Thursday, 29 January 2015

How I Wear: A Bobble Hat

Bobble Hat: Primark mens
Powderpuff Girl Crop Top: Primark
Biker Jacket: H by Henry Holland*
Denim Dress: Primark*

The other day when it didn't feel like living in an ice cube, I managed to ditch my cardigan for the first time in days. It was still chilly so I went to put on my favourite bobble hat, but I could not find it. It seems whenever I need something, my brain decides that actual I'd rather you remember and find that other thing that went missing last month. Thankful my other half has a massive collection of beanies, so I 'borrowed' this one, I bought it for him so I think that gives me a free pass to it ... right ..Okay maybe not. Bobble hats seem like a real simple thing to style, but there is a fine line between  effortless cool and well looking like you got lost at the end of a festival. My solution is the biker jacket, it's the right amount of cool without being to try hard by the way I do have to make effort, I'm not blessed with this I roll out of bed like this look. 

But yes this is my style solution for rocking a bobble hat, also colour remember red and white may seem cool but so did where's Wally. Unless Wally is what you were going for, than don't forget that matching red jumper - Hiker chic darling. I know, I know this denim dress is sewn to me but it's so easy and comfortable to wear. What's your style solution for rocking a bobble hat? 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tatty Devine Bubble Necklace

Bubble Necklace: Tatty Devine*

For those of you who don't know, blue Monday (the Monday just gone) is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. I'm not sure if that's really true or not but to be honest, Mondays are pretty much depressing in general as it means back to work and school runs and blah blah blah. But the lovelies at Tatty Devine made my Monday, they only went and sent me one of their bubble necklaces. 

To make it that extra bit special, they were sneaky and took the quote from my bio. If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that I pretty much change the colour of my hair every month. I get bored, and yeah I reach for the bottle. This necklace is just perfect, it's not to chunky and I really like the font Tatty use. The chain adjusts easily, and if you own any Tatty jewellery already you will know that at the end of the chain they have their signature plectrum. I love that you can have anything you want put on these, I think it's a great alternative from the name necklaces. For my 30th my friend actual got me a name necklace, but my blog name instead which is possible my all time favourite one to wear.  What would yours say? Note: you get a max of 40 characters. 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Primark Spring/Summer 15

Me wearing one of their waterproof raincoats, with neon floral lining can I have it now please ...

Believe it or not, but this is not even half of what was on view at Primark's Spring/Summer press day. As we all fight off colds and are still wrapped in layers of clothing, it feels as if spring will never come. Primark have decided to make me cry a little more into my winter jumper, by producing one of their best collection yet. I think  the 'raver camper' trend will be filling my wardrobe this summer, holographic raincoat for a mere £18.00 anyone... I loved the acid brights mixed with pleather and tropical prints. There were others trends which for the life of me I can't recall the names of, shall I give up blogging now. Probably.

There was a nautical theme to one of them, which had a real texture mix going on. I loved the stripe knitted vest and crisp white lace, I think this is a trend that swings back round every now and than because it's so classic but this feels new. Soft laying of denim, cottons and summer knits will keep you looking like you have fallen off the catwalk and not a fishing boat. 

Shoes, shoes, shoes I don't really have to say much do I really *looks at photos and sobs with joy. They always bring together a strong collection of footwear, and it's great to see flats taking a lead more. There are still heels, with cutout details and gems, but flats won it for me. There were mock-croc sandals, neon sliders, and floral woven flatforms and they had my jaw swinging on the floor. I've had a massive clear out of summer footwear, so it's great to know I can pick up some staple pairs and still have change left in my pocket. There were plenty of statement bags, and even the kooky ones still had a very clean finish to them. The collection was fun, but felt less casual than what we have seen both from their past S/S range. Pieces are starting to enter stores now, so keep your eyes peeled as they are going to be snapped up fast. See anything you will be buying? 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

How I Wear: Patterned Trousers

Check Coat: River Island old
Fluffy Cardigan: Present from Baz from F&F clothing
Velvet Crop Top: Charity shop
Patterned Trousers: EBay 

Yesterday was Logan my now 3 year old boy's birthday, we had to stay in as his big brother Corben has been poorly but he loved his presents and homemade rainbow cake. So I've had a little time out from blogging, but I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes on my last post. January is a busy month in our house, as I have my mum's birthday too (it never ends). So in-between making rainbow cake and wrapping presents, I managed to snap one outfit I wore the other day, I know slacking or what right! ha ha. Also we have a new puppy Rocket who I will show you all soon, so my blog has not seen much love. 

Let's talk outfit, patterned trousers/pants/joggers what ever you like to call them can sometimes be a 'how do I wear these without looking like I'm going to sell you bracelets made of hemp'. Don't get me wrong I do actual love the beach soaked I've travelled and grown from it look, but it doesn't work when there's news it may snow. So to work the patterned bottoms in winter, mix in some texture. I teamed them with my classic velvet crop top, and as they have hints of purple in them wore my fluffy cardi to match. Keeping that colour theme, I kept it casual for the school run and throw on my converse. If you wanted it to look more put together, a pair of heeled boots or black courts will really make the difference. My Primark holographic bag is actual for makeup, but I'm a rule breaker ' oh Law you rebel' *face-palm. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What I Wore: My Birthday Outfit

Doughnut Clutch: Christmas gift from Barry (new look)
Shoes: New Look*
Fake flowers my own. 

So yesterday I turned 25! I joke. I'm actual pretty proud to say I'm 32, only because at 32 I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm taking more risks with my wardrobe, and it's exciting. The less you care about impressing others, the more you wear what actual makes you feel good. Rather than wearing what you think will make you feel good, because that's what everyone wearing. So even with the awful weather over this weekend. I pulled this beauty out from my 'save for a good day' part of the rail, and grabbed my fake flowers.

Usually I would have possible left the tights, but I'm not insane. This dress is possibly the dreamiest thing in my wardrobe right now, and I'm wearing it next weekend as it's just too pretty not to wear as much as possible. Supermarket prom queen anyone. Okay, Okay so I won't be wearing it to do my daily shopping, but it's vintage style could fool you into thinking you could. I had a low key birthday the year, you can see the cake that Barry made me on Instagram, he and the boys got me a new camera which is a dream. I dyed my hair pink and we got a puppy called Rocket (not a present FYI) so a lot is changing but it's all good. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

That 70s Show

Bubble shirt: Mango
Denim Pinny: Primark*
Faux Fur Collar: Select Fashion
Powderpuff Girl Bag: Old

Some of you may remember the program 'That 70s show', not only is it how Mila Kunus, Lauren Prepon and Ashton Kutcher came into our lives. More importantly there were some seriously stylish threads being worn. My love of the 70s goes beyond clothing, the music and deco at the time are very me more is more and bold colours and prints were a must. It's a massive trend this season (that's handy for me) I'll be showing you how I wear the trend in a modern way over a couple of outfit posts. As there is a fine line between fancy dress and nailing the trend, saying that the fancy dress road is so much more fun but you know what I mean. 

So grab some denim from your wardrobe, and make sure it's more washed out. Be it jeans (remember keep them flared), a maxi skirt or like me a dress/pinafore. Denim this season is also massive, frayed edges are a mini trend so if you can't afford to buy new jeans you could just trim the ends off your current ones. Than mix in a printed shirt or skirt, if your not into platforms than you can always go for shoes or boots with a chunky heel. I love these dolly shoes, and as they are shiny they have that retro school look. Be bold but you can still keep the look clean, I get me without a bit of faux fur so I kept it all in the same shades blue and pink. Mustard and burnt orange are also great 70s colours if you don't like to be to out there. I tend to mix a little 90s style in, as a lot of 70s fashion was very in around the early mid 90s. Will you be getting into the 70s vibes this season? Or is this an era you would rather avoid, I'd love to hear what you think.

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