I'm Not Like A Regular Mum, I'm A Cool Mum

Top: Charity shop Orange pinafore dress: Beyond Retro

Being a mum of two small children, has defiantly changed how I view my wardrobe. It's amazing how you can go from feeling pretty cool about how you dress, to being told by your child not to wear something because it's embarrassing. I guess I don't dress how I'm suppose to, I love rainbow stripes, patterned denim and own way to many novelty bags for anyone over the age of twelve. I mean how am I suppose to dress is a question, I do ask myself sometimes. Having the boys did effect me, my body changed and I guess my style was put on hold in place of being practical. I did however care a lot less about what others were thinking, maybe hitting my thirties helped. I went from 'oh I'm not sure' to 'I'm not sure but screw it I'll wear it anyway'. 

I guess that's why I adore vintage, there are whole decades that embraced print, colour and playing with how garments are cut it's a whole 'screw it vibe'. I try and tell my boys little stories, like ' Who do you think worn this before mummy? Maybe a circus performer.' Yes it's silly, but I guess I want to pass that interest down to them. While I can't dress them in heaps of vintage now, I'm looking forward to going shopping with them when their older and seeing how vintage will evolve in this time of throw away fashion. I use to get bullied for wearing hand me downs, but as an adult I take joy in the hunt of finding something unique at the charity shops. The shame has been removed, and I love that it's now 'cool' to be thrifty. 

I do like classic and minimalist, but it's just not me sometimes it happens but I don't follow rules I wear what I feel good in. The wonderful thing is, that with each pasting moment vintage expands. You can achieve current trends with ease, it's great to hunt pieces down rather than running straight to the hight street to get the look . Plus fashion has a cycle, and so it's worth putting things you already have away as you will usually find that you will be pulling them back out in no time. I think it's just as important to know when to let go of a piece, and put it back out there for others to enjoy. The fact that it's come this far,  and than never to be worn again is really sad. I hope that my kids will see that vintage clothing is pretty magical, it has a story to tell. Thrifting is similar, there is always something weird and wonderful to be found. Yes it may not be something I will love forever, but than I find it a new home either giving it to a friend, selling it or simple giving it back to the charity shop. I'm also a hoarder, and as I'd like to think a reformed hoarder I don't want to hold onto things others could enjoy and love.  

I'm happy I already have the boys hooked on thrifting in charity shops, and they love helping me hunt for vintage toys, games and clothing for them - You would be shocked how many tops have tags still on for kids clothing. I have a real mix in my wardrobe, not everything is vintage but a good amount is. I think in a time when fashion, is moving faster than you can tap in your pin. It's important to think more about what we are putting in our wardrobes. I've also learned how to crochet, and I'm not going to lie it didn't happen over night. But it's so rewarding to make myself a top, make the boys scarfs and hats. 

I'd love to sew more, I'm not the best but I believe in giving everything time. I do love learning a new craft, and while I'm not able to make a whole new wardrobe it's fun to customise stuff I already have. I guess I don't want to lose my creativity. It's hard as everything is available, and budget fashion has come on in leaps and bounds. I grow up in a family of makers and menders, and I don't want to lose that. To past on that love of giving new life to hidden gems, and teach the next generation the importance of what they wear. Not because it has cool factor, but where it's come from and having input into it. I'd rather be embarrassing, and my kids know that I always wore what I loved. Instead of being someone who was consumed by being cool. Anyway I'm pretty sure it's in the job description, as a parent to show up your kids from time to time.  

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