Wednesday, 30 September 2015

London Fashion Week: Boohoo Workshop

I finally have Internet again, so sorry for the lack of posts. If you read my last post, you would have seen that I attended Boohoo's workshops at LFW. I think even when you think you know everything there is too know, it's good to see other points of view and also maybe learn something new. I'm so glad I attended, as it was great to hear talks on vlogging, something I'm not that familiar with the blogging babe Sophie Hannah Richards who I've know a while now.  She spoke about the best time to post videos, using tags correctly to make it easier for people to find you and your videos. I think we all felt that maybe it wasn't as scary as we had once thought - Blogging and vlogging are very different, but once you find your feet in both you get use to the process.   

How cute are those dungaree flares, I don't think a pair of dungarees has ever put a smile on my face before. But I need them badly, I think I'm going to put them on my Christmas list. So you better read this Santa. I thought i would share some snaps of the new collection, as it's really strong this season. As always I think it's better to add a couple of strong pieces into your wardrobe than try to overhaul the whole thing. 

Also lucky for you lot, Boohoo are running a competition to win £150 worth of vouchers which could help with your A/W threads. This is for anyone, boy, girl, magical unicorn, pizza rat. So if you have some clothing, put it on your body. Style it out, get hash tagging  and snap like you never have before. If your unsure of anything head over to their site to read the T&C's. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

LFW: Day 2 Outfit | Flower Power

This season I was pretty much all over the shop, I had planned nothing and only had a very basic plan. No shows and no outfits, which are probably the two most important things of LFW. So I decided the day before to make a bag and skirt from fabrics I had at home, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. As this year it was being held in Soho, I wanted to wear something that reflected the soho scene. So of course I needed some rainbow in there, and added in a dash of fun with my Absolutely Fabulous quote. I went for a 60s feel, as the 60s was possible thee sassy decade yet.

Photos By: Stacey from Style Speaks louder Than Words 
Top: Old
Skirt: Made by me
Bag: Made by me
Shoes and socks: Ebay
Wooden Watch: Jord*

Thankfully Boohoo had workshops for the weekend, so I had this fab flower wall to snap some photos. Plus  we learned all about vlogging and got to see some amazing catwalk inspired looks from their current A/W collection  As I'm sure you have probably read by now, that Brewer Street Soho is worlds apart from Somerset house - Goodbye glamour and personal space. To get any street style photos you have to dodge cars, while being careful not to elbow someone else in the face. Getting to shows or presentations is a battle, of getting pass tourist who literally slap you with their smartphones trying to get a photo of your outfit. 

Thankfully I and the other bloggers were invite to some presentations, so we could escape the outside madness and enjoy drooling at all the amazing new collections - Which I'll be sharing soon. I think seeing new collection made it, plus spending time with everyone we powered on together.  I think we all felt it this season, and it's a shame as there was such amazing street style too which is a massive part of LFW now and it seemed to get lost amongst street life. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How I Wear: A Crochet Jumper

Firstly 'hey ant-poison, thanks for ruining my photos', this is what happens when it begins to rain and you you don't have any other time to take your outfit photo. This outfit was too cute not to share, you probably know the feeling. I swear when I have my any old tat outfit on, it's sunny I'm in a great place where I know for a fact if I were wearing something nice it would be a dream. I gave my new wooden watch another outing, and I'm shocked at how many times I've checked it. Far better than having to dig around my bag for my phone. 

Rainbow Crocheted Jumper: eBay
Acid wash Jeans: Primark*
Bag: Swap shop
Pom pom biker Jacket: D.I.Y

So background woes aside, I had the best luck winning this beautiful crochet jumper on eBay  My aunt had one when I was younger and I loved hers so much, I still don't know where it went. Than after seeing some sassy girls, rocking them again over on Instagram it  became a mission to track one down. It's hand crocheted as well, and as someone who has starting crocheting myself I really appreciate how much time and love went into it. I'm living in these acid wash jeans, Primark have some great high waisted ones at the moment so I literally got every shade of denim going. They are so prefect teamed with my favourite Converse, for my casual everyday wear. I probably will get another pair of these trainers, as I'm pretty sure these ones will fall apart soon as I wear they to death during autumn. 

My little Logan is not so little anymore, and starts nursery this week (only part time) but I'm excited and a little nervous. Corben (my other son) is back at school and already making me proud, it's his birthday later this month. So it's going to be non stop, I'm looking forward to getting into a routine and having a little free time. I really want to get back into doing my D.I.Y projects, and maybe even going for the odd coffee. Knowing me I'll probably spend it just pinning stuff, damn you Pinterest. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Boohoo Autumn/Winter15 #boohooAW15

Okay so there's still the odd sunny day in London, but let's face facts it's autumn and that means it's going to start getting chilly. But if the thought of having to bulk on clothing is making you sad, than Boohoo's new autumn winter collection may put a smile back on your face. As again they have produced a collection that really channels the trends on a budget. If your thinking of having of overhauling your wardrobe, or simple just want to add a couple of pieces to take you from your summer one they have made it easy. 

Layering is a must, but not in a way you're maybe use too. Layering a polo-neck, turtle neck or a roll-neck ... any top that covers your neck under a dress will be the hero of your winter woes wardrobe.  You can go for a retro vibe with some graphic button down skirt, if your not feeling a dress. There was a real mix, a rainbow bodycon dress stole the show for me, but I also loved a cute denim dress (yes another one to add to my collection I think). There was a lot of 60s and 70s influence, which I couldn't get enough of. I also really loved a round black faux fur handbag and a pair of black boots which had a little cowboy buckle detail.

Boohoo always has something for any budget and does some quality investment pieces, the coats this season will not disappoint. A camel coat with faux fur trim on both the collar and wrists, looks like it fell out of Penny Lanes wardrobe in Almost Famous. With fringed bags to finish the look, I can already see everyone embracing their inner hippy. Some pieces are already online, you can always tweet them if your having trouble.

Friday, 11 September 2015

The LDD: Little Denim Dress

It's been a game of tights/no tights in London this week. It's cold and grey in the morning, than the sun decides to cook you by the afternoon. It's been a nightmare, to the point were I've now given up and I'm sticking with jeans and a layered top and sweater to deal with it. The other day was another guessing game, which ended in me being a bit too hot but anyway. 

Denim is massive for this season, saying that I live in denim so there's no really change for me. I do want to embrace something other than my jeans, and as I now have a couple of denim jackets it seemed natural to go for some denim skirts and dresses. This dress is pretty cool it's such a great shape and so different from the others hanging in my wardrobe which tend to be more smock like. I really like the collar detail, and the fact it has pockets it's denim for grown ups - Which I like to pretend I am. 

Lip Shades: ASDA
Sliver Platforms: New Look
Striped Monochrome Top: H&M
Heart Bag: Primark 
False Nails: Poundland

One plus side of the sun coming out, is being able to wear these cool lip glasses. They are a little silly, but I couldn't resist them. I'm getting use to wearing a watch again, I'm still obsessed with the fact it's wooden - As the queen of plastic jewellery it's refreshing to wear something more organic. My phone is forever dying on me, and it's much more relaxing to know I don't have to ask a bunch of people what the time is. Speaking about time, I still can't believe it's September this year has flown by. I'm really pleased to swap out all my summer wardrobe (yes I'm weird) for autumn pieces, I do like layering and in summer it's hard to layer anything. I think what with London Fashion Week around the corner, I always reflect on what I have in my own wardrobe. I think from now on, it can be my date in my diary to purge my wardrobe twice a year of all the 'but I will wear it one day' items. 

I'm still clearing out my wardrobe (note to self you don't NEED anything), which feels great I have treated my boys to bits and bobs and slowly getting a little space in my wardrobe .. Okay so I've already filled the space ha ha. But in the new year I'm on a mission to clear more and try to get it down, I much prefer the feeling of being able to buy things because I have some space than hanging on to everything I don't wear. I know I'll be getting plenty of wear out of this dress, I love denim and it will be a great way to break away from my jeans every now and than. 

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