Monday, 2 November 2015

Reasons I'd Never Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

As you may have worked out from all my The Walking Dead tweets, my obsession with zombies is no secret. In reality however if a mysterious virus were to ever break out, and all of a sudden people did start to mumble the word 'brains'. Than I'm pretty sure I'd be joining them real quick. 

We all say that we would kick ass, and make flamethrowers from discharged bean cans and a blowtorch out of a bin or whatever... but seriously in actual reality you would be crying that you had no time to upload your last selfie before Instagram went down. That there would no more #tbt, no more fast food ...You would be the fast food. It got me thinking about reasons why I probably would not make it in a zombie plagued world, even if in my heart I would love to be slaying off heads like Michoone, seeing Rick Grimes being Rick Grimes and snugging up to Darly Dixon and his crossbow at night. But seriously let me eat your brains.


This would be a big issue, I've lost count of the amount of times I have decked it in my uber heels. Knowing my luck I'd be on one of London's worst pavements (they are everywhere) .ie. paving slabs creating a fun house effect to the floor, minus the fun of course just lots of oh look the floor. We all know your not running anywhere in a chunky platform heel, without snapping your ankle in the process 'hello did you want to nibble on me, well okay than'. Same within the house, it's not that I don't own flats but again I know that I'd go to put on my converse as fast as possible and somehow forget where I've left the other one. 

You could get by on bare feet for a while, but at some point you will end up standing on a plug left out of a socket, broken glass, or the worst a piece of lego.  Maybe a solution would be to duck tape a pair of boots (flat ones) to my back just incase. 

What To Bring

At the best of times I'm not the best packer, so I'm pretty sure I would get bitten even while packing things or because I thought it was a good idea to bring that extra bag as I like shoe opinions.  I think I would do well on supply runs, but soon realise that whilst grabbing some knifes I'd left the can opener. Because in real life I forget why I even came into a room, and have to go through what I was just doing to remember. I'm part zombie already. Rather than remembering the important stuff, I'd have one of those really annoying advert 'theme tunes' looping in my brain. 

If I was lucky enough to make it to a supermarket which had a little left, you would find me in the kitchen aisle fighting them off with a rolling pin or cheese grater looking for that can opener so I could eat. Because when faced with eating, it's always better to risk life for the good stuff like spaghetti hoops or chilli con carne in a tin. 
So it's time I made a zombie what to bring check list, before I'm singing Go Compare, Gala LA LA or (insert any other twatish singing ad that won't leave my brain). 


Now I'm sure everyone has their guilty moments- Don't lie we have all been there, own it. You know you shouldn't eat something because it belongs to someone else - Partner, sibling, work mate, flatmate but belly isn't happy. But it's there and you have no choice but to make belly your best friend again.  It's not food itself that would be the threat, I'm pretty sure I'd be throw to the zombies by my group because I'd raided supplies. I'd like to think I wouldn't, but if your leaving your half a packet of M&Ms than you only have yourself to blame. I'm not sure I could face eating squirrels, so I would defiantly be having your bake beans, cheese, crisps and any kind of bread ....Just give me all the carbs, now or I'll use my rolling pin. 

Who To Trust

I like to think I have good judgment, but I know I tend to buy into whatever crap someone will tell me. I guess I like to give people a fair chance. I think everyone has those types of people in their lives, that are there for the good. But when it comes to you dying of flu, suddenly they are no where to be found. In this life it's fine. Party people can sometimes make life a little less dull. In Zombieland not so great, 'what do you mean your busy?' as they run off with all your food, while you wrestle off a zombie going for your neck. At the same time I maybe to quick to judge, also I usually end up doing things myself as I don't trust others to get them done ... My control freak side would be amped up to 11 I'm sure, and while I'm taking them out I'm pretty sure my group would just leave me to it. 

So yes sadly I think I probably would be a zombie, I'd be the one in the glitter platforms dragging herself around - I'd be a jazzy zombie. But for some unknown reason if I survived, I would hope that everything zombie films have show me is true. Because I'm pretty sure we would all be done for if taking out the brain is not the way to take them out. Do you think you would survive or be hanging out with me and the zombie crew? 

Note: I wrote this for a laugh and to declare my love for The Walking Dead, please don't take my advice and duck tape shoes to your back promise. I think if I can manage two kids who half the time are like Zombies with non stop eating, sleeping and the odd bite etc I would hope I could take out my fair share of zombies but where would be the fun in writing about that . 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

How I Wear: Yellow and Pink

Yesterday I took the boys to see Hotel Transylvania 2 with their friends, and it was actual pretty good and I found myself laughing I think more than the kids. Most of the other parents agreed that it was pretty funny, so I would definitely recommend watching it. It's silly but has heart and I always like that. I think some people forget it's a film for kids, as so many now are aimed to please all. I enjoyed it more than the minion movie as that really was a kids film, with me counting down the minutes till it was over.  

Coat and Jeans: Primark
Jelly shoes: River Island
Simpson socks and kimono: Primark 
Pink fluffy top: Select Fashion
Necklace: Sourcherry *

Films aside I have been loving pink and yellow together, I'm like a sherbet dip. But any reason to wear my Simpsons socks from Primark. I'm trying to get back into wearing my jewellery, as I've just been throwing whatever on and I think it can really make a difference for how you feel. I have been in boots a lot so broke out my jellies so I could actual see the print of the socks than it being hidden away in a boot. 

As there is now a five pence bag charge in the U.K (it's not much but it adds up) I now always bring my backpack everywhere. I did before to be honest but now it's more of I have too,  it just makes life easier and it's eco friendly plus I'll save my pennies for something really useful than a bag I'd use for rubbish after anyway.  I've like this colour combo so much that I thought I would use it in my new crochet blanket. I'm still pretty new to crochet, but really enjoy it. For my granny square I like to use four double crochet than three to make my blanket a little more full. I will be writing a post soon will how I got started and some great people to check out if your interested in self-teaching as trust me it's worth the time. I had a lovely Halloween and I hope you did too. Happy Halloween if your after a good film to watch this post has it covered. 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Films to Watch This Halloween

grab some limeade and popcorn

As it's Halloween tomorrow I wanted to share my some Halloween films, with some of my favourites thrown in. As a massive fan of horror, thriller and anything creepy it was really hard to narrow it down, I've seen pretty much everyone going even the really bad ones as you never know. So instead I have grouped them into films that are best to watch either with family, friends or by yourself. 

Ones to watch with friends who hate horror

This film made me want to live in black clothing, and up my eyeliner game as a teenager. The Craft is not only a cult classic, but also shows the worst horror being a teenage girl - boy trouble, struggling with looks, bullying and trying to get by see the girls abuse the powers they have been given. Can their friendship survivor. 

Scream another 90s fave is a little cringe, but it's a safe bet for those that just can't take the real horror. Plus there are a bunch so your sorted for the night. 

Interview With a Vampire, Brad and Tom put other vampire films to shame. This will always be the way I want to think about Vampires, and it's creepy more than scary. 

Ones to watch with the kids

One of my all time favourite films has to be The Nightmare Before Christmas, it also works for Christmas. It has great songs that won't jar your brain, and is a beautifully told story about being bored with the everyday and the struggle we have of trying to be ourselves. 

Monster House is a film that maybe a little scary for younger kids, but is a great film that sees kids trying to work out what's wrong with the man that lives across the street from them. great family film that keeps all on their toes. 

Hocus Pocus sees the return of three witches, it's silly, fun and kids will love it. They will also do their legs a damage by trying to learn how to do the witches walk with their friends (we all gave it ago don't lie).

Harry Potter, I'm not the biggest fan (please don't hurt me), but there is nothing more magical than theses movies filled with spells, magic, growing up and blah blah they make kids believe again and I'm all for that. 

Or why not try a spooky cocktail with popcorn instead

Ones for Zombie Lovers

If you like a little tongue in cheek than ZombieLand is the movie for you. I laughed and even cried a little at this movie, but if you think the zombies aren't that vile guess again. It's a great film, one that that has a few twists and turns and will keep you hooked. 

Dawn of the Dead, now people have mixed views as their is the 1978 original and than the remake in 2004. Personally I liked them both, as 70s films tend not to that them. 

Return of the living dead is just brilliant it's so bad it's good and you will be quoting it and annoying everyone for days. It's a classic. 

World War Z, not the best zombie film (more virus film than zombies) but still a great watch for anything who likes the 'oh no you have been bite see ya'. 

(or you could just watch The Walking Dead back to back, because it's just amazeballs)

Ones for the 'nothing scares me'

I don't think I've ever been scared at a film, uneasy maybe and possible jumped a few times I'll admit. But the more grim the better. A game I that did use to scare me was Silent Hill -Don't lie it's creepy as. So when it was made into a film I thought it was going to be a massive let down. However it's actual a pretty good film, I love the costume design and it does have that WTF element about it. Don't watch the second one as that really is pants. 

REC not the American version the original is just a great watch, from the way it's shot to  being thrown in the middle of it. I also enjoyed REC Genesis, which is the third in the REC films, who doesn't like a bride having to pick up a chainsaw on her wedding day. 

Switchblade Romance is still a film I always want to watch every Halloween, the film is about a young women who goes to stay with her friend and her family. The girls end up on the run when a truck driver, murders the family. They must out smart him to get to help. This film has so many levels and even when you have finished watching it, it will linger with you. 

Here are some others that are a must watch as I have too many faves sorry and this post could be days long: 
The Shinning, Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Manic (2013 version), Inside, The eye (2002 not the crap remake) Misery, The Omen, Carrie (the new or old version). The Saw films, Midnight meat train, As above so below, The descent (the first one was pretty good), Alien all of them they are just amazing! Hell raiser, IT - Don't watch if you hate clowns. Donnie Darko, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissor hands and any Burton film because his the king of Halloween. Bram stokers Dracula one of my all time favourite films ever!

So I'd love to hear what your favourites are to watch, maybe you can recommend some for me. Hope you have a lovely Halloween, here is a fab recipe for a Spooky cocktail using Midori Melon liqueur* and don't forget to take your plastic spiders and green cobwebs out of your popcorn. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Is It Halloween Yet?

As Halloween is only days away it seems natural to wear orange. Saying that I've been wearing the colour nonstop. It's my new favourite colour and it's been my A/W go to, at the same time I try and mix it a little. As the boys are both off for school holidays, I've found it hard to keep on top of anything if I'm honest. I've had some great outfits planned, but than when it comes to putting clothing on I just want to get my biggest jumper and cocoon myself inside. So I'll probably being doing another outfit post wearing this, curly because I just want to live in a jumper. On a plus I can show you how I style it in a different way. 

Jumper: H&M
Dungaree Dress: Motel Rocks*
Glitter boots: Primark
Hat: Primark
Necklace: Gift 

Feeling sorry for myself aside, I've had a good sort out and found some of my favourite things. Like this Halloween necklace, that Sarah - from A Million Dresses gave me ages ago that she made. I'm taking the boys to the cinema to see Hotel Transylvania 2 with some friends for Halloween, and plan on getting the boys to make some bats and bits. I think it's more for me than them ha ha, I'm such a big kid for Halloween. I think they want it to be Christmas already 'Is Santa coming tomorrow?'.

We already started making salt dough Christmas decorations - It's cold, they get bored every five minutes, it keeps me sane. So it's a little like Nightmare Before Christmas, as we have mini christmas trees and pumpkins up. After over a decade of being on display, I decided that my NBC cups where too cool not to use so sorry if I'm Instagraming them every two seconds but yeah

Friday, 23 October 2015

My Halloween Wishlist

If you have read my blog for ages you will know that Halloween is my favourite, I know for some they get all excited and giddy for Christmas. But I much prefer all things freaky, I also get an overwhelming need for all things Halloween. -Stops typing to sing 'This is Halloween' ten times, yes I'm a big kid. No I'm not sorry.

I don't mind what some stores have, but it tends to all be the same and most of it just isn't practical to keep and ends up being throw away only to be purchased the following year - For me Halloween can be all year round BTW. So this wish list is all about indie designers, I mean who doesn't want a ghost bag or an eyeball case. Boring people who don't understand what fun is that's who. But yes I like having something a little different, made with a bit of love. 

What would you pick? I'm not sure I'll be able to dress up for Halloween this year *sobs over a pumpkin. I already have my decorations up hello bats and spiders, and I'm currently selecting all my favourite Halloween films. I'm taking the boys to the cinema with their friends for Halloween, so they will probably dress up. I know it's all bit silly, but to me Christmas can be a bit of a stressful time for us grown ups. Halloween is a chance to be goofy, and my kids love it. So if you see a red haired women walking around the supermarket with plastic gore arms chasing her kids that's probably me.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

LFW: Day Three | Swinging Back To The 60s

My finally outfit from London Fashion Week, was a little more flirty. As I had been listening to Nancy Sinatra, while reading books on life in the 60s and 70s. It was only natural to dig out my best vintage, for my last day at London fashion week. All you need is a fitted Aline skirt and your half way there for this look, this beauty from Primark has a cool zip front so I didn't even think about if I 'needed' it or not. I had no time to do a beehive, but ended up getting my hair sorted before a show. So it really completed the look, as hair was a massive part of life back than as people didn't have much money, along with twiggy eye makeup  think spider lashes. 

Photos by: Clare from Rainbows and Fairydust
Glittery crocheted top: Vintage -Made by my nan
Bag and Sunglasses: Old Primark
Glitter shirt worn underneath: Vintage

As I don't like to play it safe, I mixed it up with my glitter glam rock crocheted flared top. Because my love of the 70s always creeps in, and I've wanted to wear it for years now and there just never seemed like a good time. Of course I had to do a 'I'm just crossing the road' shot. I think this is the last time I'll have bare legs this year, as the weather has gone from mild to freezing in London. Still I had a great time and look forward to sharing new collections for SS16 with you. 
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