So You Think Your Beautiful

It's a fact that for years as women we have been brainwashed into thinking, were not pretty enough. It started with hair removal, as in the only place hair should be on a women is our eyebrows and head. Than other factors like adverts about bras that could stop traffic by pushing boobs up, providing you had a big burst in the first place. And now every makeup advert has became airbrushed to perfection, to the point that they have to add disclaimer's left, right and centre to say 'none of this is real, it's a dog in a wig'. 

Okay so it's not that bad but I can't help but feel girls in real life now have to wear all the makeup they own at once. There are these polls rating who's the sexist woman in the world. In every magazine there are circles of shame. Which point out the most faint sign of cellulite, as if  this person should run into a bush and hack off their leg to be rid of it. If us girls (and guys) see the 'perfect' people bashed by media on a daily bases, no wonder were left milling over every single  little flaw. So with that all in mind, what happens when a women dares to say she's pretty. What happens if a women dares to say she's beautiful  ....

Photo: Mine

Do we stand up and say 'good for you' and think maybe one day we will have that kind of confidence. Of course not, we say ' who the f**k do you think you are! Sit down you vain twat'. How dare someone think they are so special or different, what makes them so perfect. Saying this in the case of Samantha Brick it sparkled debate (not to mention mass anger), of course it's clear that she's just a narcissist but at the same time beauty is  in  the eye of the beholder. Were woman mad because they were jealous of her looks, well of course not.. well maybe some. In truth what got women's backs up and of course no one will admit it is simple, why don't I feel like that about myself. What's wrong with me. 

I think for most women it's getting the balance, to love and accept your body and the way you look does not mean you have to go shouting about it. Rather than joining in a 'I hate this about myself' chat with friends, it's okay to say actual I think were just fine the way we are ladies. I would say I'm massively guilty of joining the pity party, rather than saying nothing and thinking 'not bad girl'. Maybe to avoid a mass of hate, the trick is to be quietly confident. 

No one can see you at home checking yourself out in the mirror, no one will hear you thinking about what you love about yourself or your body. I think and I hope that one day we can encourage each other more, I think Dove with their clever marketing tapped into it. We saw women of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds embrace their body. Not in a Samantha Brick ' women hate me because I'm beautiful' kinda way. More I actual love my body even if you don't type of way, which to me is beauty. To see someone being positive and happy is beautiful, it's not about wearing the right skinny jeans or applying some miracle makeup. It's simple you, accepting you.

For all my beauties if you can love yourself, you need never fear peoples view of you. From one non believer who's still learning this lesson.


  1. Love this post! You nailed this right on the spot. It's true, I don't think I've ever felt more like I should sort out those tiny little flaws I have than ever. Like plucking every last eyebrow stray, and finding new ways of flattening my tum! It's ridiculous because I remember the time I didn't think about that and was proud of the way I looked. Now I can't find a picture from after that time that I like.
    Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and like you said beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I just wish we could all live in a world where all adverts were like the dove advert. And less like those make-up adverts with all the disclaimers about insert lashes and airbrushing! - CAT XO

    1. Thanks for this comment Cat, it's so true and your right everyone is beautiful. I think beauty takes many forms and it's worth knowing that what we see is fake. Adverts are set up to the max, if we all had makeup artist, hair and airbrushing in life we could be as fake too. I think it's far better to embrace reality, sometimes it maybe 'ugly' but it's real. Somehow we have fallen out of love with what makes us human, our flaws. If we can embrace them a little, I think everyone could be happier in life rather than living in worry all the time. I'm working on my issues every day, I'm not going to let them control me. For the record I think you are stunning! xxx

  2. Wait a minute- the only body hair I'm allowed is my brows? Lucky I decided to shave my legs and underarms for the first time in nearly a month.
    I know I'm not the most attractive person in the world (I get hit on as I'm "the weird one" men see as a challenge) but I've always loved the way I look. I'm the perfect little charature of my idea of beauty. Yes this does get a lot of snarky comments for people I don't know but oh well.
    In fact the one time I tried to "fit" was when I was 14 and I plucked off my caterpillar eyebrows. They're still slightly patchy and it haunts me everyday.

  3. You are an inspiration to us all Law and I think you are bloody gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love that dove campaign, and I love reading blogs to see how real people look not this airbrushed shite on tv, or the magazines slating women, its just not nice!!

  5. I really enjoyed reading this, I think it's so true. If we're having a day when we believe that we look good do we have to be ashamed of that? I don't think so! Such an inspiration post :) well done



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