Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sixties Vibes With Joules

As we move into Autumn I think it's the perfect time to start looking at the trends, I don't tend to go full on with them. I think it's far better to take pieces that will work with your wardrobe, so your current but not breaking the bank. One trend that I do adore is the 60s Mod, it's back and in a big way these are not strictly Mod but are very sixties inspired. It was about clean lines but also fun, the sixties girl was classic but edgy. Hair was massive literally, and it was all about that cat eye liner. 

Country Chic was inspired by Margot from Royal Tenenbaums, and is what I would wear mustard was the colour that made the 60s such a bold and cool era. This is also a great way to spice up tweed and keep the look modern like a sharp mini skirt. The swinging 60s gave birth to the mini skirt and we have never looked back. 

If you prefer a classic, how about a jazzy version of the Brenton with some ripped jeans, than to keep it looking sharp add in some navy brogues for Stripes Centric look. A messy top knot or bun and simple sixties eyeliner flick will have you looking effortlessly cool. This look works for any age, and will never go out of fashion.

Lastly if you want to really play the look down with Forever Floral, go for the Capri pant it was a must in the 60s for casual day wear. Why not try a easy up do like a beehive to keep the look classic. If you wanted you could swap in the brogues if you preferred a stronger look, take some shades with you great for if your sixties eyeliner didn't go to plan and no good at hair either grab a headscarf.  

This is a sponsored post, but views and content are my own.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Pixi H20 Skin Tint

As it's been a pretty long and epic summer, it's nice to go for something lighter on your skin. Plus some days you may just prefer the whole 'no makeup makeup' don't hate me I didn't come up with that term. Pixi H2O Skin Tint* is a water based tinted face gel, if you like a lighter coverage than this could be for you as it lets your skin breath while covering uneven skin tone. It leaves the skin with a dewy glow, this maybe because of the English chamomile & lavender that soothes the skin. 

I have bad acne so I prefer to use a product that has heavy coverage, so I ended up using cover up on my spots which I know for some of you may be an added pain you would rather your base dealt with. At the same time sometimes covering your spots more can make them worst, so this is perfect coverage for improving your skins health and not clogging your pores. 

The shade I'm using is Cream, it's really light almost like a BB cream. As it's so light and bright, I think it would work really well if you are a fan of contouring. Above I just used blush, as I wanted to show what my skin looks like with it on. This product is also paraben and fragrance free, so great for anyone with sensitive skin. The packaging is perfect, I really love pump bottles as screw caps can get so messy and you can  end up with too much product. Using the pump I found I could  dot products over my face and blend out with ease for even coverage. Perfect for travelling with and keeping in my bag.

It claims to be ‘hydrating, long lasting and water resistant with a semi-matte finish that lasts all day’ and I'm glad to say most of this is true. Sadly it didn't last all day, and I had to reapply and top up areas of my face but I think I would do this anyway to keep my makeup looking flawless. It comes in three shades Cream, Warm and Nude, which is limiting if your a darker skin tone so I hope they develop  a couple more to suit more skin tones. I would recommend this for anyone seeking lighter coverage with sensitive skin, it leaves skin looking healthy and refreshed so great for dry and combination skin. Pixi H2O Skin Tint is available from Pixi and priced at £21.00 and comes in three shades.  

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Isabella Blow Fashion Galore Exhibition

As another fashion week is fast approaching, I thought I would share my view of the exhibition. I was lucky enough to experience it at London Fashion week with blog pals Laura, Jodie, Clare and Sherin. We are all massive fans, so already knew about Isabella's love of hats but were looking forward to getting to know more about her. I'm so happy that her best friend Daphne Guinness purchased the entire lot of Isabella's wardrobe, so that this exhibition could happen and she has also set up and help raised money for mental health in the form of the Isabella Blow foundation.  If you have never heard of her than maybe give the documentary ' Alexander and I' a watch, as it explains her importance with the fashion world and how she discovered the next big thing one of many being Alexander Mc Queen. As we went in we were told not to take photos, which I think is sad as it was like going into a sweet shop and being told you could have anything but sweets. Hence why I only got a couple of sneaky snaps, the others are from here

So anyway first were some old photos of Isabelle's family and her aristocratic upbringing in the 1950's, her grandfather had taken his life after suffering with depression (it's sad that she took her life the same way he had later in 2007). Izzy (as everyone called her) had two sisters, Julia and Lavinia, and a brother, John, who drowned in the family's swimming pool at the age of two. In 1972, when she was 14, her parents separated and her mother left the household, bidding each daughter farewell with a handshake. Her parents divorced two years later. Isabella did not get along with her father, who bequeathed her only £5,000 from his estate, which was worth more than one million pounds. Blow often said her fondest memory was trying on her mother's pink hat, a recollection that she explained led to her career in fashion. There was also a photo with Andy Warhol, who she befriended after working at Vogue as an assistant and magazine layouts that she had been involved in. She was very creative and just had a natural eye for spotting future fashion, that I think others may have just dismissed. There was a pike with a nest stacked on top made from stuffed birds, lipsticks and all manner of things, as we looked to the shadow it showed Blows profile it was so odd yet so beautiful. 

Moving on into the next room, we had the visual delight of seeing Alexnader McQueens ( you can see flaws in stitching and see that he still had things to learn but the details were still breath taking) first collection shown at Central St Martins and she purchased his entire graduate collection for £5,000, paying it off in weekly £100 instalment's. She often reflected on his first show and said " I couldn't get a seat, I sat on the floor" but she knew he would be big and backed him all the way. Without her encouragement and the way she branded him and helped him sell himself to the fashion world was incredible, he may not have became the designer she could already see without her help and connections. There was also the first collection of Philip Treacy hats, another designer Blow had discovered and also became best friends with. There was a massive room with her hat collection, it was insane as it was only a few as they were dotty around the whole exhibition. 

There were videos of shows, and the next collections at this point I felt that as amazing as it was to see her relationship with the clothing and designers I wanted to know more about her and who she really was. As we made our way further in we got to a room with boxes with legs, than saw they had her shoe collection on them Blow once said "Tip: Always accentuate the head and the feet". I think my favourite things were seeing her lipstick and star glazer style rainbow lashes, it made the exhibition about her again about how fun and free she was. Also her letters requesting things for photo shoots and budget, her massive rolodex (this was back in the days before smartphones). She often bought to pairs of the same shoes in different colours to mix them, there was a set of three sliver shoes all the left foot so not sure what happened there. 

Also a broken heel that they had found in one of her coat pockets but they could not find the shoes themselves. I think this side showed that Isabelle didn't wear these things for show, she worn and lived in them because she loved them. The clothes could have been restored, but I love that they left them with burn whole etc... you got the spirit that Isabelle wore pieces as same would wear a pair of jeans. She often said she wore hats to 'keep people at a distance' I think she knew that a lot of people in the fashion world were fake and was very aware of them mocking her. Full outfits worn by Blow were recreated on mannequins by set designer Shona Heath using old photographs and were visual fashion candy for the eye. It was truly amazing to see clothing that to some would be considered art, be her 'every day' wear. 

We all got a little overwhelmed I think and were trying to image how she had them all hanging up in her wardrobe. Lastly at the end showed the  Spring Summer 2008 collection that Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy collaborated on and dedicated to Isabella after her death, on show to epitomise her legacy. It was so heartbreaking and watching a video of the show on massive screen, and seeing Alexander hit home that both were gone forever. It's sad that they both needed each other, but were both in their own fight against depression. There was one dress that we all were completely gob smacked by, a full length gown made entirely of feathers it was possible thee most stunning dress I have ever seen. One sadly Izzy never got to wear, she took her life as she felt she was no longer useful. When asked in an interview once about Alexander she said "Lee is like a wild bird with a good silhouette. He makes clothes fly"

Overall I would have liked to have seen more about her, but I'm glad I got to see first hand her amazing wardrobe and the all her notes, photos and makeup. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Joules Eyewear Collection

As a girl who wears glasses -Sometimes I'm naughty and take them off for photos but trust me I need them. I always love seeing what new frames may join my ever growing collection. As you know I like my glasses to be practical yet still look sleek and stylish, as I have a pretty round face this is sometimes more of a challenge. Thankfully Joules have finally launched a glasses range at Vision Express, taking their country chic from clothing into specs. The  32-piece range of beautifully hand-crafted glasses very a great mix of  sharp and modern, with hints of floral to keep the Joules touch. This also includes the sunglasses range too, I spied a pair with aqua blue trim that were just simple but effortlessly cool. 

It was designed  in a collaboration with eyewear experts Mondottica exclusively for Vision Express due to customer demand, and they really have stayed true to the Joules vision (excuse the pun). The launch was buzzing with everyone trying on glasses, and having eye tests with the Vision Express expert team. The choice was huge and I really had to take my time on picking a frame. They even have kids eyewear, which was beyond cute and designs are taken from the adult range so you can match with mini me designs. 

The glasses I decided upon after staring at them for what felt like a week (seriously they are all so nice) were the Suzie frames, they are pretty classic but I love that their a blue frame rather than black it makes a nice change and they have a square bottom which helps my round face. The eye test was pretty quick and they make you feel at ease, they also tested my eye health to check for possible eye conditions that can ruin your sight which was as simple as a puff of air to the eye.  I also discovered that I now have to change all the lens in the rest of my glasses as my sight is even more poorly. So no more being naughty for me my sight is too important,  I need to make sure I have them my glasses with me always. The collection is online and in store, you can virtual try on the glasses too to find the right match for you.

Monday, 18 August 2014

How I Wear: A Off The Shoulder Dress

Necklace: Topshop
Shoes: Primark* 
Bag: old

It's been so much fun having Baz (my other half ) on holiday from work, we have taken our boys out and enjoyed the last of the warm summer days. Soon it will be getting cold and I'll be digging out tights, so this summer even if I loath them I've been getting my legs out. I am trying to over come my body hang ups, and enjoy trying  new styles like the off the shoulder dress.

I've seen these floating around the old blogsphere and been waiting to find the one. Lucky for me H&M produced this beauty which has a skater skirt bottom rather than being bodycon. Also how cute is this cupcake print, they have some amazingly kooky pieces in their divided section with Batman prints and all sorts worth checking out if you like a little fun in your wardrobe. Yes I know it's those Primark sandals again, but they give me a little height and honestly are so comfortable. We went for a walk down by the river, and ended up getting on a tourist gallon The Golden Hindu which the boys loved. Growing up my mum use to take me to all the tourist parts of London and I loved it, I think as I got older I forgot just how lucky I am to live in a place full of so much history. It's refreshing to rediscover the exciting parts of where you live and not take it for granted. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

How I Got My Colour Banding (Tie Dye Effect)

If you read my blog all the time, you will know I love to dye my hair my latest is this blue into purple and pink tie dye effect using the colour banding method. I would have liked to have more pink in the middle, but sadly I run out so first thing is make sure you have enough product to cover your hair or you will have to mix in another dye. Saying that for my first try at this style of dying, I usually do doped ends or section colour like in this post I kinda like it. As I tend to get a bunch of questions of what I used and how I did it, I thought that every time I change colour I'd write a post on either tips or just what colours I used. It's great for me to as I can use it as trail and error and also for colour play as sometimes I forget what combination of dyes I've used. So lets begin. 

Firstly I had to bleach my roots, I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL 00A Absolute Platinum as it's not as harsh as some other bleach kits. Never apply bleach to clean hair, it strips your hair of oils so making sure you leave it a couple of days will give you the best result. Make sure your hair is dry, than follow the instructions step by step, make sure the bleach has no lumps and is yoghurt like in texture (it may be a little runner). This will insure that your hair won't break and that it lifts and you get the same colour over all. I skipped toning my roots as I was going to apply dye once my hair had fully dried, but you can use toner if your using pastel shades to remove the yellow from the blonde, making it more white blonde.

I'm using:
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 96 Turquoise Temptation*
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 94 Purple Punk*
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 93 Shocking Pink*
Bleach London Bruised Violet* 


Sorry I don't have step for step photos, my camera died half way, so instead I have tagged where I have used the dyes. Sort out your colours, by making sure they are all pre mixed in bowls and it helps to have at least two brushes. If you once have one make sure you fully clean it between applying colours. I started with the top section and made sure to cover my roots than started on the lengths with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 96 Turquoise Temptation*. Next I took Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD Purple Punk 94* into the top part of the middle section and blended up with my fingers. 

Than I blended it down so that there where no harsh lines, to create a more tie dye effect I added more of this colour in the front to give the colour a more star burst effect. Next I started at the back with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD Shocking Pink 93*, and again blended with my fingers into the top and bottom  (like I said I run out of pink so had to blend more of 94 into it. Lastly I took Bleach London's Bruised Violet* and started from the ends with the brush and than blended up with my fingers. I also adding more at the front and blended up to keep it darker at the sides and lighter in the middle. Left the colour on for two hours, and rinsed out with warm water. You may found you have little patches  that you missed, you can always do a top up dye and leave this for an hour. It's worth doing as it will give you a more professional look. 

That's it, make sure you use plenty of conditioning products on your hair as it will need some love and may be drier than usual after a fresh bleach. Please let me know if you have any questions, via comment or tweet me at @law1sfab 

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