Sunday, 19 April 2015

Catching Rainbows In A Jar

I'm having a lazy day of well not doing much, which usually results in an hour long session of searching for crafts, bakes and general inspiration. I really want to make some fun food things this summer, not just for my two boys but also because I enjoy pretty yummy food too. There is something so rewarding about making food fun, I was baking a lot but lately have just had no time but I really want to get bak into it and also try different things. I think this one break the internet -Sorry Kim.

Yes it's rainbow cake in a jar, yes I know best idea ever right.  You can keep it for five days too so you could always give it to someone. If you click the link you will see how to make them, I love this idea it's so simple but would be so great to give to someone or for a party. I am going to be doing a huge bake session as like I said it's long overdue. So when I try my hand at making these, I will have to share mine I'm not sure it will be anywhere near as pretty as these but worth a shot. Have you seen any cool bakes? Or been getting creative in the kitchen yourself let me know. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Fruit Salad

It's finally feeling like Spring in London, so I'm slowly pushing all my knitwear to the back of my wardrobe and pulling out all my light cotton tees and pretty dresses. I did a lot of running around yesterday, so I just wanted to be comfortable so opted for my new favourite pineapple tee as it's very lightweight and my fit flops sandals - The slipper of the sandal word by the way, that also helps you tone utter bonus. I love that my Sugar and Vice battenburg necklace matches it perfectly, this is from the new afternoon tea collection. They have some amazing pieces, I really want to get the weather necklace which features a sunshine, a rainbow and a raincloud perfect right. Yes I love my rainbows, but I blame that on missing dying my hair different colours every other week. 

As it was too hot for my faux fur collar, I opted for my faux fur bag instead. I love the pastel shade of it, and as I'm usually a hot pink kinda girl it's nice to go for something a little softer. I really want to wear more pastels this summer, as I want to try something different. I tend to go crazy for colour or wear black and white, so it would be nice to get to balance. 

Glasses: Pretavoir* 
Kimono: Primark
Battenburg Necklace: Sugar and Vice *
High Waisted Jeans and Belt: Thrifted
Fluffy Lilac Bag: Kylijane*
Pineapple Top: Primark

I'm still trying to clear out a lot of my wardrobe, as it seems I get rid of one thing and it gets replaced by three other things. I'm trying to be good, but I do find it hard not to buy clothing. But who can resist a bargain, like this lemon kimono from Primark that cost me all of £3! The other night however I did attempt to make a dress, I figured if I can make some things it will stop me from shopping. As I can make it exactly how I want. With a lot of trail or error.. okay a lot of error I managed to make my first dress. I made the mistake of using a non stretch fabric without a pattern, big no no. Still I have my fingers crossed that the more I sew the better I will get .. maybe, hopeful.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Only Child London - Jewellery From Another World

To say I'm a jewellery obsessed girl is a gross understatement, my poor jewellery hooks are almost pooping out the wall with the weight of my beloved collection. So naturally when I had a chance to view Only child's collection at London Fashion Week, I jumped with joy at seeing what their Spring Summer collection would be showcasing. This was actual their second season at London Fashion week, and they are going from strength to strength. 

I was not disappointed, If mermaids were real - Sorry they are totally real, I'm sorry I said that. Than you know instead of brushing their hair, they would be adoring themselves in this collection. Holographic layered jewels caught my eye everywhere I look, from chunky chokers that remain me of Madonna in  her Marilyn Material girl stage. Than there are weave bracelets, jewelled head chains, it was all so beautiful and I had to resist wanting to try everything on. 

The price range various on pieces which makes it accessible to all, but if your looking to splash some cash than they have some incredible detailed show stopping jewellery like their Iridescent crystal armour. Which is made to order, and I could easily see it on the red carpet, or in a music video as it's just divine in every way. Saying that the celebs have been all over Only Child. Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Jamie Winstone and Jess Glynne just to mention a few, have been snapping up the Asteroid headpiece, necklace and ring and who could blame them I'd be rolling around in it all if I could. 

So who is the brains behind it all? Well that would be designer and director Kelly Jackson, who is so humble and down to earth. She casual shows me her jewellery like she's know me years, she tells me I can try on anything I like - I'm too scared too, because she probably would not have gotten it back my will is only so strong. Kelly talks me through her inspiration for collections, and with every word you can see how much time and energy she puts into Only Child. You can tell even from the names of her collections like ' Stella' and 'Cosmic Classics' that it's not mermaids she's thinking of it's galactic babes. Think outer space chic, Katy perry in her E.T music video and Princess Leia in the gold bikini and your halfway there. This jewellery is bold, bright and makes a strong statement. 

Pieces are really thought out and it really shows. Kelly tells me about working for Alexander McQueen, she designed prints there (yes she's one talented lady) but really wanted to start her own business. So Only child was born, and she has poured herself into her business every since. I also chatted with Shireeka Devlin studio manager, who introduced me to Only Child. Both Kelly and Shireeka have a strong sense of self style, bright fun and completely individuals. Which is why they work so well together, they have fun and enjoy what they do. 

Shrieeka tells me about Kelly's work " she works really hard, and knows exactly what she wants" I ask if it takes Kelly a really long time to handmade all the jewellery " It really depends on the piece, but Kelly has been doing this for a long time so she's pretty quick at weaving, and putting the jewellery together. If it's for a piece that has more detail say like the bespoke armour, than it's made to order but Kelly will make sure every piece is perfect." They also tell me that they have a new big stockist coming up this summer, which Kelly designed an exclusive collection for so I'm looking forward to the big reveal. 

Kelly is also setting up a shop in the heart of Shoreditch this July, which will not only stock Only child but also 25 other up and coming designers. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Showroom Shoreditch, if you want to be ahead of the cool crowd this summer. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Peppersmith Mints and Gums - Can sugar free really taste as good?

I really don't know why, but my bag habits tend to change in summer. I'll always make sure I have a drink, a pack of wet wipes for the boys ice cream covered hands and faces. But I tend to turn my bag into a mint shop, maybe it's because in summer I tend to eat differently. I like spicy wraps, tangy salads and sweet cooling deserts. As much as I enjoy them sometimes after tastes are left which isn't pleasant, plus I drink a lot of tea and coffee which doesn't help either. Thankfully Peppersmith have designed a pack to fill any mint or gum lovers needs.

For a box of 12 packs it will cost you £15.00, which sounds a lot but when I think about how much I spend in corner shops and their stupid mark up prices -I live in London, so trust me it gets pricey. It actual works out to £1.25 for each pack and you get 25 mints (15g) in each pack. Which I think is fair, if you consider that unlike most on the market their mints or gums don't have artificial colours and flavours and they don't use any preservatives and they are all sugar free. So do they really taste good that is the question.

They actual taste better, usual I fine gum either too overpowering almost to the point it feels like I've eaten a blob of toothpaste. My favourite was the Sicilian lemon, which are almost gone as I've unconsciously been having them over the last couple of weeks. I'm not a massive gum lover, but I again I prefer that instead of a hit of sugar you can actual taste the different mints. It's been great to be able to let my boys have one too, usually as they are only five and three I say no. But with these I didn't even have to think about it. 

I like that the flavours don't effect when your going to eat next too, because having the taste of  mints or gum when your about to eat just kills it really. My least favourite was the Eucalyptus, as I said I'm not a fan of overly strong mints. But as my half has had a cold, I've given them to him as it's so good for opening up your airways. Overall I was really impressed, and sorry but how cute is the packing. I like that it's made from recyclable card and that they are easy to get out, I hate wrappers as you usually end up with them all flowing around your bag and who wants to eat gum or mint that's been next to your hair brush. I really didn't think I would be that impressed, I mean they are just mints after all but if it means that I can keep my teeth healthy and my breath fresh than it's actual a mini lifesaver. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

PennyRoyal Tea

It feels like a decade since I've posted an outfit, as I've been ill I've not really been dressing up much anyway. It was such a lovely day, so with every fibre of my being I put on my makeup and put on my new glad rags. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@law1sfab) you would have seen the video on how my t-shirt was made, I'll have a post later this week all about YR store and how you can play designer with their clothing. I felt like a princess when Lucky Eyes London sent me this divine bracelet, I was gobsmacked at just how beautiful it is in real life. Anyone who knows me will know I'm a massive Nirvana fan, so I can't get enough of the Smiley if you hadn't guessed from the earring, hair bobble and bracelet so just a couple than Laura yeah ha ha. Anyway I love it, rather than a fussy clasp it has a chain and pull design so putting it on yourself is easy. I like rose gold as it tends to go with more, they do sell it in sliver and gold and they have a heap of different colour crystals to choose from. 

Kimono- Old
Smiley Earring and Bobble- Super Kawaii baby on Depop
Pink Trousers-River Island via EBay 
Smiley Rose Gold Bracelet - Lucky Eyes London *
Black Sandals- Fit flop*

As I spend the holiday stuck in, I ended up buying bits and pieces online as you do when your having a pity party. I nabbed these River Island trousers on EBay for under a fiver and got these smiley earring off a friends Depop. I was also a very lucky girl as Barry treated me to a new sewing machine (major  boyfriend brownie points), after he throw out my last one thinking it was broken. So I decided it was time to stock up on some new fabric, so I can attempt to make myself some fun summer clothing. If I vanish offline, than I've properly sewed my fingers to a dress, just to give you a heads up. I have discovered so me amazing new You Tube channels and blogs for sewing, so I'll share those with you soon if your feeling crafty this summer. I'm slowly getting back into a routine, and now that spring is here I'm sure that will help. 

Do you sew? Want are you planning on making this summer? 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Those Rainbow Platform Dupes & More

Finally I have a new computer after mine died -bloggers worst nightmare, and although I'm still not in good health I'm feeling better than I was the last past weeks (thank you for your well wishes). So to ease me back in, I wanted to share things I've been drooling over on the Internet. Yes with these you will most definitely taste that rainbow. 

I know a lot of you share my pain at missing out on those Jeffery Campbell rainbow platforms, the chances of anyone parting with theirs is slim to none. If they did decided to part ways with these unicorns of the shoe world, I'd bet my kids, cat and eyebrows that you would not get them cheap. So being a gal on a shoe string myself I have searched the interweb high and low for a worthy dupe. Yes and guess what you won't have to EBay half your closet to afford them either. I think these are great dupes, bearing in mind sizing will  properly run small so talk to the seller (who are upfront about their product by the way) I want a pair for every day of the week. 

I also loved this catwalk worthy skirt, the cut is simple but perfect to avoid a carnival look. I think it's something you could wear to a festival, and on a night out as it's tailored but fun. I'm looking forward to summer, and these are the type of skirts I need to invest in more for that effortless cool style

Yes that is a Nyan Cat Rainbow headband, I've followed Janine on Instagram not only because of her rainbow hair but also for her mad crafting skills. She is queen of the patch and sells a massive range of head wear, shoe clips and beanies. I love independent designers, and her price range is more than fair for the work she puts into each piece. Nylan Cat you will be mine. 

Kylijane is another Instagram find, I absolutely love her furry bags (I'm the proud owner of her purple fluffy one). But how amazing is this rainbow beauty, they are all handmade and again the pricing is great if your looking to add something fun to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. She also sells halters- yep you can be a fluffy fest this spring.  

Lately if your not into wearing rainbows, doesn't mean you can't have them around. I really like this cute hang up jewellery holder. You can use the rainbow part to put earrings on and the hooks for bracelets and necklaces. I really need to get this soon as my current one is now over flowing, so it needs a buddy to share some of the load. There were about twenty more things I could have added to this post, but I took a breath and edited it down to my absolute favourites. Any rainbow goodness you have spotted that I should know about? Please let me know, you can never have to many rainbows in your life. 

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