Tuesday, 30 September 2014

London Fashion Week: Day 4 Crazy Colour

Photos by Lois Bunnipunch / Cardigan: Primark (current)
Necklace: H&M (old)
Batman Top: Primark (current)
Pants: Primark
Platforms: Y.R.U
Leopard Print Bag: TK Maxx*

I had not planned on going on the 4th day, but as I looked at some of my photos of designers collections they were blurred (blogger fail). I decided I may as well pop back get the photos, have lunch with friends and than go pick up my son from school. I had no outfit planned and just grabbed at prints, it's very out there even for me but I loved wearing this (kinda like wearing PJ's). I also had the pleasure of seeing Jay Briggz collection, which I'll be sharing so that alone was worth coming back for. This TK Maxx bag was a lifesaver as I could carry everything with the need for another bag, and as much as I love my rainbow platforms they are not cobble friendly (note for next season). Overall I had a great time at London Fashion Week, keeping a balance is important and also having fun with what you wear. 

 That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Witch Skincare Blackhead Clearing Gel

My skin is awful to be frank, I always get spots and blackheads and while I have plenty of products to tackle the spots I'm often left to just leaving my blackheads. Like most people who live in a city my skin gets clogged fast, and so I tend to use scrubs and face masks to try and help clear my pores. The down side is while it does work it leaves my skin super dry. So what is a blackhead?

Sebum is designed to lubricate the hair and skin and usually drains out of the pore opening on the surface. Sometimes the sebum becomes blocked and bacteria begin to accumulate. A blackhead forms if the pore opens to the surface allowing air to enter. Blackheads are not dirt: Sebum contains melanin, a pigment. It is the same substance that gives skin its colour. Melanin turns dark (oxidizes) when exposed to air.

Witch Skincare have this new blackhead clearing gel, I've been using it for a few weeks now and I have seen my pores shrink and I now I have fewer around my nose. While it does not rid your skin of them, you will see a dramatic different with regular use. Just start by dotting some on to clean dry skin (I usually use it before bed). Than the magic is to massage it to remove the dead skin cells, which cause the blackhead leaving your pores clean and reduced in size preventing more. I liked that it was easy to fit into my routine, I used it after cleansing my skin and it was great for making sure that any makeup traces were removed. You can smell the witch hazel, but if your not a fan it's only brief so honestly it's worth trying. I did notice my skin tighten and as my skin is dry I had to apply a bit more moisturiser, but as my skin was freshly cleaned it felt great in the morning. Since I've started using it, I've switched to lighter coverage as my skin is not as bad which in turn will also help my skin. Even better is that it's now on offer for just £3.32  from Superdrug so I'm stocking up. While it won't give you perfect skin over night, is will help improve it and it won't break the bank in the process.  

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Dune London A/W 2014

As it's starting to get chilly again, this means sadly unless you sock and sandal it all those lovely shoes from summer need packing away. But it doesn't mean that you have a limited pick of what to wear this A/W,  Dune London have a massive selection of beauts that could make you wish it was never warm again. As I picked up a heel fit for Carrie Bradshaw, I knew that this collection was going to be their best yet. 

I fell in love with a bag or two,  and than spotted a oil slick heel that had a matching bag * sobs with joy. If that didn't have me writing my 'dear Santa' letter,  the leopard print and faux fur clutch and pom poms had me thinking that I may have to kidnap a reindeer in order to make sure I get the goods this Christmas. Reindeer kidnap aside this is a great collection, lots of flats and knee high boots a host of prints, texture and gems will make your feet very happy this season. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15: Day 2 That's So Fetch

Photos by Lois Bunnipunch / Jacket; Vintage via EBay 
Tights: Old / Necklace: Sourcherry *
D.I.Y Bag: TK Maxx*

I really enjoyed day two, everyone seemed more relaxed as it was a Saturday and the weather was perfect. I went for a very different look and braved this seasons trend of flat shoes, the mannish shoe trend is actual not as scary as it seems. I could have worn killer heels, and did some damage on the cobbles but it was so refreshing to be able to walk around snapping people and not having to worry. This dress was a steal, when I saw how much it retailed before TK Maxx purse friendly pricing it brought a tear to my eye. It's really well structured and fully lined, so I didn't really need my jacket much. I think it will look better with heels for evening, but I like dressing down with flats for day. It made me feel like a glamorous robot. When I was thinking of a slogan for this second clutch I decided it had to be a Mean Girls quote ( it would have been rude not too).  

I went to Fashion scout which is the hub of creative energy and had the pleasure of meeting some great designers ( check out Joao Melo Costa) and will be sharing my favourites. I also bumped into Charlotte who had been selected by Yahoo to cover London fashion week, she's honestly such a natural and I hope she gets to do it again next year. In between running around I munched down on Shake shack with Jodie, Emma, Sheri, Claire and Annie as after us all rushing around it was that or faint. We chatted about shows, topped up makeup and passed around the plasters. This is all part of fashion week for me, as you can get to a point where you see no one, eat nothing and not knowing if your coming or going. 

                                                  That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15 - It's A Bag Thing

Sometimes the easiest why to change the look of most things in your wardrobe, is to change your bag be it backpack, handbag or satchel the choice is endless. It can be an investment piece, on trend or something fun but it can change up those go to outfits. Personally I like fun bags, as your outfit can remain grown up but than you have something playful. 

I think fashion should be fun, and a statement bag is an instant way to show that. Of course it's a good idea to think about items you carry around with you daily when buying a new bag, and where you tend to go or if it's for a special event. So maybe a bigger bag for work and a small bag for weekends, I tend to have a mix of styles as having nothing but one type of bag can limit you. Having a backpack for days where I need to have my boys things or a change of footwear is perfect, and clutches are great for a night out where I tend to bring my pass, keys, purse and phone. Bucket bags are smarter than backpacks but have heaps of space. Also a bag with pockets are great for being able to carry makeup and glasses etc.. and not end up with a phone covered in lipstick. Material is a big factor too, can you clean it down if it's an everyday bag? As a bag you will only use every now and than is not such a issue. 

Here were some of my favourites from the cobbles at London Fashion Week - Clutches seem to win the bag war and came in all shapes and sizes (they just add instant cool to an outfit). An egg bag by Luna on the moon, all seeing eye from designer Sunita Mukhi, Topshop's monster faux fur clutch or Catseye pop art number. Can you spy my D.I.Y bag from TK Maxx? 

                                                   That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15: Day 1

Peplum Top: Quiz Clothing*/ Fluffy Skirt: Primark
Glasses: Prada via Pretvoir*/Chunky Shoes: EBay
Clutch Bag: TK Maxx* (D.I.Y by  me) / Necklace: Quiz Clothing*

As it was the first day of London Fashion week I decided that I would wear heels, and flats for the other days. On Friday Somerset house was buzzing, every time I went to take someones photo for TK Maxx #mebyme style a heap of other people were jumping in and I'm pretty sure I photobomed their shots too. I hardly put my camera away, as there were so many strong looks it was street style heaven. As I like to wear something fun to fashion week I decided it was all about fluffy and slogans, my 'Whatever' clutch went down a treat and was so easy to make. 

I simply took this amazing glitter clutch from TK Maxx (they had so much choice, but this one was only £10!), made sure it was dean and dry. I than peeled the back off the stickers, and decided where I wanted them. Dotted glue on the back and popped them on and hold down for two minutes, I loved it so much I made two. Simple but so fun and fabulous. I decided to play with layers as the white lace jacket looked better peeping out under my neon jacket. I have more outfits, street style and chats with ones to watch fashion designers later this week.

                                                 That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

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