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A while ago I was sat on the sofa with my iPad, slipping my tea when I decided that rather than brokering things for my wardrobe it was time to think more about homeware. I spotted 'The Sorry Girls' (on You tube) had a video up about making your home look like it's from a magazine. Okay I hear you laughing, my taste shall we say is different, I like colour, bold print and pattern. So while it's not magazine like, I still thought it would be great to watch, as sometimes you can pick up some great ideas. One of the tips stood out to me, and it was having a tray. Trays are great for making a centre piece, and it worked like a charm. Before the children kept putting there cups everywhere, there was forever a cry for ' quick get a tea towel' to wipe up another mess. They started using the tray without me even asking, and it's great for having my candles on. 

Throws and cushions: Made by me
Orange 70s style rug: Argos
Candle holders: Charity shop

It's a simple idea, but it works - not sure it's magazine like, but if it makes for least  clean ups of juice on my table or rug I'm happy. I love this design by Mariska Meijers, it's made of birchwood and is a great alternative to plastic. Now I've also added trays in the kitchen, again they are great for placing pieces together and making everything look a little more sleek. I'm currently making over my bedroom, so I'll probably add some small trays in there somewhere. I think I'll give my living more of a makeover once that's done, as it's still not there yet for me. Do you have any tips on making your home look more 'magazine' like. Also I'd love to hear if you use trays in this way, or other uses you have found for them. 

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