What's Your Size?

You jump out of bed, I say jump but your more likely to roll out of bed. Unless your one of those health freaks with bags of energy in the morning, if you are I hate you *rubs eye's while yawning looking like a zombie. So yeah you jump/roll out of bed and decide that today you will treat yourself, maybe you have just been paid or just fancy adding something you don't need to your over flowing wardrobe. 

You head to the high street and wildly grab at the sparkly things, boyfriend jeans or that dress that you have been dreaming about all month. Than naturally you head to the fitting room and after a bit of a wait your let in, it's like a V.I.P club except there's no drink and smells of feet. Foot odour aside your excited to try things on, and get to a till ASAP to make all these beautiful things yours.

Photo: Mine from the displays at Topshop (I love them)

That's until you realise, hang on a bloody second why doesn't it fit?! Check the tag, you must have picked up the wrong size. Flipping the tag you see it is your size, have you put on some extra weigh  *note to self if your offered Krisp Kreme than just say your full ....Er no, you have your size on and it fits just fine so what's going on. 

It seems that sizing across the high street is getting a little out of hand, I say a little when in reality I can be almost five different sizes in shops on the high street. It's mainly jeans and trousers that seem to have 'Where's Wally' style sizing. I take issue when in the same shop, their trousers fit me fine, but their jeans don't. Now don't take it wrong, I'm the type of girl I'll wear the size that fits, I'm not sucking it in so I can fit in 'MY' size I want clothing that fits. I just get so fed up of the amount of time, I now spend having to queue again to try on a heap of other sizes.

Of course I'm aware that different brands, use different sizing models to cut their clothing. At the same time, there is a standard which clearly is not being followed. A standard that states the measurements clothing should be cut by. Also I'm sorry to say it's not just clothing now, shoes are also starting to go down the same 'guess which size I am' route. When did this happen and why didn't I get the memo. So I ask you, where is the worst place to shop for sizing? Also where are folks getting it right? I know this must effect you lot too, so let me know I can't be the only one who is playing this guessing game.


  1. OMG. I love this post... You've hit the sizing issue on the spot. I full on panicked when trying things on on my break at work and walked out of the fitting room the other day not trying on anything else! This all happened because I'd tried on a size in a pair of shorts and I couldn't get it over my bum! I thought I was getting chunky, turns out I'm not, as I braved the same day going back and trying on a pair of shorts from the same shop, in the same style but a different design and in the same size and they fit! Crazy how that works... I don't understand.

    Everything is getting smaller and smaller and there's less clothes for curvy girls, or girls with boobs and legs that fit nicely without looking too tight, or loose in places. What has the fashion industry come to!?

    CAT xo

  2. The worst place Ive gone into is topshop, I just give up on finding proper jeans in there, I try on a size 14 and sometimes it still dont fit me, just wtf. Now everytime i go into like a shop to buy jeans i take a measuring tape with me and measure my hips and then measure the jeans so i have no problem :) x

  3. So true. It's a right pain in the butt x

  4. I have noticed this in shoes and clothes also and it drives me CRAZY! This way of sizing closes the online shopping world for me. I will see countless cute outfits and shoes, but wont purchase them online for fear of sizing conflicts. Sizing charts are abstract online pieces of art to me. Nor do I trust those either! Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in my frustration when these shopping trips are suppose to be my own personal therapy sessions!

  5. Yes it's so bloody annoying! When ordering online I need to order a few different sizes, makes for an expensive transaction!

  6. One of my real bug bears, I hate the discrepancies between sizing.

  7. I find that trousers from next fit well but in most other shops I have to go up a size. It can get annoying x

  8. I work in Topshop and we talk about this all the time. I can be a size 8 or a size 12 and it's hard not to let it affect your confidence when you have to go for a bigger size. x

  9. I had the same issue today - for me the higher end high street brands - Topshop, Oasis, Warehouse & to some extent River Island like to punish me for having a bum & needing a 16 - tried on the MOM jeans in Topshop, left in tears as my size didn't fit, but they didn't carry an 18 :(
    Lower end high street - Newlook & Primark have it ok, if a tad short! Daren't even walk into H&M!
    Shoes are worse a 41 is a 7 but a 7 is not always a 41! I'm sure my feet don't change between each shop so I have no idea! Higher priced shoes are better but still not perfect!

    It's made how hard it can be :( not just you xx

  10. No, don't worry, it's not just you!

    I tried on a really nice skirt in Topshop which was my usual size for everything, and I thought I was going to pop! It was soo tight, I have a photo of it on my Instagram, it looks like I have a double chocolate chip muffin top! Haha (no idea, why the allusion to chocolate)

    Obviously, it did knock my confidence a bit and I was too embarrassed to go get another size (and I really really wanted that skirt). But it's just a bit of a pain to have to take 3 different sizes into the changing room to see if they will fit you. And it's even worse when you order online!

    ~Hannah xx

  11. LOVE this post!! What you're discussing is the main reason why i've been put off ebay and online shopping, as far too often I've ended up with a non-returnable item that is a sizing joke. It's about time shops sorted themselves out!


  12. Oh my yes! And it's not just women's clothes doing this game- men's medium does not seem the same in not just different stores but the sane stores. 3 different tshirt a with 3 different fits!!

  13. H&M everytime! Their sizing is ridiculous. I'm a size 12 but can never fit into their sizes. I tried on a size 14 pair of jeans the other week and couldnt get them over my hips. I also don't care what the label says, if it fits then it's fine but i don't want to have to go and get more sizes to try on and spent more time in the stinky fitting rooms.

  14. This is the main thing that really puts me off shopping, which is a shame because I love getting new clothes. I now have to try everything on before I buy it. Where as I used to know what size to buy I now find myself taking three different sizes into the changing room and even then I have to get different sizes for different items in the same shop. New Look seems to be the worst for me, no two items seem to fit them same, it's ridiculous!
    Jodie x

  15. Simple to the point and informative enhances my knowledge a lot.


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