How I Wear| Those 70s Flares

I've always loved flares, I remember when 'skinny jeans' became the one and I rejected them straight away. Of course I've grown to love them, and we have a love affair, but flares will always hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of being young and my obsession with the 70s. So seeing the Moschino 'flower power' 2017 resort collection, I knew I had to find a pair of flower print flares stat! 

Denim Top: EBay
Scarf: Old
Denim jacket: Your shores* patched by myself
Flower power flares: Costume shop
bracelet: Lucky Eyes London *

Sadly the high street has other ideas, and to be honest your lucky to find any flares so a flower pair is reaching. So i fully hold my hands up, and admit that these are actual from a costume shop *no shits given, not one. Anyway, of course I adjusted them at the top on my sewing machine bringing them in more so they fit to my hips and waist more than looking baggy. 

Yes they are ridiculous, yes they are colourful and crazy but I love them. They look super cute with my off the shoulder denim top and I decided to wrap my neck scarf around like a choker. I have a bunch from back in 2008, when everyone was wearing them. I finally got to wear my gorgeous Red or Dead rainbow heels, they are a bit high but I'm slowly getting use to them. Than I deiced to wear my patched jacket, the weather was a bit warmer than so it was a great combo. I really hope that bright funky flares, become a thing so I can buy them without having to adjust them. I'm fully embracing my flower power side, I'm currently crocheting a bright over sized granny square cardigan which will look unreal with these.  It's been a lot chiller in London, so I will have to start layering up a lot more. 


  1. This outfit is just rainbow perfection as always <3 those shoes!


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