Five Habits I'm Trying To Adapt To

So you may have noticed I've not been around lately, I really wanted to but I was so stuck in a rut even the thought of getting out of bed was exhausting. So I decided not to force myself, not to fill my blog with posts about nothing that filled the void. I wouldn't want to read something that had no effort involved, a post just for the sake. It's like wearing a cocktail dress with sweatpants underneath, no one wants to see it and no matter how much you try to work it it's never going to look good. I wanted the time to think, and ask myself do I still want to blog, does this make me happy. 

After a holiday to Portsmouth, time with family and friends I realised I actual do missed this space. I also was inspired by seeing some absolutely awful humans, producing awful content because it lines their pockets and apparently being a mindless idiot is cool to some. I felt I owned the community one less idiot, someone who remembers how awesome it is to put out something useful .. dare I say it.. practical. If your struggling in a world where everyone seems to be dancing in sunflowers, looking like they sleep on a cloud of security all the while eating ice cream that doesn't drip down their hand the second they are given it. Then hang in there, you got this. You may do these already, if so and you have some other productive tips please let me know. 

Drinking More Water

Simple right. Wrong, if your not use to drinking lots of water it can feel like a massive effort. I put my hands up and say, that yes I would grab a fizzy drink then water or have a nice cup of tea. But after watching a heap of videos, on the benefits of drinking enough water every day I'm really trying to do better. Water helps aid sleep, reduces brain fog and anxiety. As you know I suffer with depression, and while water won't cure that it will help reduce a lot of the side effects of it. I've been drinking heaps over the last couple of months, and my skin looks better, I'm sleeping more and I just feel like I have a bit more energy. 

Good tricks are to either fill a reusable cup with water, and leave it in the fridge - I sometimes add berries or cucumber in for a little boost. Or have bottles of water in the fridge, I feel like if it's there I'm more likely to grab it then make a tea. Don't get me wrong, I'm still drinking my other drinks, but not as much. Your thirst will increase, but this is your body adapting to being hydrated. I never really thought about the fact, that before my body was struggling because of dehydration because what I was drinking wasn't helping me. Anyway give it a go, I promise you will notice a difference. 

You Don't Need Everything

This will always be an on going process for me, I'm a hoarder so letting go isn't easy. But too much stuff weighs me down, I don't need to have everything. I've managed to clear more, but I still have a way to go. It's starting to get a bit more manageable but I'm not there just yet. Sometimes it's worth going through everything you have, there are plenty of videos on You Tube on how people break down items to declutter. It feels great to have less, less to tidy, less to worry about. 

You can still have things, but when your living space is taken over by them or your adding a extra rail to your over flowing wardrobe it doesn't feel good. It's not a nice feeling when you have all this stuff and nothing to wear. So I'm selling, donating and recycling like my life depends on it. Why keep three pairs of jeans that don't fit, rather then getting rid and just having one pair you love. I'm starting to think more, and keep reminding myself that I want space I need space not stuff. It has got  little easier to let go, and I will keep at it. 

I love to sell on eBay, it's really easy and you would be surprised how much you can make from just a few seasonal items. I've sold coats I've only worn a handful of times, bags that were just gathering dust.  If you're worried about posting a large item then get yourself an  Ebay courier, are wonderful they make the whole process a lot easier and take the stress out of those larger items you need gone.*

Trying to reduce my wardrobe - PS I still have over flow atm don't be fooled by this photo.

Waking Up Early When I Don't Have To

I think one of my issues was time, and never feeling like I have enough. Also not being able to sleep at night, usually knocks onto the day and on a day where I haven't got plans I end up feeling overwhelmed by my to do list. So I'm starting to get up more, yes sometimes I want to lay in and just sleep. But I know if I do that my sleeping pattern will slowly adjust into that routine. 

I want to try and do want I can so I can enjoy the day, not feel that I have to rush around. I've found getting up more, has helped me sleep more at night, some times I have the odd rough night. But usually I'm up and ready for the day, I feel like I have more time, more energy. If your struggling, set a gentle alarm to get you up it doesn't have to be crazy early but early enough that you feel you could have breakfast and do a bunch of other stuff. Your body clock takes three days to adjust, I found out and here I use to think that it would take me weeks. If your feeling rough, then try an afternoon nap instead. That why you have been up and had some day light, then laying in till the afternoon and seeing none. 

Sunflower in my grandads garden that I like to water.

Do It Now, Not Later

We all do it, the put off. Later, in a bit, oh that I'll do it tomorrow. Well it's two weeks later and it's still not done, and now you have a bunch of other stuff to do and you just want to curl up and cry but you can't because you will die under a pile of clothing. This is one I still struggle with, I have to really push myself to just  do it the moment I see it needs doing. 

Putting washing away, sorting through my things, finishing up a project. In some cases, it's not possible to get it all done in a day. But in most, if you break it down into more manageable pieces you can get it done. And after you can do what you like, because you were an adult and actual got your sh*t together. It's a great feeling, but one that you only get from not over thinking the task. Write it down if that helps, break it up into sections and make sure that you get at least one section done. You may find once you have done one bit, the next doesn't seem as bad and you might even get everything ticked off. But just remember now not later. Because later is your treat time to do what you like with. 

Go Out Even For Just A Short While 

When I'm low, I don't want to go out. I don't want to see people, and I don't want them to see me. The thing about that is, it does me no good staying in my rainbow cave. So lately even if it is for thee shortest time, I try to get out. To the shop, or even just to water my plants. I know for some of you this can be a mission, and feel like thee biggest task and sometimes it is. 

Getting up and getting dressed is not easy for everyone, I think people assume it is because they are doing it. But my lovelies even if it takes you a while, throw something on anything clown pants, that rudolph onesie you got for Christmas and just be outside even if it's for a short while. It will make a difference, remind you that there is a world out there that you are part of. Trust me I pushed through this one, greasy hair and no makeup give zero fu*ks because it wasn't for anyone but me. If it helps you get to better days, where you feel more yourself and want to stay out more, go further afield do it. 

Are there any habits your trying to adapt into your life? Let me know, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I promise that I won't leave it so long next time. 

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