Three Ways To Wear | One Gold Party Dress

I know, I know it's been a while. But I've had a lot going on, and honestly didn't want to fill this blog of mine with a load of old rubbish. I need to channel my energy back into something positive, to take my mind off everything. So today I decided to have a dress declutter, I watched a bunch of you Tubers going through and trying on all their pieces. Which I highly recommend, because I hate to break it to you but your special dress you have been saving may not even make you feel good when you put it on. Today I was happy to make three piles, one to sell, one for the charity shop and those special dresses I actual feel great in that I'm going to keep. 

But rather than bore you with photos of this process, you can watch the story on my instagram if you fancy. I thought how about a style one dress post. I picked up this gold dress from the charity shop for a whole £3! It fits like a glove, and makes me feel like a million bucks. I'm sure you have a dress like this, but if you don't get thrifting, everyone is clearing out party wear to make way for new so it's thee perfect time. So here's how I style one dress three ways.   

Earrings& necklace: Alixepress 
Gold dress: charity shop
Boots; Ego official * 

The LGD - The little gold dress

Sometimes just wearing it is enough, no add on are needed. I think this would look cute with ankle boots, knee highs or sandals. I get cold, so I'm always about the knee highs! Don't forget the power of tights, sadly the other two pairs I had to style with these outfits decided to rip! Wonderful right, so sorry about the fishnet overload. I think polka dot black tights look so cute, and do really well with ankle boots and sandals. Maybe you don't feel the cold and could bare your legs, power to you I would be ill for a year and also would moan to anyone who would listen. So if you get cold wear tights, honestly there is a massive array and they come in all different thickness. For jewellery I stuck to my smaller pieces, let your dress do the talking. Also one thing my friend always reminds me of, is the power of hair. A hairstyle can change the whole look and feel, if you have none then flex that eye makeup or bold lip. Sexy comes in many forms, so you go with what feels good for you. 

Vintage jumper : Ebay 
Earrings : Alixepress 
Chocker: Monki 
Gold dress: charity shop
Boots; Ego official * 

Layer for your life 

The easiest way to stay warm and look cute. A supersized jumper is such a great way to add texture not to mention my dear old friend warmth. Grab a belt, and put it just below your waist over your chunky jumper. Then pull the jumper out a little till it suits right. Super easy, but a great way to dress down a glam dress. For this look I went all out with my earrings and necklace, I love this chunky choker and am straight up obsessed with anything present moon shaped. Again you could swap out boots for trainers , if you wanted it more casual. This jumper was a thrifted Ebay find, I wanted to wear it as a dress but I really like it layered as well. Again you can thrift some amazing pieces, and mix up how you wear them.  

Earrings & belt: aliexpress 
Choker: Monki 
Blouse: charity shop
Gold dress: charity shop
Boots; Ego official * 

By Day 

So I wanted something for more of a day time affair. As to be honest I don't really go out out anymore, but I think you can still dress up if you fancy. I'm obsessed with victorian dramas at the moment, so pulled out one of my favourite blouse and belted it. I think I'll be hunting down some more of these style blouses, as I live for all the detail. I kept the same choker in, but swapped out my earrings for a bit more of an 80s touch. I think if the other tights hadn't laddered, I would have styled these with my black ankle boots. I think this is such a cute outfit to wear during the day, glam but not to over the top. I think with Christmas around the corner, I'm all for a little glam and glitter. 

I hope these gave you a little inspiration to see what you have, or thrift a little more this party season. Let me know if your being good and having a declutter as well. 

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