Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Makeup: Evil Queen

So here is my second look the Evil Queen from Snow white and the seven dwarfs , you can see my first look here. Believe it or not this was the very first film I ever saw at the cinema, I was four years old and can't recall much. My mum said I had told her that I didn't like Snow White, and that I was upset she had gone in the dwarfs house without asking. Growing up I actual always thought that the Evil Queen was far prettier than Snow White, and never understood why the mirror said differently. Of course it was her purity and good heart that made her the fairest of them all. Anyway I wanted to go for a more life like version of the queen, with a hint of the cartoon. The makeup is actual really basic, and the cleaner the better. This is just my version, if you wanted to make it more dramatic than go for it. 


Firstly I primed my skin, as the queen had a flawless complexion.  Sadly I have dry spotty skin, so I dotted on some concealer over my red spots and freckles. You don't have to do this if you have clear skin, but if your like me it's worth the extra coverage. I applied my lightest foundation Pixi H2O skintint in cream*, and than set it with Beautyuk compact face powder in shade 1*. Make sure your skin is flesh toned but keep it light, try to dust the powder or it will cake and that's not the look we're going for. Later I did lightly contour just below my cheekbone, to give my face more shape. I added thee smallest amount of pink blush along my cheekbones, but you don't have to. 

Eyes - Brows

For the eyes I started with a white grease paint, it sounds odd but it helps the purple eye shadow fix to where you want without a heap of fallout. I applied it in a semicircle shape like in the film, she had a brown colour but I wanted to use the purple shade. I applied the purple shade almost to the end of the white, I left a little white rim on the inner corners. Make sure to pat the eye shadow, as this will build the colour it make take a little while but will look perfect when finished. 

Than I lined my eye's with liquid eyeliner, than went back over it with pen. I took it out into a flick, and added an extra flick above to look like eyelashes. You could wear false lashes, I didn't as I wanted to show you don't need to. I left the mascara till the very end of this look, as I wanted to focus on the details first.

For the brows I used eyeliner pen in black, a little further in and make the start of them a little sharper and boxy. I traced over the rest of my natural brow making it more arched and lengthen the tail out and down at the end. She had high thin brows but as I wanted it to look real, I would say trace your own brow line making it more dramatic and arched. I filled the brows in with the eyeliner and made them as dark as I could. 

Headdress & Lips

That headdress was perfect, and to get the look right you simply need to draw a heart shape (minus the bottom bit of course). I used the black eyeliner pen to trace a rough line, than began to fill it with Beautyuk black lipstick*. You could always use grease paint, just remember to set it by going back over with a black powder I just used an eye shadow.  Make sure to go down to the top of your ear, on the sides so that it will blend into the costume. 

To get that pouty lip, I started with a lip pencil in a darker red shade. If you go just above your lip line on your top lip. Make your lips look more pointed, and you can always highlight your cupids bow to help. I than used the bright red lipstick from Beautyuk*, but to get the lipstick to blend well with the liner I went back over with a darker red. Giving me that perfect red pout she had in the film, than you can tidy up with some concealer on an angle brush to give clean lines. 

Costume on a budget

Okay so the headdress was made from the top of a pair of tights, yes you have to chop off the legs and you will have too bumps but they will be covered by your crown. Next cut a small round hole for your face, start small as if you cut too big it's ruined cut as you go will insure a perfect fit. You can take the extra bit of length that goes under your chin, twist it and tuck it under in on its self. So it's not too tight around your neck, but you get that royalty vibe. You could also use a black scarf, but this worked better because it will also hide your hair at the back. 

Next I made a crown and collar from paper, I would suggest looking at pictures draw out the shape in pencil than cutting it out. With the collar I took three pieces of A4  white paper made them curved and stapled them together. Than I cut the top to a round shape, than stapled it to my dress and rolled it to make it more collar like. Lastly I cut some circles out of the card I had left and stuck them to the headdress. Yes it won't last forever, but this is a great way to get the look for an evening and not spend a fortune. I wore a black dress, as I did not have a purple one and i think it still worked. So I hope you enjoyed this and it gives you some inspiration to try it, it's fun cheap and easy. Me and Barry (my other half) had so much fun doing this for you guys.  

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween With Juju

All Jelly Shoes -Juju/ Vampire socks and Ombre Nails -ASOS/ UV Lipstick- Topshop/ Eyeball & Spider Socks -Topshop/ Eye Bag- ASOS/ Skeleton Tights -ASOS/ Jelly Boots- Juju

So it's almost Halloween and I don't know about you, but there is nothing worst than being out in painful shoes that have you close to tears by the end of the night. I'm all for looking good, but prefer not to damage my feet in the process. Thankfully Juju are funky and comfortable. You may have seen me rocking mine, I think what I love most is the jelly sock combo. Yes it's a little child like but there is no denying they look awesome, as a massive sock addict (I have way too many pairs) it was a natural step to want to show them off more. I love seeing the print of the socks peep through, than having a pair with thee coolest print that end up hidden in a boot.

Black & Orange Tights-ASOS/  Cat Bag- New Look/ All jelly Shoes- Juju

Juju's come in so many colours and styles now that there's no way to go wrong, they even have wellies now. If you wanted just one pair go for the clear glitter ones, as they literally go with everything and are the best investment. I personally need an army of them, and will be adding some new colours to my collection. So I hope these give you some cool style ideas, and you have comfortable feet this Halloween. Or be prepared to have scary feet when you remove that blood soaked heel ouch! 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween Makeup: The Craft Nancy Downs

So here is the first makeup how to, I ended up picking some of my all time favourite villains this is the first. As a teen in the 90s The Craft was literally my style inspiration (back in my goth days) and Nancy Downs was it for me. She is sharp witted, had the best outfits and had the best cray cray stare what's not to love. 

I thought I would start with the easiest makeup how to, as there is not much to this look and if you have a group theme than why not embrace the Craft girls. Clothing wise, think clueless but the goth version fitted shirts and pleated skirts uniform like. Black and white, pvc and pleather avoid bright colours. Stack jewellery, sliver no gold and a little chipped black nail polish. If your really after Nancy's key piece throw on a choker, or use some black ribbon and any charms if you have any. If you have longer hair and no time to buy a wig, than do her sleek back bun and some cross earrings and your set it really is that simple. So let's get started on the makeup. 

Face - Eyes - Brows

For the face I used my lighter foundation Pixi H2O skintint in cream*, and than set it with beautyuk compact face powder in shade 1*. The idea is to create that matt pale skin that was massive back than, and keep it simple so skip contouring. The powder will also help fix the makeup more, as Halloween parties can get hot and you want your look to last. If you have darker skin or you use fake tan, than use a foundation and powder for your skin tone. It will end up looking chalky if you go lighter and we don't want that, the rest of the makeup will still look awesome so honestly don't worry. I used my Blank Canvas Cosmetics brush F25 to apply the powder to get full even coverage, don't use a sponge if you are using powder or it tends to cake. 

Those brows were thinned out to the max, and Nancy has the crazy arch, I naturally have a bit of one but if you don't it's easy to fake. I actual used my eyeliner Eyeko pen in black, to outline the brow. To fake a thinner brow, you can always cover the brow with a glue stick and concealer and draw a super clean looking Nancy brow. Or you could do what I did and use a simple trick. I started my brow line, further in and really shaped my arch. I filled in the rest of the brow with a eye pencil, one from The Body Shop in black to really make them pop and trick the eye into seeing a thinner brow. As the hair around your brow will be thinner and lighter, it's less likely to notice. If you do have thicker darker brows use the glue stick, apply once against the hair, than again going with the hair and pat on foundation or concealer to mask. Than you can get those super thin brows. 

That grunge eye makeup I loved it, you don't have to be overly perfect with it. Nancy's eye look was worn it so I started with eyeliner first and lined my waterline. I prefer not to use pencils, so took a little black shade and applied it to my HD angle brush and applied it mainly to the outer corner. Than took my Eyeko liner and from the inner corner dragged a line close to my lashes. Don't wing the liner, try to join it neatly with the bottom liner by going back under the lower lash line with liner than powder. I added the eyeshadow on top to give the liner a worn in look, I used a gunmetal shade to keep tones cool and took my fluffy brush and blended out as much as possible. I've seen people use browns for her makeup which are too warm, but it's actual more a matt grey she wears. Than add a  couple of coats of mascara, don't wear fake lashes or it will take away from that worn in look. 

Lips - Fake Nose Ring

I adored Nancy's lip shades in the film and have never found a lipstick that matched. Thankful I have learnt tricks of the trade, and it's actual better to use three (very cheap may I add) lipsticks. Start with the black or a dark berry shade I used Beautyuk Darkness no13 * you can always use a thin brush to help apply it I apply it on from the stick as you can tidy up the lines after. Next cover the lip in a bright red, I used Beautyuk Naughty no8* to start to blend the black in. Than finally use a berry tone I used Kate Rimmel in 107, leave the centre part bright red and cover the rest of the lip going over the black to blend it more. You should end up with an ombre red lip, it's also vampire like if you look at the very last photo. Go back over the lip line with concealer if needed to get a crisp lip line and make those lips look full.

The nose ring, how I begged my mum to let me get one hers was massive. Fear not you don't have to run and get pierced,  you can either buy one or make a fake one. Or if you have some old jewellery, take a hoop from part of a necklace. Make sure to give it a clean, and you can always use eyelash glue to fix it in place. I only realised after that Nancy had hers on the other side *sob sob, but anyway I really enjoyed this I hope you do too. Stay tuned to see my other Halloween makeup how to's this week, to get you set for Halloween. They are quick, cheap and easy and will get the party started. so if you try the look please comment and let me know how you got on. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Marks & Spencer A/W 2014

When I think of Marks & Spencer, I have flashbacks to my nan picking up vest tops and telling me never to buy my underwear from anywhere else. I was about five and I think I have always had a traditional view of the brand. I never paid much attention to their clothing, maybe with vouchers for my boys clothing (great for jumpers) but never much for myself. 

After attending their A/W press day I'd say my eye's have been opened, they had a dozen coats that were to die for and party dresses that could have fallen out of a trendy boutique. I really love this collection and there was so much I couldn't even fit it all in, the clothing is still great quality and I think if my nan were here even she would be grabbing a coat this winter and thermals of course. They also have their home range, men's wear and the children clothing is beyond cute. The collections offered something for everyone, and are also great in terms of style for older women who want to look fabulous but a little more length and coverage without the frumpy factor. M&S I salute you. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Denim Diary #DenimTheIcons - Double Denim

                                                                                                           Shirt: F&F (borrowed off my boyfriend)
Denim Pinafore: Primark*
Cross necklace: EBay
Rucksack: Primark 
Navy trainers: Converse*

This is my final look from McArthurGlen designer outlet denim diary style challenge, and my fave. This time I styled the Levis jacket from the outlet, and tackle double denim which can look beyond vile if not styled correctly (trust me I learned the hard way). My top tip is to clash the denim shades, unless the denim is very fitted than you can work the same shade with jeans and a shirt. It's all about trying it on and mixing pieces round till you get a winning combo.

I decided to team it with a primary denim pinafore and a checked shirt. I borrowed this off my boyfriend, as I prefer his ones to mine. As this is a more casual outfit, I went for trainers in a navy colour and a rucksack. I really love this look and it's warm so perfect for those chilly days ahead. I like that to mix it up, all I have to do is swap in for a new shirt and shoes and i have a whole different look. Simple but classic, great for a day of shopping, uni, or going to a gig. If you missed my others looks you can see how I style a denim shirt with a skirt and with a suit. I hope this has inspired you, and if you have any tips on styling denim I would love to hear them. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Denim Diary #DenimTheIcons - The Two Piece

Floral two piece: H&M
Skull Ring: H&M men

So here is the second look for my Denim Diary, as part of McArthurGlen designer outlet denim challenge. Two pieces are still massive, and I think a denim shirt is such an easy way to break it up. As the print is pretty have, I left jewellery to just skull ring and went for my white boots to match the polls dots on the shirt. This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is super sweet, I love that it has press studs rather than buttons as it's easy to just throw on. I left the shirt out, as I wanted a more relaxed look. If the weather was bad I would take my heavy coat and layer it over the top of the jacket, that way you can still wear your two piece and not freeze during the process.  As I showed in my first outfit, it also looks great tucked into a skirt so if you have a two piece with a skirt you can still work this look easily. 

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