Monday, 14 April 2014

How I Wear: A Kimono & Jeans

Strappy Top: Charity shop
Jeans: Topshop
Rings: Primark , Sliver chunky ring (gift)
Necklace: Old
Bead Bracelet: Gift

Really excited for this week, I have a couple of press days and some family days to look forward to. I'm trying to get out in the sun this week, as my pain is back so painkillers are my best friends again. I am on a mission to enjoy this Easter, so my outfits are going to be throw and go this week. I wore my fit flops again today, as I took Logan to the shops than to the park. They are prefect for chasing him around in. I dug out my kimono as it's just the right weather for it, I think I need to invest in a couple more possible shorter ones. There's still a little chill in the air so I'm wearing my jeans, I think once it really heats up I'll get my legs out. As I learned last week it's still a little early,  I'm awful I really feel the cold sadly. 

On a non fashion note I am dying to buy a Playstation 4, I keep seeing new games for it  *cough Outlast *cough cough Daylight and it makes me want to cry and hug my PS3. Don't get me wrong I love my PS3 me and Corben having been playing Little Big Planet (old but still a classic) and when it's grown up time and the kids are in bed. Than Call of Duty, Bioshock and Grand theft Auto are usually what I like to play. I think when your stuck in more your needs tend to change, so I tend to buy less shoes and more games, books and DVDs. At the moment I'm buying nada, as any money I do have I'll be treating the kids with. Still sunshine is free, and I'm loving it! Maybe I can start a PS4 jar, slow and steady wins the race .. ish. Are you a gamer? Anything you love to play or can not wait to buy?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring In My Step

Glasses: Ebay
Top & Jeans: Primark
Lip colour: Posh Pout, Power to the purple

Feeling far better than I did, the pain is still there but my sleeping pattern seems to be returning to normal which makes all the difference.  My roots had gotten out of hand, and would have been fine if they were dark but my grey just made it look a mess. So I bleached it and changed my colour from blue to a pink into purple, I really love the colour and don't even care that my ears match (I must remember to remove the colour sooner rather than later off my skin). 

I met up with my friend who I've not seen in ages, and had coffee and the most scrummy custard doughnut. It was so great to chat and be out in the sunshine. She was telling me about her work on the Channel 4 program Lap of the earth and about being at NASA. She got me and Baz some space food, which is possible the craziest (but coolest) gift ever I'll let you know how it tastes maybe I can start a new blogger trend on Instagram (screw you  Starbucks cups). It was such a beautiful evening, and seeing all the blossom trees it felt like spring had finally sprung. Outfit wise, it was just a really casual lazy one. I wore my Fit flops in hope of working off all the cake, thats how it works right? Maybe not. Also they are supportive, as I'm in pain they are like wearing slippers so I may just glue them on for summer. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

How I Wear: A Sequinned Skirt

Sequin Skirt & Rings: Primark
Buckle Shoes: Asos (old)
Belt: Charity shop
Choker: EBay

I had my blood test the other day so do excuse my arm (glam plaster marks are glam), as it was a rainy grey day I grabbed my smiley tee from Hero & Cape to try and cheer my mood. I had worn it on Saturday and didn't want to take it off, I'm not a fan of yellow but I really love this print. There's noting like a cool tee to dress up or down. This sequin skirt was beginning to gather dust which was criminal (sequins should be worn), it only cost me £3.00 from Primark and I really love yellow and black together. I'm a bee at heart clearly. Shoe wise I wore my strappy Asos wedges, not the best to wear in the rain but I have rediscovered how much I love them. 

Outfit aside I just want to say thank you (again) for all your well wishes, once my results are back I should know why I have been like an elderly zombie. The up side to being in was, I rediscovering heaps of clothing I had forgotten I even had *slaps wrist. I really need to spring clean and get rid of mine and the boys unloved things, I will be sorting out clothes and having a blog sell. I have a few vintage bits that will be in there, and have a range of sizes as I use to be a 8 to a 10 but also like to wear tops and some dresses over sized. So I will let you know once it's up and running. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

How I Wear: A Rainbow Shirt Two Ways

Outfit 1: Shirt: Charity shop
Dungarees: Beyond Retro
Rainbow Jacket: Choies*
Platform shoes: Y.R.U via Asos

Outfit 2: Shirt: As before
Jacket: As before
Socks: F&F
Shoes: As before
Phone Case: TK maxx

I had not planned on wearing this two ways at all, I saw the sun got a little too excited and ended up changing as it wasn't as hot as it appeared. So I decided as I had awkwardly posed already, I may as well show you both as it may help you on days you get overly excited about good weather (this is a U.K thing, as some of you always have sun and yes I'm bitter). Anyway so what did I swap up, I had planned on wearing my Beyond Retro dungarees but had to swap them for my acid wash jeans. I than layered the shirt with my cropped hoodie, as it's sheer and doesn't offer much warmth. I kept my Y.R.U rainbow platforms but added my dino socks to the mix, again to stop my toes freezing. Than I was good to go, I just can't get enough of bright or holographic clothing and accessorises at the moment. I think I'm in cold weather denial, but isn't everyone here.

What are you looking forward to wearing most once it's warm? I can not wait to wear some vest tops, floaty dresses and embrace my inner hippy. I do love my sweater but I think my skin could do with a little sun, I'm not a fan of my legs but the joy of just throwing on a skirt without tights is something I actual really miss at the moment. So I hope if your having outfit vs weather problems, this will give you a little inspiration to keep it but just layer it up a little more. This shirt only cost me 95p from the charity shop, so I was going to wear it somehow but glad I didn't have to be chilly.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Top Of The Pops

 Skirt & Necklace: Primark
Rainbow braces: EBay

So this outfit is a little tongue in cheek, I think sometimes you just have to wear something in a fun carefree way. I have been watching a lot of 70s Top of the Pops (in the days before You Tube we watched people mime on tele) and Mork and Mindy "Na-Nu Na-Nu", so yes I had to get my rainbow braces out. It's a mix of cheerleader meets Shoreditch hipster, and I'm not even sorry. I love this tee from Hero and Cape, there is something so cool about the smiley face it reminds me of my all time favourite band Nirvana. Also it's great how versatile a soft t-shirt like this is, I think on those get up and go days jeans and a tee is everything. It's funny because I'm not a massive fan of yellow, but it's such a feel good colour to wear so I'm embracing it.

This was on the weekend, before all the rain and before my blood test. Thank you for all your well wishes, I've been feeling a little better this week. I will finally know if it's chronic fatigue syndrome or something similar. I think after being in Pjs most of the time, it was great to wear bright colours and feel part of the outside world again. I'm looking forward to getting back out and about. It's crazy how amazing everything seems again the birds singing, the blue of the sky and mad old ladies asking you if your hair is real -no it's a wig love *rolls eyes. So I feel like I'm more prepared for the two weeks of chaos with my boys. Bring on the chocolate egg goodness. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

More Or less

Your plate is stacked to the brim, and no I'm not talking about a plate you put food on here. I mean your plate of life (cringe and cheese I know), your already juggling enough for one person so why have you just agreed to working over time,  go on a night out with friends, or repaint half your house on your day off. It seems that if we're not doing something productive, and no updating your Instagram doesn't count. Than it's a waste of our time. So where did this time measurement come from, and why do we feel we're letting ourselves and others down by not multitasking our lives to the extreme. As someone who is very open about my on/off depression. I can honestly say I know both sides to making the most of life, and than being so mentally drained I can't even face getting dressed. I think it's important to talk about it, as it's not something anyone should full ashamed of. You don't have to shout it to the world, but it's important that you have someone you can be honest with.

Feel free to tweet me @Law1sfab I'd love to hear your side.

So what do you do, push yourself harder usually. But is it healthy, no. Does anyone actual say to you " well done on being so productive " of course not. I'm not against pushing for more and trying to achieve all that you can there's no shame in that either but everyone has limits. Let's face it we would love to be that person who gets eight hours sleep, up first thing, happy in work, than gym, drinks with friends, arts and crafts, seen every exhibition, read every new book out, seen every latest film, perfect hair, nails and teeth, flawless wardrobe and flawless style.... but who is this person. What are they doing so differently from us that they can achieve everything so perfectly. To be honest it's fantasy, no one can be perfect shocker I know. We can just show one side of our life, and keep all the stress to ourselves be it saying that 'everything is so great' or posting photos of the good bits on social media sites. In order to do it all and take on more you have to put other things aside, it's just a fact there are only so many hours in a day. If you are happy that's great, shout it to the world and be proud. But if your not than it's okay to admit it, and not feel you have to be twice as upbeat.

So how do you find the balance. You need to look at what actual matters in YOUR life, there's no shame in wanting more, wanting to work hard and aiming higher but if it's going to damage your mental or psychical health is it worth it. Some people won't understand you, these people are not worth your time, or energy anyway. Balancing everything takes time, you have to be realistic and not let dreams take over too much. Don't give up either, life is too short not to try and make the most. 

Don't let the guilt, of not being on form all the time ruin every day. Depression is a beast, some days you can fight it back and other times it pins you down. I don't pretend my beast is not there anymore, being open about it has let me put the beast on a collar I have taken back control. You can do as much or as little as you want, give yourself a break and don't be guilted my others. We all have different plates, some have cracks, are stacked too low or too high. Maybe we should work on the one we have, before piling on more or letting others pile on more. 

Do you ever feel pressure to do more with your life? Where does your pressure come from? Have you got any advice for others on how you deal with yours. Or do you feel pressure keeps you on your toes? I would love to hear your side.

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