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Home Inspiration: High street bargains

As we are still decorating I'm a little obsessed with homeware, you don't need a tone of new things just to make simple updates to your space. Throw on new bedding that's a little lighter and swapping out your accessories can make it feel fresh and fun for summer. Here's what same of my favourite high street shops have to offer, and homeware has never looked better. Most of these items are under £10, so here's the run down.

DIY Day | Crochet Projects 001

I thought I would start a new feature, as I have shared a lot of the same things lately. I tend to crochet a lot more now as my skills improve and sometimes I hate spamming my Instagram with everything I'm working on. Also I guess it's a great way for me to keep up to date on what I've made,  and share with you patterns I've used. I also think it's handy as I can talk a little about mistakes I've made, so maybe if I repeat projects I'll know to size up or down or do it a different way. As this is my first lot of projects, I haven't made note of hooks used or wool/yarn names, but I can start to. I'm really proud of what I have made so far, and love sharing my progress shots. I managed to make these pretty quickly, but trust me I have projects that I  have gotten fed up with and put on the back burner never to be picked up again. So I am trying to make sure those do get finished. 

Covering Up My Grey Hair

I don't make a secret of the fact I'm in my thirties, I'm thirty three to be exact and usually if you have dark hair you may notice a few grey hairs beginning to creep in around this age. I however am not most people and due to the fabulous genetics of my parents, inherited a grey streak at the front of my head at the ripe old age of thirteen. No it wasn't cool, no I didn't feel like Rouge from X men it just made me stand out and as a kid who was already being bullied I really didn't want to stand out. So I began dying it, month after month, year after year and than more time pasted and more grey came. Sadly I'm not fully grey, as I could dye it super bright again. Instead it's a patchy mess, and if I don't dye it I look like I have a massive bald patch. 

How I Wear: A Converse Hoodie

Hoodie, Top and Pink Converse trainers: JD sports*
Pink Trousers: River Island
Sliver Belt: H&M
Liquid Sarcasm Bag: Skinnydip London 

The hoodie has seen a lot, it's gone from being a hate symbol of youth that got in trouble to being a basic in most peoples wardrobe. It's pretty sad when you think about it. When I think back I still remember a lot of young people being judged instantly, that if they hadn't already committed an offence then they were more likely too because they wore a hoodie. In 2016 I would hope that people have chilled out more, and got my of a grip on reality. Realising that hoodies are comfortable, affordable and versatile so why wouldn't a younger person not have one. The hoodie has moved up and on literally, from the backs of Rappers to the backs of Rockers, if anything we should give it a little clap for making a fashion turn around.

How I Wear: A Trophy Jacket

Firstly do excuse my resting bitch face, and secondly my face doesn't matter as I found thee cutest vintage jacket. You may remember when I posted about shopping at Rokit vintage, if not then have a read as they have vintage pouring out of the shop and there's such a great mix of decades and even a rework collection. I'd been looking for a trophy jacket for a while, and spotted a couple so scooped them up and took them to the fitting room. I hate trying on things on the shop floor, as I tend to want to throw all my stuff down and really see how a garment fits. You do the tests, like the jeans bend I tend to  do the 'can I get my arms up, without feeling like the incredible hulk' this one fit like a glove.  I took it as a sign from the fashion gods, that it needed to come home with me. 

D.I.Y Day | How To Crochet A Rag Rug for Recycle Week

Cactus pillow: Made by me from an old top and cushion how to coming soon.

If you haven't heard it's Recycle week 18th-24th, if you're a new reader *stands up with hand in the air 'Hello I'm Laura and I'm an upcycle addict'. I'm also a hoarder, but combining these two things means somehow I can get my craft on and try and make something beautiful and saving things from landfill. I'm also a worrier and always feel guilty throwing things away. So without sounding like I'm telling you what to do, or like I'm some perfect human who has never throw away something that could have gone to the charity shop. If you can have a quick clear out, give to friends, a charity shop, drop in some bits next time your in a store running recycling bins. Bonus, this means you get to 'treat yo self' because of course your an amazing human being that has like basically saved humanity. I decided to make this for my sons new bedroom, as the rug I had seen for them would have cost me £250 I kid you not. Now I'm planning on making more as it really doesn't take that long once you get started. 

How I Wear: A Rainbow Jumper & Star Jeans

More of a throw back outfit today, as I've had little time to write but now the boys are back at school and everything is settling down I can finally get back some order in my life. I've been crocheting like mad, and made two tops in under a week both of which come out oversized so I really need to pay more attention to my making sure I'm making my size. Still I'm pleased that I've had some time to do any, and it's been good practice for getting to know my size etc when it comes to crochet. You can follow all my projects over on Instagram with my hashtag #lawdoescrochet , I wanted a way of grouping it so I can see how far I've come and also to remind me when I haven't made anything to give myself a little push. I also have finally written up the Rug rag how to which I can't wait to share. 
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