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Ice Watch | Can This Watch Change My Mind About Watches

I'm not really a watch person, don't get me wrong I've had watches and I have watches. There was a time - excuse the pun, when I wouldn't leave the house without one. I guess also I was in a job I loathed, and would check it nonstop as I couldn't wait for my shift to finish. After a while my watches went from being practical, to reminding me how much time I had to spend there. So after I left that job, I stopped wearing them. But really it wasn't the watches fault, watches are very practical still. Because lets face it,  who whats to dig through their bag however many times to find out what time it is. 

My other half is a watch addict, he has a full box and whenever a birthday or Christmas rolls around he will ask if I want a watch. If you have seen confessions of a shopaholic, his basically the guy in the therapy group who says 'you should buy a watch to go with that'. But I've always been on the fence about it, I've had a fair few but they have lost time - Which makes them just a chunky bracelet. Or the design was okay, but not something I really loved. 

Five Things | I'm Doing This April

The countdown is finally over, and the boys are filling the house with laughter, moaning, dirty socks and wrappers. We have some things planned, but I think we are all looking forward to being still and in one place. They are happy not to have to do work every day, I'm happy not to have to wrench them and myself out of bed for the school run. We have put up some bunny decorations, and the boys are looking forward to their egg hunt on Monday. So I thought about things I really need to happen this Easter, and thought I would share them. 

Making Time To pamper Myself 

One thing, that tends to go out the window when I’m stressed is my pampering. My hair just hangs from my head, and I tend to stick a hat on living that glamours life right. So this Easter I’m making sure that instead of a quick shower, or wash I’m making time for a creamy bubble bath at least. I’m going to do the same for the boys, I think they need time to relax too plus play time in the bath is a great way to wear them out before bed if you have been stuck in. 

So I’m making sure the bathroom is full of fun bath products, we have some Lush goodies which I'm so excited to try. As usually I stick to my favourites. I'm most excited for Bunch of carrots, they are such pretty colours and smell absolutely epic! They are a bubble bar, so you run them under the tap and they fill your bath with creamy bubbles. They have Sicilian lemon oil, which is uplifting and as I'm going to be running around after the kids I'm gonna that. We also have the Golden egg, as the boys said they wanted something sparkly and it's possible thee most glittery thing I've ever seen in my life. And how adorable are the free rangers, I love that this spilts in two. Of course this smells divine, it has blackcurrant absolute and it got the boys approval. I think making bath time more the main event, then just doing it to get clean will hopeful leave me more refreshed and clam. I also have some skincare, so that I go to bed or wake up feeling fresh and ready. 

Bunch of carrots bubble bars, golden egg bath ballistic , Here comes the sun shower cream, cream egg bath ballistic and free rangers ballistic *

Have A Spring Clean (but like actual do it)

I think everyone is probably getting their clean on, the clocks changed and we gained more light and all of a sudden you notice all the crap everywhere. I've been slowly trying to declutter, but I think over the next few days even for an hour I'm going to be tougher on getting rid of things. Sell, donate or bin all the stuff just needs to go. I feel like I want different things be some new clothing, homeware but how can I do that when there are all these things piling up everywhere. 

So I'm going to go room by room, and sort through it all. Even the kids have clothing that doesn't fit, toys that they have long grow out of and I feel like if I can tackle it now before the six weeks holidays we will all be able to breathe again. I've watched a bunch of You Tube videos, which has helped me with ways to sort and motive yourself. At the same time I need to remember to actual do it. 

Making Easter cakes

Logan asked if we could make some cupcakes. I do like a bit of baking, I prefer the decorating part. If your not big on baking, why not buy plain fairy cakes so you can decorate them how you want. I think it's a great way to past some time, and fingers crossed get something tasty to eat at the end of it. I picked up some box cake, to make it easy for them to follow. We have some white fondant, so I'm going to show them how to make a little bunny topper. The last bunch of cakes we made were at Christmas time, we also made biscuits so we are long overdue on doing some baking. 

Crochetterie by Molla Mills is a great crochet book for if your looking for something more alternative.

Getting back into crafting 

I've had such low energy lately, that all my craft projects aren't really going anywhere. Progress has been slow, and I've been losing focus to the point i question why I've started at all. It's felt like a chore, because I'm not giving myself enough time. It's easy to get into having a deadline for wanting to finish, while some projects need that enough time. I think regards my projects, I just need to organise them. From what will take the least amount of time, and what ones I can chip away at.

I feel like the boys are crafting less and less too. I think it's been an odd couple of weeks, the weather has been all over the shop. And while we have been out here and there, I will say I have been guilty of handing them their gadgets and grasping at any free moment. But I do miss making things, and seeing them create as they both have a big imagination. 

Thankfully you don't even have to brainstorm much any more,  there are a million craft ideas on Pinterest. But one of my favourite things to craft with are paper plates, you can cut out bunnies or make them into eggs. They don't cost much, you can also recycle them once you have made new things if you like. Kids can colour them, stamp them or stick stripes of coloured card or even colourful chocolate wrapping. But any crafts are just a good way of doing something together, especially on a rainy day. They are perfect to stop them becoming glued to their gadgets, and also mean I'm giving the kids my time while we do something fun . Also if you loath mess, colouring paper plates with colour pens are a great alternative to paints. 

Gadget free time 

This also include Baz and I, as well as our little darlings. Some times it’s easy to think your spending time together, when in reality your all casual checking a phone or iPad and not really focusing on what’s being said. I know this drives me nuts, when I think the kids aren’t listening. So I’m sure they feel the same when I have a phone in my face. While certain things need to be checked and done, I really want to make sure I'm getting a break from internet surfing. Before you know it half the day is gone. I've decided I'll crochet, maybe paint, go for a walk or just enjoy the moment. 

I hope you all have a great Easter if you celebrate, and i'd love to hear what your up too and if you have any plans. 

Latest In Beauty | March Mother & Daughters Box

March has been pretty stressful so far, a month filled with headache upon headache. It has finally settled well ish, as ironically this is the third time I've written this post as both my previous attempts failed to save. So if this goes live I'm going to take that as a win. 

As we all know stress doesn't leave much time for pampering, let alone self care. So I was so happy to see and try out this months Latest in beauty box- Mothers day box. As you may know I'm a mum of two boys, as a mum it's easy to forget your an actual human being. You are more then wrapper collector, laundry doer and decoder of 'I want something'. I was not disappointed at all, I actual didn't know where to begin. For £25 quid I had a box full of great self care products, bath oil, nail polish etc.. so I had a two day pamper session, where I would have relaxing baths and try them all out. They have a bunch of different boxes, and you can even make up your own which is great for if your giving it to someone. Building a box that's suited to you, or to the person your giving it to. 

February Favourites

I can't believe how quickly February is vanished, January was such a long struggle that  February felt like the actual beginning of the year. While it's still cold and grey here in London, I enjoyed this month I feel like I'm starting to get stuff done. It's been a little slow as I've been battling with my health again, but trying my best to get out and enjoy some family time again. While this weekend we didn't do anything, I was pleased to have some down time. I felt like death, so spent most my time in bed doing the odd bit of crochet while Baz took care of the boys who were happy to ignore everyone and play with their games and gadgets. We did manage to go to the farm a while ago, and enjoy a day or two out I think sometimes we all need a little push to go out. The half term wasn't thee most exciting, but I did enjoy time with the boys and I hope next time we get to do a bit more. March has been slow, but I took so much needed time out off society media and here just to be. So sorry this is way late and it's been quite here, but I'm looking forward to sharing a bunch of stuff and getting back into a routine. 

Nasty Gal SS18 Collection

Pot of gold top

I was about to say Spring is around the corner, which it is but looking out my window today it's snowing in London (well it was for all of 30 minutes). But anyway there is still plenty, in Nasty Gal's Spring summer collection to wear now. Rainbows, sequins and cow boy vibes are going to breath some life back into your wardrobe. This is a mere snippet of the collection, but these were pieces that really stood out to me. I already bagged the pot of gold rainbow top above, I swear 20% but really didn't even need any encouragement to buy it. I also can't believe how fast this collection is hitting the site already. They have a bunch of discount days going on, so if your like me and can't afford to go on a spree you can still bag a little bargain. So if your looking for some pieces for Spring, or you want to add a splash of fun to your wardrobe now you are going to love this collection.

The New Valentines

Faith Natural 'kiss' trainers* from Debenhams    
Once upon a time, valentines use to feel like thee most depressing day of the year. That if you were single, you were doomed and even if you were in a couple if you weren't drowning in a mass of chocolate, flowers and locking lips non stop you were doing it wrong. It kind of sucked the joy from the day, and I think put most people off celebrating it all together. 

Baz and I have been together 15 years, and we have never been massive on it. We would exchange ideas on things we liked, and never went crazy on gifting. One special present,  and a home cooked meal have made treasured memories. Like the time I blow out candles, and blow wax on Baz and burned him. Or going to noodle time in greenwich, and almost eating my hair. But weather your with anyone or not, valentines has had a makeover. I love that now Valentines is becoming less about couples, and seeing more people go out and celebrate their friendships or treat themselves is the way forward. So if you haven't treated yourself this year, then now is the perfect time to give yourself some love and go for it. You don't and shouldn't feel bad, being on your own is better then being with someone who isn't right for you.

My rainbow  Skinnydip clutch that Baz got me, my rainbow Nasty Gal top I treated myself to last month.

If you are loved up, then enjoy it. Yes we have all year to love someone, but Valteines can give you that little reminder to maybe just do something a little more. It doesn't have to be something major, often I think just having some real time together with good food, a relaxed atmosphere can be the one. 

Baz and I had decided to no gifts, but we both broke it and picked each other a little something up. I usually surprise him, but this year he surprised me first and I'd had a rough week it was lovely. Yep we didn't wait till the day, but we both needed a little pick me up. We are going to do a simple popcorn and movie night, as were both a bit under the weather for a proper date night. It's freezing here in London at the mo. Also my boys have informed me,  that it's also there Valentines days too so they will make me cards if I pick them up some chocolates. Honestly I had to try not to laugh, but they better be some nice cards, if they are getting a box each they already had the bath bombs I had treated the too. Still I'm thankful that they want to get involved.  

So whatever you decided to do this Valentines, I hope you have a fun one. I have some great memories of hosting  movie nights with my girls, and we would watch all the sloppy rom coms slag they off for being completely unrealistic and eat pizza. Making  my mum cards, eating half her chocolates and buying a plastic rose when I was a kid. And the first Valentines card I ever wrote, which was to my dog Fred because I hated everyone and I was only six. What are you up to this Valentines?