Wednesday, 19 November 2014

So? Roll 'N' Roll Body Spray

As a thirteen year old back in the 90s, it was a weekend treat to go with my friends into Superdrug and buy their cheapest foundation and a body spray. Like most teens from a working class background, perfume was always too expensive so body spray was the next best thing. I can remember having a little door full, as I also got them for Christmas and birthdays and So? was always part of that stash. The So? team asked if I would like to try some, and I guess the nostalgic part of me wanted to see if the new collections would live up to the pretty smells that filled that draw back than. I picked from the Rock 'N' Roll range as that's me to a tee. Also one called fab had to be a must as my twitter name is @Law1sfab, so it seemed a perfect choice. 

Both strong and pretty long lasting, I sprayed some of the So? Fab before an event and a couple of people asked what perfume I had on. The next day when I put the top in the wash I could still smell it, which is really good. So? Fab has a musky scent but you can smell the vanilla bean, it's a warm fragrance so I think it's perfect for winter. If you prefer a sweeter scent than So? In Love will be more for you, at first spray it's a little much but once the scent settles you start to smell the rose and sandalwood. I really like these sprays and at £1.99 (currently on offer for 0.98p at Superdrug) you can't really go wrong. There are different collections, so everyone can find their perfect scent. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Why The Term 'Real Women' Divides Us #weareallrealwomen

When I was younger I used to throw the term around. I guess it was to feel better about my body shape when faced with an army of stunning, perfect girls that looked back at me in magazines. But really the impact this term can have, on those hearing it can be very damaging. I guess in a way I was lucky that when I was a teenager, YouTube and Instagram would have been mere mumbles of a mad person 'yeah okay buddy a phone that takes photos whatever'.  But even as a nineties teen, I was still aware that what media classed as normal seemed very different from what I saw of women I was around on a daily bases. At the same time there was no real fashion for plus size women, unless they wanted to be dressed like a flowery tent and there seemed to be all but one plus size model on the catwalk. So there has been a lot of change already, even if it's been slow and doesn't feel like it. 

Photo from Doves campaign, which is about embracing your body. 

I can understand that yes, okay the media tends to show one body type and it's annoying. At the same time as we try to fight, to show that women come in all different shapes and sizes the term 'real women' is rubbish. The models in those pages are no less real than you or I. If we want to address the issues of body image, and trying to improve it for generations to come we have to ditch these terms. By saying 'real women' your suggesting that anyone with a skinnier, toned  frame is not a real women. Women are beautiful, no matter what their size. Believe it or not but everyone has a body hang up/hang ups, over the years we have been conditioned to hate our bodies. There is no escaping this, but we can change this. Starting with ourselves and how we view our bodies, than being less judgemental of other peoples bodies. We are human and we judge, that's normal but we don't have to be nasty to one another. When did this became a fight against each other, why do we feel a need to tear each other down. There is no such thing as the perfect women, because we all have different tastes and opinions there's only your own ideal. 

Slamming women that bombard the media is no better than the industry saying that the average woman's body is not acceptable or normal. I think it's time a new term was coined, why not all women. Because all women are real, not because of their waist size or what bra cup they fill. Not because of what they eat,  how much or little they wear or do. Not because they choose to have children, get married or not. Why do we have these awful judgements of what a 'real women' is. A real women to me is one that lives her life, a women who gets on with her day and tries to be a good person. We are all real women. While the media is only showing part of what some of us look like, let's not get it twisted, let's not be anti. Let's stand up and say that we are beautiful to someone, and that's ourselves because we are all real women. 

I want this post to speak to you all, cheesy as it may seem. I want to be part of the change of body image with social media, I hope you do to. I would love to hear your comments  and it would be amazing if you could tweet your 'real women' statement. How do you feel? What change would you like to see in the media?  #weareallrealwomen  

Monday, 10 November 2014

How I Wear: Faux Fur & Marble Print

Jeans: D.I.Y

Yes I've dyed my hair again no surprise there, I've also finally been able to start wearing my new fluffy coats. I saw this pastel one back at Boohoos A/W press day and knew I had to have it. It's finally cold enough in the U.K that we can wear those winter coats, the streets are filled with shades of orange and brown leaves and every other person seems to have a coffee cup in their hand. 

Still I like to think that just because it's getting cold, you can still wear as much colour if not more than you wore in summer. Acid Clothing are a great brand for getting a little rad in your wardrobe. As you know I love tie dye, so a brand that have marble print tees, seem to be the next step on from tie dye. I love that these are handmade, meaning each top will be different and unique. It reminds me of being little at school, blowing bubbles  through a straw into paint in water. Than careful placing paper on top to get an awesome rainbow marble print. This however is far better, as I can wear it and I don't end up eating paint (I was a chancer at school ha ha. How would you style up a marble tee? I'd love to know. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

St Ives Natural Inspired Beauty

I'm a massive fan of less is more when it comes to skincare, and one of the part I love the most is a good face scrub. I use them and face masks around once a week, as I have spot pro skin but it's also dry. There's no better feeling than when a freshly washed face, but sometimes it doesn't feel great after. Some scrubs are too harsh or packed full of chemicals, and it ends up leaving your skin overly tight and sore. 

The more natural a product can be the better, and this was the theme behind St Ives natural inspired beauty evening at the Daisy Green Food Cafe. Not only did we get to make our own face masks, (something I have always loved to do) we also had our own natural beauty illustration by the insanely talented Zarina Liew over at Cobalt Cafe. I'm getting a frame for mine I love it so much, it actual matches the colours of my kitchen. They also give a talk about food, and feeding our skin from within and that eating things like Avocado, fish, nuts and seeds give back to the skin. Me and the girls got really stuck into making the face masks, in between a nibble of strawberries we mixed our ingredients than put them in an air tight jar. I used a spoon of coconut oil, honey and fresh avocado as these are best for my dry skin. They are great fun, cheap and easy but if you don't have time than why not try a St Ives Scrub. They have a massive range and each scrub is end a fiver! Bargain. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How I Wear: A Sweater & Skirt

Faux fur stole: ASOS/ Necklace: EBay
Coat: River Island/ Campbell soup jumper: Old
Blue A-line skirt: H&M/ Green heels: Primark
Burger Clutch: New Look*

I'm cheating today, as I was so busy sorting out other posts for halloween I have not had any outfit posts. So yes this is what I wore last week, but I think it was too cute not to share. It reminds me of Jessy from Toy Story for some odd reason, but anyway I have been sorting out more of my wardrobe for winter so I'll be back to posting outfits soon. I still love this burger clutch and I'm resisting New Looks new clutch bags (I'll crack soon I know it). This sweater is an oldie but a goodie, I'm on the hunt for some new funky ones to add to my collection so I'll be sure to share what I find. I hope you had a happy halloween, and  I'm saving my Joker look for next year sorry as it's too late to share it. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

WIN: A Samsung Microwave With TSY & Birds Eye

You may have read my post about Birds Eye new Steam fresh range, if not than you really should and see what you are missing. So of course Birds Eye would love you guys to try the range, so what better way than with a giveaway for my lovely readers. They have a  new Samsung microwave to give one lucky winner, so you can start trying out their recipe ideas for yourself with the Steam fresh range. Not only that but if you head over to their Facebook page, you could win a weekend getaway, and vouchers for the range.  So if you would like to win the Samsung microwave with me and Birds Eye just follow the steps. 

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