What I've Been Wearing | August/ September

Vans California Poppy SK8- hi tops

As you have seen I took a bit of time out, as I just needed some time with my family and I would never post for the sake. So it's been a while sine I've posted what I've been wearing. Sadly I usually don't have time to take more in-depth outfit photos, because trust me I would love to find a great location and shot away as I love seeing other peoples lookbooks etc. Anyway moaning aside I still like to share with you what I've been wearing, maybe it will give you some inspiration. As rainbow (something I've worn for years) has gone all trendy, and I know some of you feel you can't wear it but honestly you can and should just go for it. 

I was a very lucky gal last month, and I think fed up of seeing me in my beloved falling apart converse Barry treated me to these gorgeous vans which are literally like wearing slippers! As he knows I'm extra he got me the ones with a pastel pink floral pattern, and I honestly love them. I worn them in some of these outfits, but because I'm clearing the house out of old crap my full length mirror currently has a bunch of clothing in front of it. So while you can't see them, trust me I have been wearing them non stop well worth getting if your after some new kicks this autumn. 

Thrifted Floral Trousers 

I love these trousers, they are really light weigh fabric so great for this not in-between weather. I styled them up with this fab tee from We Are Food Scouts, which my friend Jayne and her partner run together. Jayne designed this Catsuklub tee, and I love it I wear it a lot around the house as it's so comfortable. But I think it's great for dressing these trousers down, as I think the pattern is bold enough on it's own. Another fave of mine is this shaggy Boohoo cardigan, it just makes me feel like I'm in a all girl band andof course I wore my beret.

Rainbow Primark Jumper

I was so happy I got this rainbow jumper from Primark, as sadly when we were on our holiday to Portsmouth it rained and was cold. I think it was about £13, and it's really soft and has washed well so I've pretty much worn it to death already. I went for a small as it's a boxy cut, and I preferred it a little more fitted. It was worth getting and Primark have a heap of rainbow clothing, if you too are also are a rainbow hunter. 

Pastel UNIF Top

I've had this ages now, but I tend to wear my rainbow UNIF top way more. I've been leaning towards pastels a little more, as I have some really cute pieces that need to be loved more. also for the price, I want to get my money per wear. As I'm trying to mix it up more and the weather has been nice of course I throw it on with my beloved beyond Retro dungarees. These are one of thee best things I ever bought, they were £35 and I have literally worn them every summer and I've had them for about five years. I defiantly got my moneys worth out of them. I still need to get my denim jumpsuit fixed, as  I probably would have teamed it with that instead. So I guess it was good as it reminded me to that i need to get that fixed. 

SkinnyDip Rainbow Bag

So if you know me, you know I can't get enough of Skinny Dip London. Baz go me this bag, and it's just so cute. It was actual a clutch bag but I attached the chain to it myself. It's pretty roomy and I think looks so cute against my rainbow clothing. This shirt was off a seller on Etsy, and i think cost me £20 ... I'm pretty sure it was part of a costume but I honestly don't care as it's so bright and cheerful. Yes my battered converse again (this was before getting my vans) and some jeans that my friend gave me was the perfect outfit for coffee and a gallery trip with Baz. 

Monki Checked Dungarees 

My most worn to death piece in my wardrobe, I love them so much I also bought the red pair. They were £35 which usually I may have left as I tend to thrift most of my clothing. But honestly I've worn them so much that they were worth every penny. They are super comfortable and they have pockets. I got the large so mine are more over sized, they look so cute with all my rainbow tops and I love clashing the prints. They are perfect for the school run, as I can be lazy but still feel dressed up. Of course another day and another go to my beret. This flower bag I thrifted from the kids section in the charity shop for £2 or £3 quid. 

The Rainbow crop Jumper With Magical Sleeves 

While I love the design of this jumper, I wish it wasn't cropped. I always feel like I need to layer it up. Saying that I absolutely love the design, it feels soft. I think it will look cute layered over a dress so I'm looking forward to trying out different looks with it. I've been layering over this thrifted blouse that I got in the charity shop a while back ... I also picked up this Connie Francis record score! But rokoko have such cute pieces, they can be a little pricier then some other brands, but the quality is there so it's worth the money. 

The Last of Summer

So as I said when we went away it rained. Which was such a shame, as I had purchased a bunch of cute things (all very summery) to wear. But You know me I am a layer queen, so while it's still warm enough to wear some on their own as the sun is still warm in London. I'm going to layer my vest tops over my roll necks and polo necks, as the 70s are back and this is such an easy way to channel the decade. This rainbow one is from Topshop, and i picked up another. I also have a really cute more sporty yellow one,  I shared from monki over on my instagram - I'm @Law1sfab if you fancy seeing my outfits daily. 

So these are just a snippet of what I've been wearing, what's been your go to lately are you holding on to Summer still or are you ready for Autumn? 

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