polishes but regardless, they do look reay nice xo

  5. I'm obsessed with Models Own, such a good brand. This looks gorgeous, Pink Punch really brings it out so well xxx

  6. I actually went to try and buy one of the mirror ball polishes today and noticed they were sold out, so I'm quite disappointed. This looks lovely!

  7. Wow fantastic review- these nail varnishes look fantastic and great idea of using it to beaten up chopped nails- I always chip mine!
    And massive thank you as it looks like I've won one of the bb creams! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Xx


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