Monday, 1 September 2014

Dealing With Headaches

I've always suffered from headaches, even as a kid I spent many an afternoon on my nan's sofa with her stroking my head and being comforted by the warmth of her hand. After years of them and their big sister the migraine, I can safety say I've tried just about every headache/migraine product to help me deal with them. I've spent my headache free time, reading about home remedies and causes. So what advice do I have for you, some you may already know and ma seem like the simplest thing but trust me will help you deal with them. If I knew the cure for getting rid of them forever I'd share that too, sadly I'm yet to come across a magical cure. I will say it does help to have someone around who will look after you, but if your on your own know that it will pass and you will be okay. 

If you have a headache right now, I would suggest reading this another time. If your headaches feel worst than usual or your getting more than two days in a row go to your doctor. It's best to be tested for everything and know that they are just headaches, than ignore the problem and it turning out to be something far bigger that could have been prevented. I have been tested (bloods, scans etc..) over and over and thankful been told it's more to do with stress and hormones than an underlying illness. So I hope this helps you the next time one strikes, and know that yo are not alone and there are support groups for those that suffer with cluster headaches.

  • Switch off those gadgets, put down your phone and try to avoid reading or any other actives where your brain has to focus for long periods of time. Stress is a massive factor when I get them, if your the same try clearing your mind of worries. This sounds a little mad (okay utterly crazy), but I once read it's good to imagine your walking in a forest that's so deep your headache can't reach.

  • If you have your hair up, than let it down as this will cause tension. Also I've found heavy eye make can trigger mine, strange but true so if your the same remove it and give your face a splash with cold water it will help simulate blood flow.

  • Eat a banana, as a carbohydrate it starves off symptoms and keeps your blood sugars even. Avoid cheese and chocolate.

  • Grab a drink, water is usually best as most headaches are caused by dehydration. Or if you have not eaten and be doing a lot drink half a cup of a fizzy drink, as it could be caused by low blood sugar. Fizzy drinks are thee quickest way for bringing them back up, but drinking too much can also cause them. Same goes with caffeine, too much can cause them, but they can also sooth them and help if you have taken painkillers

  • If your laying down keep your head above your body, I usually double up my pillows  so I'm also sitting up this helps blood flow. Also if it's a migraine, make sure your in the dark and place a cold flannel on your forehead. Also massage can ease migraine  you can massage the temples in a circle to ease pressure, as well as massaging the bridge of your nose can help relieve sinuses which actual helps with headaches. 

  • Be sure not to take too many painkillers, as hard as it is only take some if it becomes unbearable. This way you will know when your headaches gone, as the over use of them stops the effect of pain relief and can cause them. There are plenty of painkillers designed for headaches and migraines, make sure you have some in your home and I always carry some in my bag while out. The last thing you will want to do is have to go buy some when your head is pounding. Follow instructions careful and check age guide, as some painkillers are far higher so may only require one dose.

  • Lack of sleep is another big cause, so make sure you don't have to many late nights and let your body rest. Have a bath before bed if your struggling to relax, and a drop of lavender on your pillow this helps aid sleep naturally.

  • Balms on the temples, again there are many on the market that you can purchase from supermarkets and chemists. I use tiger balm (do a patch test to check for skin reaction) on the outer corners of my temples, avoid the eye area. I use a tiny tiny amount and also rub a small bit on my forehead just under my hairline. I've found this really helps relive pain. Again follow instructions on product and don't use it on sensitive skin or kids under 13 years of age.

  • Get your eyes tested, if you struggle to read things sometimes your putting extra strain on your eyes which can result in headaches. This was one of the factors that has helped reduce mine. Also your dentist as your teeth can have a massive effect on your health, tooth decay, infection are just some of the factors that can lead to headaches.

Friday, 29 August 2014

New Look A/W 2014

I am a high street gal through and through, so it's always great to see a brand really push their collection to the next level but still keep it wearable. New Look has yet again outdone themselves with a collection that is a powerhouse of style, glamour and fun. I found it hard to know where to start looking, of course my eye was drawn to all the mermaid sequin covered tops and beaded skirts. There was a grown up Clueless tartan vibe going on, that I think Cher would have approved of. 

There were plenty of  two piece outfits or co ords as the fashion pack has label them, a trend that's been massive this summer. They are so easy to style and wear, plus you can always mix and match creating a mass of outfit ideas. Coats were textured and bags were kooky, statement necklaces and chunky platform boots made my heart skip a beat. I love the blocked coloured knits and the long velvet kimonos. This season New Look have left no style stone unturned, I could see myself wearing most of this collect day or night. Old trend pieces refreshed also, for example the black pleated faux leather skirt that was a massive blogger in a stunning blush pink is on my wish list. I loved this collection, and look forward to filling my wardrobe with pretty much anything holographic or sequin covered. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

It's Okay To Fangirl

Everyone admires someone, and people who say they don't are lying. As women naturally tend to compare each other more than men, thanks to media, social platforms it's only  a matter of time before it happens. When I was younger I used to collect posters of my favourite crushes and bands, and it can sometimes come with the label of being a geek and someone who doesn't have much of their own identify. So what is fangirling, are you part of this movement, maybe you have been doing it for years and it's only now it has a label you can recognise it.  In reality it's great and should be embraced. 

Fangirling is essential an expression of joy at someone or a vision that they are creating, I guess there is some escapism but it's not a case of you loving something because your not happy with life. It's like an add on, someone who you would hope to be best fiends with. I guess what would be great to see is women embracing more women, so often we rip each other down. Fangirls can change this and let us support each other like never before. But even if your fangirling over a boy band, or that ultimate movie that has characters that have changed your world it's positive. 

Thankfully most people who fangirl, don't care what others think anyway it can actual help us stand up and say 'your not the judge of me'. Plus the game has changed from when I was a teen back in the 90s, back than you looked up to the famous. Now with the raise of Tumblr, You Tube, Blogs and Instagram the girl next door could be your next girl crush and globally known.  Saying that even in the 90s that didn't stop me. I use to shop in this crappy charity shop when I was 13, just to check out what this girl was wearing as she had thee coolest style I had ever seen and was so different from everything around me. The idol's of today may have inspire us in some way, we  group together to follow them and feel part of something amazing. We belong and it's something we are proud to talk about, and join in with the pet names for these fan bases. Somehow it goes on to create a whole community of people with similar ideals and likes, and you can make friendships from your shared love for this person. It's so weird and complex, but yet so cool and refreshing.  

There are downsides of course to the whole fangirl thing, while it may inspire it can also scare. Giving up on even trying because they have done it bigger and better, this is where comparing can get you down and you get in a mind set of why try. Or spending too much time on them, to the point where it's unhealthy and your becoming a carbon copy. Excepting so much from them, there is the flip side of what does it feel like to have this army of people who except you to be perfect. We can't forget that actual they are only human too, they are no less and no more important than us. They have rubbish days and unlike us this goes with the good and is usually chatted about by everyone. 

In the end it's fine to fangirl, there's no shame in embracing someone and being inspired to be creative and expressing. At the same time it's good to keep it in proportion, and also to question as it's okay to not agree with everything they do or say. The most important thing is to have fun, and not lose sight of yourself it's great to support someone and it's okay to fangirl whoever you are. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sixties Vibes With Joules

As we move into Autumn I think it's the perfect time to start looking at the trends, I don't tend to go full on with them. I think it's far better to take pieces that will work with your wardrobe, so your current but not breaking the bank. One trend that I do adore is the 60s Mod, it's back and in a big way these are not strictly Mod but are very sixties inspired. It was about clean lines but also fun, the sixties girl was classic but edgy. Hair was massive literally, and it was all about that cat eye liner. 

Country Chic was inspired by Margot from Royal Tenenbaums, and is what I would wear mustard was the colour that made the 60s such a bold and cool era. This is also a great way to spice up tweed and keep the look modern like a sharp mini skirt. The swinging 60s gave birth to the mini skirt and we have never looked back. 

If you prefer a classic, how about a jazzy version of the Brenton with some ripped jeans, than to keep it looking sharp add in some navy brogues for Stripes Centric look. A messy top knot or bun and simple sixties eyeliner flick will have you looking effortlessly cool. This look works for any age, and will never go out of fashion.

Lastly if you want to really play the look down with Forever Floral, go for the Capri pant it was a must in the 60s for casual day wear. Why not try a easy up do like a beehive to keep the look classic. If you wanted you could swap in the brogues if you preferred a stronger look, take some shades with you great for if your sixties eyeliner didn't go to plan and no good at hair either grab a headscarf.  

This is a sponsored post, but views and content are my own.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pixi H20 Skin Tint

As it's been a pretty long and epic summer, it's nice to go for something lighter on your skin. Plus some days you may just prefer the whole 'no makeup makeup' don't hate me I didn't come up with that term. Pixi H2O Skin Tint* is a water based tinted face gel, if you like a lighter coverage than this could be for you as it lets your skin breath while covering uneven skin tone. It leaves the skin with a dewy glow, this maybe because of the English chamomile & lavender that soothes the skin. 

I have bad acne so I prefer to use a product that has heavy coverage, so I ended up using cover up on my spots which I know for some of you may be an added pain you would rather your base dealt with. At the same time sometimes covering your spots more can make them worst, so this is perfect coverage for improving your skins health and not clogging your pores. 

The shade I'm using is Cream, it's really light almost like a BB cream. As it's so light and bright, I think it would work really well if you are a fan of contouring. Above I just used blush, as I wanted to show what my skin looks like with it on. This product is also paraben and fragrance free, so great for anyone with sensitive skin. The packaging is perfect, I really love pump bottles as screw caps can get so messy and you can  end up with too much product. Using the pump I found I could  dot products over my face and blend out with ease for even coverage. Perfect for travelling with and keeping in my bag.

It claims to be ‘hydrating, long lasting and water resistant with a semi-matte finish that lasts all day’ and I'm glad to say most of this is true. Sadly it didn't last all day, and I had to reapply and top up areas of my face but I think I would do this anyway to keep my makeup looking flawless. It comes in three shades Cream, Warm and Nude, which is limiting if your a darker skin tone so I hope they develop  a couple more to suit more skin tones. I would recommend this for anyone seeking lighter coverage with sensitive skin, it leaves skin looking healthy and refreshed so great for dry and combination skin. Pixi H2O Skin Tint is available from Pixi and priced at £21.00 and comes in three shades.  

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Isabella Blow Fashion Galore Exhibition

As another fashion week is fast approaching, I thought I would share my view of the exhibition. I was lucky enough to experience it at London Fashion week with blog pals Laura, Jodie, Clare and Sherin. We are all massive fans, so already knew about Isabella's love of hats but were looking forward to getting to know more about her. I'm so happy that her best friend Daphne Guinness purchased the entire lot of Isabella's wardrobe, so that this exhibition could happen and she has also set up and help raised money for mental health in the form of the Isabella Blow foundation.  If you have never heard of her than maybe give the documentary ' Alexander and I' a watch, as it explains her importance with the fashion world and how she discovered the next big thing one of many being Alexander Mc Queen. As we went in we were told not to take photos, which I think is sad as it was like going into a sweet shop and being told you could have anything but sweets. Hence why I only got a couple of sneaky snaps, the others are from here

So anyway first were some old photos of Isabelle's family and her aristocratic upbringing in the 1950's, her grandfather had taken his life after suffering with depression (it's sad that she took her life the same way he had later in 2007). Izzy (as everyone called her) had two sisters, Julia and Lavinia, and a brother, John, who drowned in the family's swimming pool at the age of two. In 1972, when she was 14, her parents separated and her mother left the household, bidding each daughter farewell with a handshake. Her parents divorced two years later. Isabella did not get along with her father, who bequeathed her only £5,000 from his estate, which was worth more than one million pounds. Blow often said her fondest memory was trying on her mother's pink hat, a recollection that she explained led to her career in fashion. There was also a photo with Andy Warhol, who she befriended after working at Vogue as an assistant and magazine layouts that she had been involved in. She was very creative and just had a natural eye for spotting future fashion, that I think others may have just dismissed. There was a pike with a nest stacked on top made from stuffed birds, lipsticks and all manner of things, as we looked to the shadow it showed Blows profile it was so odd yet so beautiful. 

Moving on into the next room, we had the visual delight of seeing Alexnader McQueens 
( you can see flaws in stitching and see that he still had things to learn but the details were still breath taking) first collection shown at Central St Martins and she purchased his entire graduate collection for £5,000, paying it off in weekly £100 instalment's. She often reflected on his first show and said " I couldn't get a seat, I sat on the floor" but she knew he would be big and backed him all the way. Without her encouragement and the way she branded him and helped him sell himself to the fashion world was incredible, he may not have became the designer she could already see without her help and connections. There was also the first collection of Philip Treacy hats, another designer Blow had discovered and also became best friends with. There was a massive room with her hat collection, it was insane as it was only a few as they were dotty around the whole exhibition. 

There were videos of shows, and the next collections at this point I felt that as amazing as it was to see her relationship with the clothing and designers I wanted to know more about her and who she really was. As we made our way further in we got to a room with boxes with legs, than saw they had her shoe collection on them Blow once said "Tip: Always accentuate the head and the feet". I think my favourite things were seeing her lipstick and star glazer style rainbow lashes, it made the exhibition about her again about how fun and free she was. Also her letters requesting things for photo shoots and budget, her massive rolodex (this was back in the days before smartphones). She often bought to pairs of the same shoes in different colours to mix them, there was a set of three sliver shoes all the left foot so not sure what happened there. 

Also a broken heel that they had found in one of her coat pockets but they could not find the shoes themselves. I think this side showed that Isabelle didn't wear these things for show, she worn and lived in them because she loved them. The clothes could have been restored, but I love that they left them with burn whole etc... you got the spirit that Isabelle wore pieces as same would wear a pair of jeans. She often said she wore hats to 'keep people at a distance' I think she knew that a lot of people in the fashion world were fake and was very aware of them mocking her. Full outfits worn by Blow were recreated on mannequins by set designer Shona Heath using old photographs and were visual fashion candy for the eye. It was truly amazing to see clothing that to some would be considered art, be her 'every day' wear. 

We all got a little overwhelmed I think and were trying to image how she had them all hanging up in her wardrobe. Lastly at the end showed the  Spring Summer 2008 collection that Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy collaborated on and dedicated to Isabella after her death, on show to epitomise her legacy. It was so heartbreaking and watching a video of the show on massive screen, and seeing Alexander hit home that both were gone forever. It's sad that they both needed each other, but were both in their own fight against depression. There was one dress that we all were completely gob smacked by, a full length gown made entirely of feathers it was possible thee most stunning dress I have ever seen. One sadly Izzy never got to wear, she took her life as she felt she was no longer useful. When asked in an interview once about Alexander she said "Lee is like a wild bird with a good silhouette. He makes clothes fly"

Overall I would have liked to have seen more about her, but I'm glad I got to see first hand her amazing wardrobe and the all her notes, photos and makeup. 

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