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How I Wear: A Sequin Dress (when it's freezing)

Happy New Year and all that jazz, this was my NYE outfit during the day but as me and my family and friends were ill we ended up having a pyjama party instead of slamming up. But with my birthday this Thursday coming, I know for a fact I'll be back in sequins flu or not. The only down side to wanting to wear pretty dresses in London at the moment, is freezing your bum off. I'm 33 and long gone are the days were I would happily say 'I'm fine' a billion times while rubbing my hands together and trying to generate any kind of heat for the sake of 'looking good'. Looking like a little shaking dog that needs a poo is not the one.

Life In My Thirties

I use to dread the idea of getting 'older', but honestly with every year life seems to make more sense and if I'm really honest I cringe at how much time I wasted worrying about absolute crap. Stupid things I did, neglecting myself and being my own worst enemy has taken it's toll. Floating in my failures, than trying to justify my actions to myself. All that time gone. 

Current Beauty Go To| Highlighter Goddess Of Love

My skin is usually dry anyway, but in winter it feels as if someone has tried to mummify me in my sleep. Heating, cold wind blowing like a unglamourous fan leaves my skin looking dull, spotty and red. So I've been testing out loads of products, to get back a summer glow without the cake face. I'm 33 and have dry, acne prone skin fun times right. As I have started a massive clear out of old favourites, I wanted to share my new favourites and compare them to see which are best. 

Are We Lost In Likes

Of course I love social media, blogging wouldn't be what it is without it. But more and more I see people I look up too doubt themselves. Of course we are all human, and doubting yourself is a normal part of life, but when it starts to became everyone you meet. Then you yourself start questioning everything your doing, why are we all lost in likes. Is our 'like' culture killing our creativity, or is it even about creativity anymore. From what I've seen it seems that the creative pool is not as big as it once was. Not because people are lacking, far from it most have no idea how incredible inspiring they are. Some are forgetting that they set that bar. 

D.I.Y Day| Christmas Stag Head

So I'd seen a lot of posts for this D.I.Y, but I wanted something cheap that was easy to make and up-cycled things I already had. I wanted mine to be a little tacky, to fit it with my kitsch Christmas tree but you can make yours however you want to. Changing up the paper, adding a different coloured pom pom to make it your own. You don't even need a temple, just seeing how it fits together you can easily make your own. Have a look at this post, as this is where I got the idea to free hand my temple. If you really can't draw one out, than fear not there's a temple here. 

You Will Need:

Cardboard - I used two Beer boxes
Newspaper- To make your temple on
Wallpaper- I used samples that I picked up from my local D.I.Y store
Glue - I picked mine ( UHU ) up from Poundland in the tools section. 
Scissors - Use a strong pair, as you will need to cut card. If you have a craft knife use that as it will be far easier. 
Optional - Goggle eyes, sequins, yarn and a pom pom maker also picked up at pound stores. You could try a dollar store or craft shop. I mounted mine on an old wreath which was from a pound shop. 

Ways I Cope With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

So you may remember this post I wrote ages ago about my BDD (Body dysmorphic disorder), as it's been so long I thought I would write something that maybe helps others with BDD in ways to cope on a day to day basis. I'm not perfect I still have really bad days, were I feel like being psychical sick because I just don't look right and I just feel like a disgusting mess. It happens and you have to except that it's never going to magical go. 

So rather than waste time, waiting for a miracle that someone will invent a laser that shoots you in the brain and your BDD is cured. Let's talk about things you can do to help yourself, and make life easier on you and those around you- Because I hope they want to help you too. No body is perfect, and guess what you don't have to be. BDD wants you to believe that you have no power, it wants you to believe your not good enough. It's lying to you every second of every day, and when you start to make small changes you can fight BDD. This is not about medication by the way, I think that's too personal and it's an individuals choice. All I would say is if your doctor is offering meds, to read up about them and were possible talk to others who are taking the same meds. Knowledge is power, and it's important to know exactly what your being offered. These are things I guess to give you a routine, dealing with it daily. 

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