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DIY Day | Crochet Projects 003

After spending a whole day, working on a piece only to burn the middle while blocking. I decided that rather than cry and get myself in a state, I'd vent on twitter and fingers crossed someone could talk me back from binning all my work and throwing the crochet town in. Yes I was feeling dramatic, but anyone who has done this will understand seeing your hardworking ruined in 5 secs flat. Thankfully Isobel being the babe she is, gave me words of comfort and I thought about all the work I hadn't burnt. So in light of staying positive, and for any other crochet peeps who have had a blocking disaster. It happens, we all mess up but don't lose all hope. Here's some of the pieces I've worked on since my last crochet projects post

How I Wear: Frilly Jeans

I've been out enjoying the sun while it lasts, also before the half term madness begins. I love my boys to bits, but you need a whole lot of energy to keep them busy not to mention money. I try to keep a balance of treat days and than lower cost days. Museums and parks are going to be my best friends this week. But the house has been stocked up with ice cream and sweets, colouring books and those spinner things so I think it should be a great week. I also did a clothing shop for all their summer stuff, so that I can relax more on the bigger one to come (yep six weeks holidays). Outfit wise I'm keeping it more casual, it's been great not to have to wear a jacket. I do love all my faux fur for colder days, but sometimes it's great to have a break from them.  

My Cruelty-Free Skincare | Superdrug Vitamin E range

As someone who likes her beauty products, finding a good skincare range is hard finding a great skincare range is almost impossible. As a 34 year old women with dry and sensitive skin, and a hatred of 'oily' feeling products it's been an on going search. I wanted a face wash, cream and scrub that would leave my skin feeling fresh without upsetting it. I also was looking for something budget friendly. People seem to assume that all us bloggers, spend our days rolling in cash. So to smash the dream, but would rolling around in my bills count. While I would love to spend all my money on myself, as a mum of two this doesn't happen. So is it possible to get a fab skincare range, that's won't cost the earth and still be great. 

What I've Been Wearing

Rainbow Coat: Gift from boyfriend
MTV t-shirt: Mens Primark
Jeans: Primark
Trainers: Converse via JD sports* 

As life has been up in the air, and I've not been able to take any real photos of my outfits. I thought that while I could discard my quick 'what I wore' photos, actual why should I. Sometimes the blogging world sets the bar so high, which is great but also it can build anxiety (for me personal) and makes us feel like if it's not magazine worthy why even bother. But sometimes in life you have to throw the rules out the window, and go with the flow. While I've been struggling with my BDD, I had a great week and felt pretty cute which never happens. It's been a whole lot of rainbows - Nothing new there. I guess for me it's about feeling better about getting up and going out. 

Get The Glow | Look Fantastic May Box

After months of on off weather and May already being filled with rain, I was more than happy to see this months Look Fantastic box is all about glow. Who doesn't like feeling clean, polished and glowing all over. So do this months choice of products really 'get the glow' after really loving last months box I was excited to find out. You can subscribe to their boxes from only £13.00 a month and you also get Elle magazine with it, so you can pamper and get a fashion fix. The box of products are worth around £50 and over. So if you're looking to treat yourself or someone else, this one is worth every penny. 

You Say You Want A Revolution

A top I crocheted, using acrylic yarn from Woolcraft which is made in the U.K

I'm a little late to the #FashionRevolution party, but as I was having trouble with my computer. It's been impossible to blog, but basically in April they have a week of asking who made our clothing. Who it was made by, what is it made of, how much wear are we going to get from it. It's a minefield of a topic, as it has knock on effects beyond what were shown and I can understand why sometimes it's easier just to pretend. As you know I've always loved to thrift/charity shop, and as I hoard I've always worn most of my clothing. But I'm as guilty as anyone, of being so caught up in the garment it's self that these questions are far from my thinking. I want this to change. 
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