The Boys Harry Potter/Lego Movie Mini Bedroom Makeover

Corben's Gryffindor wall,  and a decal that made me question my sanity. 

So a couple of months back I managed to makeover the boys bedroom, it's only a mini makeover but I thought I would share it as sometimes the idea of updating a room can seem overwhelming. Our problem was more our kids are usually always with us, me and Baz never get much time where we can pack them off to have a bit of time. Not that we want to (well when they are being naughty), but more for when we want to do stuff like decorating. Decorating can be draining enough, without 'I want something' every 5 minutes or worrying that your child is inhaling a bunch of crap they shouldn't be especially when one has asthma.

But as I looked at their bedroom I knew it needed some love and also something that was a bit more grown up. Corben is coming up for nine, and Logan is six. While the superhero bedroom was cute, it looked tidied the walls were dirty as the kids had put their feet and hands all over it. This deco serviced us well and they had it for a few years, but it was time to move on. The rest of the room is plain white and wasn't so bad, so I knew that I could get away with just doing this corner as it's the main feature in the room. When Baz said he was taking the boys camping I knew it would be the perfect time to update their bedroom. Baz is great dad and takes the boys out here there and everywhere, but I knew that this would give me enough time and I'd have the rest to chill out and get a little me time or so I thought. 

 The superhero theme before (photo taken when they were a lot smaller).

Okay so this took two more days of work then I thought it would! Firstly trying to cover over the black building took four coats of white paint, I kid you not. Also all the furniture is tightly packed, as you know we live in central London and are just thankful to have walls. So first I had to move everything out, but then forget about the crap under the bed I was suppose to go through. So once I had sorted all that, and moved it all out I could paint. 

I didn't have a massive budget, and had purchased the decals off Aliexpress (the sellers aren't there anymore, but these are easy to search for) and EBay months before. Then I picked up a feature tester pots, as I knew I wanted to add some colour but wasn't sure what would work and where they would go. After my arms where ready to drop off from covering the black paint, I thought about Harry Potter and how I could include Corben's house colours. Should I paint a scarf .. but what if it looked awful, I decided to keep it more clean and grown up and block the colours. I knew I had the Hogwarts decal to go over the top, and it would make it pop more. THIS WALL DECAL TOOK FOREVER TO PUT UP, AND IT'S STILL BUMPY. Yes it looks great but it you are going to get this I would recommend two people for the job. Anyway it's up, it's bumpy but honestly my son adores it so I'd say that's a win.  I still have little felt bunting to put up on both walls, that I made the boys. But they already had the bedding etc, and the blankets so it tided the room together. I painted these cardboard letters with more tester paint, so that the theme flows from bed to bed. 

Testers are B&Q own brand wall and ceiling Matt paints , bunk bed paint is B&Q  quick drying satin in flame.

Logan's wall was a lot easier, I wanted to keep the flow of the block colour and so picked Lego Batman's colours as his Logans' fave. I got him one of the break through the wall stickers and also picked up Bad cop and Emmet which were easy to apply - Note the figure stickers weren't the best and peeled off so I am going to replace them. Thankfully I already had the batman mask ones, as the boys have them on the TV wall. These were all easy to apply. I forget to mention about the bed, we will be getting the boys a new one at same point. But for now I painted it from yellow, to this reddish orange colour again this took around 4 or 5 coats .. I lost count my arms were dead. I thought this room would took maybe a day or two, but it ended up taking four days! So no chill me time, but honestly I didn't care when I saw the boys faces light up once they got home. 

I think it is possible to update a kids room, without spending a fortune. Wall decals and tester paints go a long way. I think it's just finding a moment to get it done. I hope this may give you some inspiration. 

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