Street Style| LFW September 2016

I know, I know London Fashion Week was ages again, but as everyone and their cat was blogging about it. I thought I would leave it a little while, before sharing my street style snaps this season. I was going to do the whole week, apply for shows and run myself ragged as last season I had the viral plague and didn't even manage a day. But than I thought about the last time I was rushing around, and as amazing as it was to see designers and their insane collections. I just couldn't face the exhaustion, that goes hand in hand with the week. Instead I didn't apply for anything and decided that rather than working, I would go for one day and enjoy it. 

I dropped the kids off to school, and jumped on the bus I was expecting the streets to be packed out. Instead it was pretty quite, but there was still a handful of cool people so I grabbed out my camera from my rainbow bag and got snapping. I think there's a big difference in between what were all suppose to wear, vs what people actual wear. Not everyone struts around in clothing straight out of a magazine. People want to feel like themselves no matter their style.

I feel really inspired for my winter wardrobe, sadly I'm on a spending ban so will have to wait till I've cleared room to make way for some fab new pieces. I'll be sharing my current wish list soon, I feel a little more inspired and looking forward to layering up all my outfits. 

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