What I Wore: Most Wanted Swap Shop

So if you follow me on twitter you will have seen me ranting on about Most Wanted swap shop. It was so good and I came back with more, which was not really the plan but oh well I'll tell you all about it in the event post. So on to my outfit, how cute are these dungaree shorts. I channelled my inner Alexa Chung. Yes I know I look nothing like her in any shape or form, but I think this outfit has a great mod vibe. 

These So in Fashion dungaree shorts are going to be worn to death, that is for certain. They have this cool  textured woven feel and the fit true to size. As the sun hadn't burst out over London I decide to pair it with my charity shop polo neck. My hair was looking grim so I watched Style Rookie's Tavi for a quick up do, she has the best how to for a quick beehive. I was thinking of doing a photo how to of how to achieve it, as it's so simply and I know not everyone likes videos.

Scarf: Primark
Polo neck & Bag: Charity shop
Boots: Primark

Once the sun is out, which is happening slowly in London I will ditch the tights and wear these with my many pairs of sandals that are crying to be worn. I'm sorry for the photo quality, I forget my card so my camera had to stay in my bag. Where would I be without my iPhone! So thanks to Clare for snapping these for me, your a star. I have lots of posts coming this week, press days galore and don't forget to enter my giveaway!


  1. those dungaree shorts are amazing, I wish I could wear them but I am yet to find a pair long enough in the body/that aren't freakin' hot pants! x

  2. Such an amazing look :) you look fabulous xx

  3. Your hair looks amazinggggg up :D x

  4. i love your blog :) and your hair really suits you!

    take a look at my blog if you can :)



  5. You look great I especially love your headscarf :)


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