D.I.Y Day| Denim Patch Jacket

Denim patch jackets continue to be a massive trendy, for autumn you can layer faux fur collars on top to keep warm. If your buying one it can get pricey, and it's annoying if you already have a bunch to feel you have to buy another . Also I find I don't always love the patch selection on them, so of course I had to D.I.Y it. The great thing with a denim jacket is you can go wild, trims are my favourite as you can layer them to build up a cool design.

So it's super simple, and doesn't take much time. You can sew by hand, or by machine or glue, but sewing will last a lot longer. As I said in my patch jeans tutorial, you can build up your collection over time and keep adding as you can. This makes for a jacket that's truly unique to you, and it doesn't have to cost heaps.

You Will Need

A denim Jacket- mine is from Your Shores*
A way to fix trims and patches down - Glue, a needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Patches -go mad, big small as many as you like. I picked up mine from eBay and Aliexpress, you can also look on Instagram for indie sellers if you prefer something really specific. 

Scissors- For cutting trim.

Pins and Iron- This will help with fixing placement. 

Jacket inspiration- Look up some jackets you like,  to get an idea about placement it will save you time and stop you from over thinking it too much.

Firstly look at some jackets you like, this will help when buying patches and once you have them you can think about placement. If your adding trim, than it's best to attach it first than the patches. I decided to place my trim around the collar and at the back across the jacket. 

Make sure your trim is facing the right side up, leave a little extra hanging over - So you can tuck it under for a clean edge. Begin to pin your trim across the desired placement, even if your using glue it's best to do it in stages and if your sewing this will stop it wiggling around. Once you come to the end, cut the trim again leaving some just enough to tuck it under and glued or sewn. 

Secondly take the patches and play with placement. Now the trims are done, you have a better idea at how it will look. Pin patches into place, and  it's a good idea to try it on and see if your happy with the placement. 

Lastly sew or glue patches into place, once this is done take your jacket over to your ironing board. Place a tea towel over the top and set on a low heat, press your jacket this will help an patch adhesive to bond and if you have applied any glue. Even if you have sewn your patches and trims on, this will flatten them giving a more professional finish.

I decided to add a bunch of pins to my jacket, and I love it. It's really easy and a great way to get creative. If your not feeling denim, than you could also do this to a bomber jacket also. I hope you enjoy this how to and I look forward to seeing your D.I.Y - Tweet me at @Law1sfab or hashtag #Lawdiyday so I can check yours out.

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  1. I feel so inspired by this post :) Your jacket looks great! Btw i used to follow you a few years ago but then I stopped blogging but I'm back at now - http://sideeyeviews.blogspot.co.uk

    Susuana xx


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