Nails, Nails, Nails- 25 Creative DIY Nail Art Projects By Madeline Poole (Chronicle Books): Book review

I'm not the best at nail art, I'm okay but I can't always get the look I'm after. So nail books are always on my must have list, you may have read my review already of my WAH book but one is never enough. Thank the nail gods that Madeline Poole's book Nails, Nails, Nails, has just been published. It has 25 ideas, and they are different to the WAH book, so   I was happy as you don't want a heap of nail books with the same designs.

Nails, Nails, Nails- 25 Creative DIY Nail Art Projects By Madeline Poole (Chronicle Books)*

I really love the nail anatomy section at the start, it gives a heap of handy tips and the nail art techniques is great for beginner as it gives tips on how long to keep nail polish and drying etc.. The book is very cleanly laid out and the instructions are simple, there is a step by step in photos too which is great. You can follow it easily and see where your going wrong, and how to really nail the look and became a natural at nail art. 

A lot of the looks are about blocking colours in different ways, which is perfect as you can just change up the colour scheme. Madeline always has included a Flame nail how to, which I've been dying to know how to do since seeing the movie Spun (she has flame nails and they look divine). 

For my first attempt I went for the Chain Link look, I think I rushed it a little but it's a simple yet strong look I think on the next try I will get it right. I really love the Half Moon which is so chic and so super easy, even my mum who has never painted her nails before could get it spot on. I would say this book is perfect for beginners, there are a few more advanced looks in the book so once you get a little more skilled you can try those. 

I think it's worth the £10.99 price tag, it's also something to thing of gift wise. Thank you to Chronicle books who sent this to me, saying that I would have gladly paid for this book. I have more nail polish than I'd like to admit, so at least I can be more creative with it. I like that the how to's are straight forward, as I like to change up my nail look a lot. Also you can always get this on your Kindle if you have one, so you can do your nails on your travels (it's under £5).


  1. I need this! Thanks for the review and your nails look great :) x

  2. Ooh I love the look of this book! :)

  3. Think I may have to purchase this, looks right up my alley! x


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