Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15 - It's A Bag Thing

Sometimes the easiest why to change the look of most things in your wardrobe, is to change your bag be it backpack, handbag or satchel the choice is endless. It can be an investment piece, on trend or something fun but it can change up those go to outfits. Personally I like fun bags, as your outfit can remain grown up but than you have something playful. 

I think fashion should be fun, and a statement bag is an instant way to show that. Of course it's a good idea to think about items you carry around with you daily when buying a new bag, and where you tend to go or if it's for a special event. So maybe a bigger bag for work and a small bag for weekends, I tend to have a mix of styles as having nothing but one type of bag can limit you. Having a backpack for days where I need to have my boys things or a change of footwear is perfect, and clutches are great for a night out where I tend to bring my pass, keys, purse and phone. Bucket bags are smarter than backpacks but have heaps of space. Also a bag with pockets are great for being able to carry makeup and glasses etc.. and not end up with a phone covered in lipstick. Material is a big factor too, can you clean it down if it's an everyday bag? As a bag you will only use every now and than is not such a issue. 

Here were some of my favourites from the cobbles at London Fashion Week - Clutches seem to win the bag war and came in all shapes and sizes (they just add instant cool to an outfit). An egg bag by Luna on the moon, all seeing eye from designer Sunita Mukhi, Topshop's monster faux fur clutch or Catseye pop art number. Can you spy my D.I.Y bag from TK Maxx? 

                                                   That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

London Fashion Week SS15: Day 1

Peplum Top: Quiz Clothing*/ Fluffy Skirt: Primark
Glasses: Prada via Pretvoir*/Chunky Shoes: EBay
Clutch Bag: TK Maxx* (D.I.Y by  me) / Necklace: Quiz Clothing*

As it was the first day of London Fashion week I decided that I would wear heels, and flats for the other days. On Friday Somerset house was buzzing, every time I went to take someones photo for TK Maxx #mebyme style a heap of other people were jumping in and I'm pretty sure I photobomed their shots too. I hardly put my camera away, as there were so many strong looks it was street style heaven. As I like to wear something fun to fashion week I decided it was all about fluffy and slogans, my 'Whatever' clutch went down a treat and was so easy to make. 

I simply took this amazing glitter clutch from TK Maxx (they had so much choice, but this one was only £10!), made sure it was dean and dry. I than peeled the back off the stickers, and decided where I wanted them. Dotted glue on the back and popped them on and hold down for two minutes, I loved it so much I made two. Simple but so fun and fabulous. I decided to play with layers as the white lace jacket looked better peeping out under my neon jacket. I have more outfits, street style and chats with ones to watch fashion designers later this week.

                                                 That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

London Fashion Week Fashion Scout - Meeting Joao Melo Costa

What's better than seeing a catwalk show... Meeting the designer of course, I had seen Joao Melo Costa collection the day before as I scrolled down my Instagram time line while grabbing a drink. Some people had posted videos, and if you think this collection looks amazing on the hangers seeing it in movement brings it to a new level of beauty.

As soon as I saw these jackets they reminded me of a little of across between fireworks and pinatas, well both of these ideas where miles apart from Joao inspiration for his S/S15 collection. Chatting with the Portuguese designer he talented me through his creation process, " it's based on plantation, first you have the earth and the leaves and than you need to scare away the birds to let the plants growing and than things bloom." He holds up a black jacket which has thee most stunning detail and is panelled giving it perfect structure. " I used organza and than the birds are cut leather" I love how humble Joao was about his incredible collection. The texture mix is insane but not messy, looking close up at the pieces you can see tat the coats have an ombre like effect down the selves to the blossom style. It's playful but still grown up, and captures what spring and summer are about the time for regrowth. Plantation and it's cycle has never looked so glam.

Looking at his past collections I think he is one to watch, and I'm thankful to have met and chatted with him about his work. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

London Fashion Week S/S 15 - On The Cobbles With TK Maxx

This season kicked off with a bang, I arrived on Friday bright and early in hope of snapping people before they had to dash off to shows. Thankful the sun was shinning brightly and everyone was cheery, unlike back in February with the pouring rain and everyone huddled under umbrella together. Clutch bags were everywhere (including myself), but I did spot a shaun the sheep bag aka the best bag ever! 

As the weather here in London is warm but breezy most people were embracing layers. There were hints of faux fur in collars and bags, and monochrome was still hitting hard. One thing I love the most about fashion week is seeing what fellow bloggers are rocking, and they didn't disappoint. As I couldn't make the shows I had been invited to I scrolled Instagram, and cried a little inside at how amazing the collections were. 

Saturday was equally as busy and a lot of people I met missed shows, as LFW workouts took hold -Cobbles + travelling to different places for shows + street style spotting + going to presentations  = Sore everything. Most of the time people only see the glamour, but what you don't see on Instagram is everyone's eye bags behind their shades. That's the beauty of it, there is so much work that goes into everything and everyone breaks out their best to make it glam and fabulous. The flat shoe has been embraced more, so thankful if you couldn't face the cobble fun house you could style it out with boots, brogues and bright trainers. I was lucky enough to go to Fashion Scout and see the new designers collections which I'll be sharing this week as well as what I wore and more street style. 

                                               That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Care Bear Affair

Necklace: Old
Orange Fluffy Coat: Debenhams*
Care Bears tee: Primark
Jeans: Topshop

As I've been doing the school run this week I've not been in the mood for dressing up so my uniform has became t-shirt and jeans. These converse have been glued to my feet, but they literally go with everything. How cute is this t-shirt, I was in Primark the other day and couldn't resist it they ave so many amazing prints and for £6 I couldn't say no. I'm really feeling orange at the moment, I have never really worn it much and now I seem to be buying heaps of it. 

This coat is from H! by Henry Hollands new collection at Debenhams, and even with the sun out I've not be able to wait to wear it. It reminds me of something Bjork would have worn in the 90s. It's so fluffy and I love that it has a hood, so I can put it up on those chilly mornings for winter. I've dyed my hair (again) so this is the last of the purple hair sadly, shame as it looks so cool with orange.

So this weekend I have been at London Fashion week, so expect some cool posts on street style, what I wore and new designers to watch. What colour are you loving at the moment?

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