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How I Wear: A Crochet Vest Top

The sun was warm enough without being baking today, that I could finally wear my sailor inspired crochet vest. Sometimes when I'm half way through a crochet project, that's when I found my brain suddenly decides it's bore and I need to move on. Thankfully I've learned how to silence this part of my brain, mostly with biscuits. 

Summer Stationary: Unicorns and Lollies

Why Drag Queens Inspire Me

My favourite quote of RuPaul's, who is not only an inspiration to love who you are but who also has put so much back into the LBGT community. Also who has to be one of thee most flawless drag queens of all time. 

Sometimes it feels that no matter what you do as a female, we're always going to get the shit end of the stick when it comes to body image. You pick up a magazine and one day they are saying *insert any female celebrity* is too thin. The next everyone is in a panic because her stomach is a little bloated, meaning she's pregnant and somehow these are all things we should be judging. It's not just magazines it's adverts, talk shows and social media that are constantly giving us mixed messages. You wear too much makeup, you wear too little. You should be clever, you should be funny, you shouldn't say this, but why aren't you supporting that. It seems we have to tick all these boxes and juggle it all the time without complaint and even if we are we're still being labelled. The sad truth is most of this is coming from other females, it seems we're all cut throat if there is a 'like' involved. I've seen "grown" women rip into girls they don't even know. While there seems to be a shift and fight back with groups of women supporting each other such as girl gangs. We do seem to be getting there slowly, but the venom is always going to be there, and that can be hard to stomach. 

How I Wear: Polka Dot Jeans

So we are back to playing what to wear, regards the weather in the U.K. I'd love to say it's a fun one but I would be lying through my teeth. So keeping the balance is a daily struggle, the main one being not wanting to go out or do anything. You're either over heating in a jumper because the sun is out vs getting soaked in the pouring rain as earlier that day the sun was out and you got overly excited. So my outfits are a mix of keeping in mind that at any moment, the day will be different. I feel like it's basically consuming 60% of my time.  In between the outfit game, I've just been juggling the school run and trying to getting some me time. I had taken a little break from my crochet to enjoy the sun, while it decided to grace us with it's presents. But as it's back to soggy feet, hair and mind I decided to pick up my hook and make a new blanket. 

This is what I wore a few weeks ago, as unpredictable weather has made me give up a little on getting descent outfit pictures. I wore it to the Boohoo press day, as I wanted to be comfortable. I love this 70s inspired retro t-shirt, it reminds me of real vintage tees I wore back in the 90s in my skater kid days. However this one is a bit longer, as everything I wore than was cropped. 

Home Inspiration: High street bargains

As we are still decorating I'm a little obsessed with homeware, you don't need a tone of new things just to make simple updates to your space. Throw on new bedding that's a little lighter and swapping out your accessories can make it feel fresh and fun for summer. Here's what same of my favourite high street shops have to offer, and homeware has never looked better. Most of these items are under £10, so here's the run down.

DIY Day | Crochet Projects 001

I thought I would start a new feature, as I have shared a lot of the same things lately. I tend to crochet a lot more now as my skills improve and sometimes I hate spamming my Instagram with everything I'm working on. Also I guess it's a great way for me to keep up to date on what I've made,  and share with you patterns I've used. I also think it's handy as I can talk a little about mistakes I've made, so maybe if I repeat projects I'll know to size up or down or do it a different way. As this is my first lot of projects, I haven't made note of hooks used or wool/yarn names, but I can start to. I'm really proud of what I have made so far, and love sharing my progress shots. I managed to make these pretty quickly, but trust me I have projects that I  have gotten fed up with and put on the back burner never to be picked up again. So I am trying to make sure those do get finished. 

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