Monday, 25 May 2015

How I Wear: A Spongebob T-shirt & Rainbow Wedges

After food poisoning last week, I know for a fact this week has to be better. It's been so annoying not being able to do anything, share anything and just have a head full of ideas  that you can do nothing about. It seems I can't catch a break on the health front, so now that I'm starting to feel myself again I fully intend to pour myself back into to things. Before what seems like a lifetime indoors, I managed to pick up some bits from Primark. I got this pineapple bag, and natural when I saw a Spongebob top had to purchase that too. 

Faux Fur Coat: Next*
Headscarf: Vintage
Spongebob T-shirt & 
Pineapple Bag: Primark - Current season
Black Trousers: H&M

This outfit was very thrown together, I think I'll feel more like dressing up once I get back to normal. I think sometimes when you have been out of sorts, it can take a while for you to care about clothing or makeup again. I tend to dress like a crazy bag lady when I'm ill, as I still have to run around after the kids. I still have a ton of my winter wardrobe out, so really need to switch it up and break out all my summer threads - With the odd jumper and cardigan just for those chilly days. My clear out has gone really well, and slowly I'm selling things on EBay. As a massive hoarder, this really has been a massive step for me and I hope that I can rid myself of my floordrobe and try to slim my wardrobe down to want I wear.

I'm being a lot picker with what I buy too, and I'm going for things I know I will wear for a least another year. I'm not a massive trend person, I tend to wear what I like so even if it's not 'in' it doesn't matter. But I must stay strong and firm, as I don't want to end up like this ever again. I've gone back to shopping from charity shops and vintage so I'm pleased about that. I'm also lowly making my way through all my D.I.Y clothing projects, which is taken ages but I think once they are finished they will look awesome. What's your best tip for clearing out your wardrobe? 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Patterned Wellies For Under £25

All Wellies from SpyLoveBuy, and all priced under £25. 

Festival season is almost upon us, and a few of you asked me about wellies. You said didn't want to spend a fortune, and wanted some jazzy ones to cheer you up on these muddy days. So I was all ready to search the whole web for a mass of choice, but I was pretty amazed when I saw that Spylovebauy have a ton of choice. Even better they also have ankle wellies, for those you who prefer the shorter option. Patterned wellies are great for  anyone looking to add a little quirk to their outfit, I mean when it's raining you may find you have to cover up that cute outfit- Sad but true, so at least your wellies will keep your look fun still.

My favourite design is the all sorts, not only because I love the sweet but I like the mix of colours and hint of black. I think they would look great even with a simple pair of jeans and band t-shirt, perfect for an easy comfortable festival look. If you're not into pattern they also have biker boot wellies, which can be really cute too. Either way when they are under £25, what's not to love. Of course there are no rules that you have to wear wellies just to festivals, living in the U.K it rains a lot so if it rains where you are too wellies are always handy to have. Are you going to any festivals? Which pattern would you go for? 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Candy Gal

I had the pleasure of attending Chalk pr's Alice In Wonderland tea party, which was an evening filled with beauty products and cake - Basically the dream right. I discovered some cool new brands which I'll be sharing soon, as they feature some vegan ones and some amazing hair products so are worth sharing. This was in-between meeting some new bloggers/you tubers, with mouthfuls of cake so it was a perfect evening. 

Photos taken by Clare- Rainbows and Fairydust
Candy Top and Duffel Bag: Primark
Cropped Biker Jacket: Topshop via EBay
Glasses: Pretavoir* 
Zebra Flares: Ebay
Rainbow platforms: Y.R.U via ASOS 

Outfit wise I decided to wear my new flares, which I love but the waistband is not great on them. So I'll probably will invest in a pair from Ette Clothing, as theirs are better quality and they have some lush fabrics. I really love flares/bell bottoms , so I'm so happy about the current trends as it means they are easier to get hold of. I also broke out my rainbow Y.R.U platforms! As after the sole spilt I left them in my wardrobe for ages, but I finally glued the mouth shut and they are like new again hooray. Soles with a tongue are not the one. The only down side to being short and wearing flares is having to wear platforms all the time, sometimes I just can't face them and if you get the flare turned up you end up losing the actual flare. I may search for some in a petite length for the days I just want to wear trainers. As it was tea party themed I wore my primark candy tee, and my rainbow cardigan. Basically channelling my inner spice girl at the moment. 

As you know I was really ill for like two months -Feeling a lot better now by the way, so thank you all for your well wishes. I couldn't get out, and was very down and bored so I went on an EBay vintage spree. So really excited to show you what I've been buying, and  finally start wearing it all. If you like went I've bought, I may do a post on the best places to buy vintage and what to search for. As I get asked a lot and I'm happy to help, as it can be hard to find certain things as they are usually listed really poorly. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Why I Don't Let My Hair Define Me

While I no longer have rainbow hair, and have given up my unicorn crown and some days I do miss picking what colour to try next. I'd actual forgotten what it's like to just wash my hair, dry it and than forget about it rather than it having to constantly colour or bleach it and make sure it didn't clash with my outfit. While dark hair is mainstream you may say, or boring which is completely fine, you know why? Because it's just hair, literally nothing more nothing less. When I was younger my hair was everything, I suffer with alopecia - It comes and goes, but it made me very self aware and I loathed even having it cut as I cling on to every inch.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago, and I couldn't tell you what length, style or colour it would be. I took back control by just doing what I wanted, because when I really sat down and thought about it I could be waking up with none. I'm not a lady that could rock the short hair or go bald, but wow do some ladies own it and power to them I think it can be incredible empowering to just not have any. Nothing to hind behind, just you. I've met a lot of people who have just shaved their head because they like it, a lot of girls probably can't imagine not wanting any hair because they put so much value on it. I also had the pleasure of meeting Gail Porter, who I found really inspiring as she also has alopecia and has talked openly about her journey with it. She's done so much to raise awareness, and helped a lot of women face it head on. She's one of the funniest people I've ever met, and it's sad that before losing her hair she wasn't given a voice in the media. But I'm thankful that she does now, and she is kicking it's butt.

When my hair was at it's worst I had massive bald patches, and I'd never felt so low. Growing up all I heard was "your hair is your crowning glory", which was meant in the nicest way but at the same time I guess it give me a total complex about hair. Of course sometimes hair is just taken without a choice not just with alopeica where hair falls out in massive clumps, some lose hair during cancer treatment or trichotillomania an impulsive disorder to pull your hair out. It's amazing how many of us just take our hair for granted, how many times have you moaned about a bad hair day this week I'm guessing probably once or twice already right. I still do, it's human natural to forget what we have but it's good to wake up every now and than and really see what you have but not let it control your life. It's so easy to let every bad hair day stop you from doing what you want, you build it up in your head and it can be a crushing blow in confidence. To this I say, grab that dry shampoo or that headscarf, hat or and just do your best and go. I mean what's the worst that could happen, the earth implodes because your hairs a little frizzy.  

So why are we still letting hair define who we are? Is it down to advertising, having images of women with bombshell hair stuck in our faces at every point. Women not being described as clever, funny or having anything important to say but ranting on when a women dares to change her hair and it becomes front page 'news'. Maybe we're not, maybe most of us have stop giving a shit. It's refreshing to see so many embracing  alternative hair colour, but has it gone full circle and just become another trend rather than a stand against being defined. Even cultural hair has blended and it's social acceptable to experiment with styles, which is beautiful. I think for a lot of women embracing their natural hair has been well overdue, the amount of friends I had who relaxed their hair and destroyed it in the process. I grew up in the 90s were it was just starting to happen plus we stole looks from the 70s and 80s and made them more defined, poker straight hair, corkscrew curls, double buns, cornrows, dreadlocks, weave in crazy colours, Mohawks and undercuts but even than there was still a lot of ignorance. I'm happy that I had such a mixed group, that we use to experience with each others hair. We just had fun, because we were kids who didn't have You Tube how to's to show us how it should be done and had to learn the hard way by burning, breaking and making a mess of each others hair. Honestly we weren't that bad, but yeah hair did suffered. Sometimes not to mention eyes, I loved wearing chopsticks in my hair because I was obsessed with Japan and Geisha who wear Kanzashi in their hair often almost poking my friends eyes out. 

Where does hair rank for you? For me it's really not a factor more just a nice visual bonus when meeting someone, like when I introduce a friend to someone else I'm not like " This is blah blah who has amazing hair right" because that just makes me sound like I'm giving thee shadiest most back handed compliment ever. I'm sure there are some, who are that shallow that they would only be friends with you because of your hair. These people steal oxygen, and I'd rather talk to myself in the mirror than have a 'friend' that bases our friendship on how I look. I know first hand how it feels to cry into clumps of hair laying on the bathroom floor, and panicking that I would embarrass my friends with my bald patches. Never told friends, and when I think back to how much time I wasted trying to cover it up all the time I'd like to go back and slap myself. Trust me you are not embarrassing anyone, it's embarrassing that anyone would not be your friend because you have hair missing or you have no hair at all. I won't lie some people may just stop talking to you, but trust me when I say these are idiots that you really won't and don't need in the long term you will be so thankful they are not around. You may find like me that you meet and make some amazing new friends, people who are going through the same as you. There are so many support groups for everything I mentioned above, and it does help to talk about it. 

Some people will always assume that if you have a certain hair style, cut or colour you must tick certain boxes and fall into certain groups. When I had coloured hair, it didn't make me any more important or less than anyone else. Yes I'd sometimes get odd attention, or people would shout nice comments about the colour. There were a couple of times were people would be nasty, but to be honest I get that anyway as I tend to dress pretty oddly. In the end I had to ditch it, due to my hair being fried from changing my colour so much and it was triggering stress which triggered my alopecia  But I'm still me, it's easy to depend on hair to define you. Personal I would rather it be an add on, I mean who really wants to be know just for their hair. Well maybe some people do, personal I'd rather someone say "yeah Laura the really funny weirdo" well actual it's probably just " that weirdo over there" but no one wants to be define just on their hair right. Saying that I'm not sure if the same applies to clothing, while sometimes my clothes can define elements of my personality they again are not the be all and end all of me. I guess really it's down to not caring about what other people think of you, it's your head and your choice and actual it's just dead protein filaments anyway. How do you feel about your hair? I would love to hear your side. 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hopping To It With Fifi Lapin & Iconemesis

Fifi Lapin rabbit iPhone 5 case: Iconemesis*, Faux fur keyring: EBay, Smiley earring: Depop

I'm not sure what happens inside my brain, but I get bored easily so as you have noticed on my Twitter and Instagram I'm forever changing my phone case. I guess there are just too many cool ones and it never hurts to have options right. Talking of a girl (or rabbit rather) that gets bored easily, it seems Fifi Lapin has a wardrobe to dead for and is forever in something new. She's one of the most flawless fashionistas around, and we would be lying if we said otherwise rabbit or not. 

Of course I absolutely adore this cases by Iconmesis, it's actual my second Fifi Lapin case - Yes I'm style stalking a bunny, and I'm not even sorry. Iconemesis has a massive range of cases, this one is also on sale - Yep you get one for a tenner. I wish I had an iPhone 6 as the new cactus case makes me shred a tear of joy, it's so cute. Plus there is a new Fifi case of her looking fab in the rain. Anyway this case is doing well, I've had it on for around five weeks - Which for me someone who likes to change it up daily is a small miracle. It's a hard case and clips on really easy, I've found with some of my cheap cases they take ages to get on and off. I love all Fifi's little outfits, they are super cute. I like that there is a big enough gap around the camera area, somethings reflects etc are a mare and can ruin a perfectly fab photo. So as much I love some cases they are just not practical. Like I said this is the second one I have of these, but there are tons of designs to choose from. They are only available to iPhone users at the moment. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How I Wear: A Skirt With Converse

There's nothing better than a stroll in the park, as much as I do love living in London the lack of space and nature is some what depressing. Barry and I decided to take our youngest to the park for some much needed fun, we dropped his brother off at school and headed to the nearest bus stop. It made such a change to be out and not going out for shopping for food or clothing. Just out, to be and enjoy. 

I'm in such a casual mood, I think while I want my outfits to be fun I'm just in no mood to be uncomfortable at the moment. These converse have been worn to death, but they honestly are like slippers so my heels can take a back seat for a while. Go for low tops if your shorter like me, as it gives you a little leg length.  I wore the skirt more high waisted, as it suits my pear shape more. How friggin adorable is this skirt by the way, I love heart prints they are girly and fun and just put a smile on my face. This one actual has a matching crop top to it, I'm still for some silly reason not that confident in my midriff section. I know no one cares, and that there is nothing wrong with it but I feel more relaxed being covered. So out come my old My little pony tee, and I found this cute heart bag at the bottom of my wardrobe. I guess running around after a three year old also plays it part in dress at the moment, so relaxed fun vibes are my go to.

Light Coat: Primark
My Little Pony T-shirt: Primark
Heart Bag: Old
Trainers: Converse*

Where I was stuck in for the holidays due to ill health, it seemed like stepping back into myself again being able to be fun mummy. We feed the ducks and enjoyed some lunch with an audience of pigeons, well it maybe a park but it's still in London. Sometimes taking kids for days out isn't always fun, they get bored, tired, need the loo non stop and a fun day can easily turn into a chore where you rush around and miss things. So those easy days somehow remind you what it can be like, to just enjoy a moment. The boys were really good on the weekend, so it's one of the best we have had in a while. I'm looking forward to this weekend, Barry's sorting my wardrobe (If I can get it looking neat enough I may share the finish result) and we will be going to the park again if the weather is nice. Where do you like to escape to in your spare time? 

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