CND Vinylux Long Wear Polish | Wild Earth Collection Review

CND Vinylux long wear polish | Wild Earth collection* 

I'm so excited it's autumn now, all my jumpers have come out I've put away my sandals and I'm counting the days till it's Halloween. Autumn is just a bit magical time, I think the colours are always what gets me, the leaves turn golden you can cozy up and drink all chai latte to your hearts content. So I'm always in a mood to change it up a bit,I think giving my nails some TLC is a must. CND Vinylux asked if I wanted to try out their new  Wild Earth collection, it  looked beautiful and I couldn't resist.  I tend to play it safe and go for red a lot, but seeing the collection I was actual looking forward to trying out something different as well as a red shade. 

Firstly I had never used this brand of nail polish, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The Wild collection is based on the power of nature. The collection has six polishes all together. The ones I picked are-

Brimstone- A beige neutral 
Arrowhead - a creamy earth
Element- a warm, soft red
Blue Moon- a deep, cobalt blue

The packaging it comes in is very simple, which I like  I really can't stand over packed products. The bottles are a good size as they are 15ml, so these will last you a while. I noticed that the brush is a fair bit bigger then my other polishes, so application of product was so much easier. These feel to me like polishes you would see in a salon, and the coverage is fabulous. 

Honestly I was waiting for one of them to disappoint, but all of them applied smoothly and with only two coats. They have a really high shine,  and they dried pretty quick. I don't really every get much time to sort my nails, so these get a thumbs up from me. the finish looks professional and they are long wearing. The brush is also infused with certain, jojoba oil and vitamin E so if your nails damage easy this will keep them hydrated and more flexible so you will have less nail breaks. They also have a dreamy top coat, to seal in the colours nicely and stop chipping. 

I adore these polishes, and I think Arrowhead is my favourite (shocking I know for someone so obsessed with rainbows). I think the best thing about these polishes is there is no need for a base coat, yes you read that correctly. I always get told off for not using one, but now I don't have to. Have you tried these polishes, what do you think of this collection? 

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