DIY Day | Crochet Projects 002

To be honestly I completely forgot about this feature, till someone asked me what I'd been working on. If you follow me on Instagram and follow #lawdoescrochet you can see what I'm working on. As I love seeing what others have made and are working on, I promise I will feature more of what I make and link to patterns used. As I love looking at makes for inspiration, knowing what size hook was used etc as it can be good to get an idea on sizing. I'm working on an African crochet blanket, so it's taken up a massive chunk of my crochet time. 

I'm looking forward to finishing it, as it's been a project I work on every now and than. I also need to finish my Star Wars crochet balls, as our Christmas tree will be pretty dull without them. The boys picked the theme this year, so we will see how it goes. I try and make a mix of home ware and clothing, as I think it can get boring not to make yourself a little something every now and than. So here are my latest makes, I do have some more but I'll save them for next time. 

Summer Waistcoat- I absolutely adore this pattern, and it's by the very talented Ruby Stedman. If your looking for new projects, Ruby's are both colourful and easy to make. I love that Ruby takes her time, and explains things very well. She has both English and Spanish videos, and when she makes a new video I'm always happy. I decided on a mix of summer pastels, and added scallop edge just to finish it off instead of adding sleeves. It's a chunky pattern, so you would be surprised how quickly you can finish a waistcoat. I think I will have to make another in a different colour wave, and I want to make one that's longer.

Hook used: 7.00mm

Ziggy crop top- This is a top that I went freestyle on, I didn't have much yarn left in these shades and I wanted to be brave and go pattern free. So I used some of the basic pattern ideas, and mixed them together to make this cute little ruffle crop top. Not the most practical, but I loved how it turned out. Stupidly I didn't right down what I was doing, as I really wanted to share this as a free pattern. So maybe next time, I will note down what I do so you can make your own as I love making others free patterns. It's so important to give back to the crochet community. I named it the Ziggy top, as the colours reminded me of the lighting bolt across David Bowie's face on the Aladdin Slave cover.

Rainbow Summer Top- I made this top before, if you have a look at the first feature in blues. I actual made this one for a festival, but due life happening and illness setting it I sadly didn't go. This time I downsized my hook to get a smaller version of this pattern is by the awesome Bag-O-Day over on You Tube. I find this pattern really easy once you get the yolk finished and you can really play around with yarn mixes. It's insane how different a pattern can look in a different colour yarn. I used woodcraft a lot as I prefer to use non wool yarn as personal I found washing wools a mare. 

Hook used: 5.5mm

Wedding Minions- A bit of an odd one, I know. But whatever I love how they turned out. I'm at a family wedding which is happening this week, and wanted the special couple to have a cute keep sake. They love Minions, so of course I had to make a minion couple based on them -the bride is wearing a navy coloured dress. I really hope they like it, and I've been dying to give them to them. Again I freestyle and used what I knew, they took two hours in total and proudly stand by themselves. My favourite thing is the bride, I loved making her little dress and giving her a ring. 

So I hope this was helpful/interesting, if you make something using the patterns I would love to see what colours and yarns you go for. I really want to expand my crochet circle, as it's great to know fellow crochet peeps and talk yarns and patterns and projects. Do you crochet, what have you been working on? 

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