Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me Machine- Is It A Coffee Lovers Must Have?

First thing in the morning I'm not the most together person, for as long as I can remember I've been a night owl. So having two young boys woke me at 7 am is not ideal, but that's the joys of being a parent I guess. As much as I like a cup of tea (or ten) sometimes it's lacking in an energy boost, and so I turn to it's sister coffee to kindly lift my eyelids and leave my zombie self feeling a little more human. But like most people I make awful coffee, it's either too strong, to milky. At the same time grabbing coffees from my local favourite but now trendy (yuk) coffee shop are so stupidly overpriced, I am left broke by the end of the week -Also only managing to afford three regular coffees if I'm lucky.

So can Dolce Gusto* solve my coffee woes, I was excited to see. Or would this be one of those gadgets that would be pushed to the back of the cupboard to live a life of gather dust. Firstly I liked the size being the mini me machine, it fits nicely onto even the smallest worktop. I'm currently having my kitchen done, but before I literally had one worktop (I kid you not). So how does it work and do you need to do a mass of tasks just to get one drink? The great thing with this machine is that you can any kind of coffee and more that you fancy that day, hot or cold. 

I love that it has the frothy drink option like Latte Macchiato, steamy Hot Chocolate as this is what I like when getting a drink from the coffee shop you can't beat a frothy drink.  It comes with a small pack of pods to get you started, and it's super easy to work. You fill the back attachment with water (on average you get two drinks pre-fill), than switch it on and wait for the light to turn green. Lifting the long middle part, unlocks the lower part where you place your chosen pod (each pod has bars shown on the front, and the box shows you which order to place pods). Than shut both and it locks in, move the level to the bar shown on pod and than it's a case of just switching the handle at the top to either hot or cold. In no time at all the cup will start to fill. Once you have done it a couple of times you will be a pro, and if you forget what bars, it's all on the box so you can not go wrong.

For some drinks you only use one pod, for a lot of the other drinks such as frothy ones you use two. I had never tried a lot of the coffees listed, so it's been great discovering some I love and others I know are not for me. You can only use pods once sadly, but than this keeps flavour at it's peak rather than drinking a cup of slop so it's actual a good thing.I like that the machine is easy to clean, some of us lazy bones (aka me) tend to give up on machines that are a pain to clean so I rate this highly. I think the only think that can add up is the cost of the pods, as like I said sometimes they taken two so it looks like you have a massive supply as you don't tend to half it and just see whats there. But it still works out cheaper than my coffee shop, and I'm getting more coffee for my money. 

Over all I actual love this machine, to the point where I don't know how I functioned some mornings without it. If your after a machine that can make a host of drinks including coffees than this is a must, it's small but powerful and is great for those in a hurry as once you get use to the steps you can do it in your sleep. The only thing  would say is take into account the cost of the pods, but if your going to be drinking coffee or hot drinks anyway than it's a good investment rather than all those coffee shop runs and helps you avoid all the extra add ons - Sorry coffee shop you can keep those £4.50 brownies I have a packet of nice biscuits in my cupboard. Plus the boys love the hot chocolate feature, as they can pretend they are having a coffee too. 

This machine is currently on sale at amazon is you can pick it up at 40% off. Pods available in supermarkets and online. Features 2 year guarantee.

Friday, 25 July 2014

How I Wear: A Dress & Jelly Shoes

Kimono: Primark
 Gold Vintage Belt: Beyond Retro

Yellow has always been a colour I have avoided, as usually I'm so pale and it never seemed to look right on me. My thoughts now are if styled and worn the right way, you should be able to wear any colour you want. This In Love With Fashion dress comes in six colours, I was going to play it safe and go for the pink or the mint as I know these colours suit me. But my eye kept going back to the yellow, and that was that. It's a little shorter than what I'm use to, but that's nothing a little pair of cycle short shorts can't fix. I teamed it with my new gold vintage heart belt, that I got from Beyond retro the other day for £10. Than to give me a little cover my tropical print kimono, and my new pastel pink 'Babe' JuJu which are so comfortable and cute. 

I got a new pack of bindis too, I have a growing collection as I need my concentration at the moment and they are suppose to help with energy (see not just pretty). We are finally getting our new kitchen, so it's gong to be a stressful couple of weeks but I can't wait till it's finished so I can start sharing recipes on here. As I have a bunch that I've been dying to share. I'm enjoying the sun and making the most of my summer wardrobe before it all has to be packed away and sweaters return. But yes I'm happy to say yellow will be in my wardrobe more, and I'm pleased as it's such a happy fun colour. What colour do you tend to avoid? 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Festival #mebyme Fashion At LOVEBOX With TK-Maxx

The sun was pounding down, the music was blasting out and I had a pair of floral cat ears on my head this is LOVEBOX. This festival is different to others I have been to, first it's family friendly as there were lots of different tents, stands and rides. Also the fashion was relaxed but some how ultra cool, it's cool how people make more effort for festivals now back when I was younger it was a case of band t-shirt and jeans. Now festivals are a place to experiment and wear all those edgier pieces in your wardrobe. I think I planned mine why to much around the weather, but next time I'll go with the flow more. 

As well as me and Lois -from Bunnipunch style spotting with the TK Maxx crew, we also were soaking up all the musical goodness in the form of Jess Glynne. This girl has thee most incredible voice and the crowd were going wild, not to mention her cool gold bomber jacket and sunnies. There was a buzz in the air and while it was extremely hot, people were still dancing and getting into the festival swing. Style wise it seemed that kimonos and head chains were a strong look for the girls and guys well they all seemed to be topless so I was happy to spot a couple of guys who had some snazzy outfits on.

I snapped these festival goers as they stood out and were more #mebyme than following any festival fashion guide. I like the 90s feel to a lot of their outfits, as being a teenager back than I pretty much spent my summers at them. The main tip I would give for the perfect festival outfit, is that if you feel good than wear it. Because really it's about having a good time with friends or family and enjoying live music. 

                                                        That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

LOVEBOX With TK Maxx #mebyme

Floral cat ears: H&M
Sunglasses: Old
Blue Woven bag: TK Maxx*

I was so happy when TK Maxx asked if I would like to attend LOVEBOX with them, I had been so gutted this year to be missing out on all the festival fun it felt like fate. Even better the other blogger going was only Lois from Bunnipunch, who happens to be awesome and a blog pal.

Being overly excited about going I checked the weather report about six times, and it said it would thunder and rain. Well instead we were met with blazing sun, don't get me wrong I was happy it was sunny but at the same time I felt like I was in a oven ha ha. So next time I'll be wearing my summer wear come rain or shine. As I like to enjoy the music and move about with easy, I tend to dress down at festivals. I went for these baggy soft trouser as I love the print, and they kept my legs cool and I rolled the bottoms up. I wore my faithful converse, a nice alternative for getting across all these muddy patches. 

I love this bag, I had a kimono (which was to hot to wear) and all my festival bits in there - loo roll, simple but you will cry with joy when you need the loo. I love the colour  of this bag, and the pretty woven pattern down the sides really caught my eye and kept my outfit a little jazzy. I went for a soft rolled sleeve t-shirt and a beaded necklace, as I knew I was going to wear my floral cat ears and didn't want to go to OTT. At first I felt like I could have been a bit crazier with my choice, but the more I saw that there was a more relaxed vibe to fashion I fit right in. I'm really looking forward to showing you the festival fashion I spotted and chat about LOVEBOX. 

Outfit images taken by: Lois from Bunnipunch  
That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx

Friday, 18 July 2014

How I Wear: A Jumpsuit & Trainers

Headscarf: H&M (old)
Belt: Charity shop

As you know I dye my hair a lot, I tend to leave it around two months between bleaching my root to help with damage. Sadly my use of heat on my hair is making my efforts pointless, so I've decided to go heat free for the month. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but as someone who likes to change up my hair styles a lot it won't be easy. I'm going to try and test a heap of different heat free styling methods, and up dos and post about the best ones as it really does make a difference to you hair. 

It's been really hot lately, so I'm making the most of it and breaking out the rest of my summer wardrobe. I have been dying to wear this jumpsuit, but these are new ground for me so it's taking me a while to just go for it. I'm so glad I did, as they are so easy to style. I'm no model and have short legs, so my top tip if your like me is to roll the bottom to keep your body in proportion. As part of my up dos I have rediscovered my love of wearing head scarfs, I had an addiction to the 1940s hair styles in my early 20s so lucky I have a nice collection of scarfs to pick from. They are so simple to style, and there are so many ways you can wear them. 

I was taking out my youngest boy for ice cream by tower bridge, I went for my new pastel converse as running in heels or sliders would be a nightmare in this heat. I'm off to LOVEBOX this Saturday with TK Maxx but before you go hating me, I will hosting a giveaway for you lot and the prize is amazing! Plus I'll be sharing a heap of festival inspiration on twitter and instagram. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara

When it comes to mascara Rimmel is my go to, I've used their mascara for years now so when they bring out a new one with a different wand or formula I'm always excited to try it. This has actual been around for a few years, but some how managed to escape my attention as I have never used it before. My everyday mascara is the Scandal Eyes in extreme black, it can be a little clumpy, but I actual prefer a bit more of a bat lash. 

So let's talk firstly about the wand it's made out of hard plastic, which personally I hate the feel of. However I do like the wand shape, as it's pinches in it makes it easier to apply to the inner corners of the eyelashes. The formal is drier than their others, which actual works well with the wand to define lashes more and separate them out giving you a clump free fuller lash look. I did end up with some on my eyelid and my under eye, which I get sometimes with others but not as much as with this. 

I think that's the down side to the shape of the wand too, but perhaps with practise this can be avoided. I think if you prefer to have clump free lashes two coats give you fullness without them. As I do like a thick 60s lash I went for three coats. I like the packaging of this product, but overall it wasn't for me. I think Rimmel Show Off mascara* is suited to those that want a more natural lash look, rather than dramatic lashes. I think I will stick to my other one, as I have very straight lashes I need mascara with impact. This mascara is 

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