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To say I'm a jewellery obsessed girl is a gross understatement, my poor jewellery hooks are almost pooping out the wall with the weight of my beloved collection. So naturally when I had a chance to view Only child's collection at London Fashion Week, I jumped with joy at seeing what their Spring Summer collection would be showcasing. This was actual their second season at London Fashion week, and they are going from strength to strength. 

I was not disappointed, If mermaids were real - Sorry they are totally real, I'm sorry I said that. Than you know instead of brushing their hair, they would be adoring themselves in this collection. Holographic layered jewels caught my eye everywhere I look, from chunky chokers that remain me of Madonna in  her Marilyn Material girl stage. Than there are weave bracelets, jewelled head chains, it was all so beautiful and I had to resist wanting to try everything on. 

The price range various on pieces which makes it accessible to all, but if your looking to splash some cash than they have some incredible detailed show stopping jewellery like their Iridescent crystal armour. Which is made to order, and I could easily see it on the red carpet, or in a music video as it's just divine in every way. Saying that the celebs have been all over Only Child. Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Jamie Winstone and Jess Glynne just to mention a few, have been snapping up the Asteroid headpiece, necklace and ring and who could blame them I'd be rolling around in it all if I could. 

So who is the brains behind it all? Well that would be designer and director Kelly Jackson, who is so humble and down to earth. She casual shows me her jewellery like she's know me years, she tells me I can try on anything I like - I'm too scared too, because she probably would not have gotten it back my will is only so strong. Kelly talks me through her inspiration for collections, and with every word you can see how much time and energy she puts into Only Child. You can tell even from the names of her collections like ' Stella' and 'Cosmic Classics' that it's not mermaids she's thinking of it's galactic babes. Think outer space chic, Katy perry in her E.T music video and Princess Leia in the gold bikini and your halfway there. This jewellery is bold, bright and makes a strong statement. 

Pieces are really thought out and it really shows. Kelly tells me about working for Alexander McQueen, she designed prints there (yes she's one talented lady) but really wanted to start her own business. So Only child was born, and she has poured herself into her business every since. I also chatted with Shireeka Devlin studio manager, who introduced me to Only Child. Both Kelly and Shireeka have a strong sense of self style, bright fun and completely individuals. Which is why they work so well together, they have fun and enjoy what they do. 

Shrieeka tells me about Kelly's work " she works really hard, and knows exactly what she wants" I ask if it takes Kelly a really long time to handmade all the jewellery " It really depends on the piece, but Kelly has been doing this for a long time so she's pretty quick at weaving, and putting the jewellery together. If it's for a piece that has more detail say like the bespoke armour, than it's made to order but Kelly will make sure every piece is perfect." They also tell me that they have a new big stockist coming up this summer, which Kelly designed an exclusive collection for so I'm looking forward to the big reveal. 

Kelly is also setting up a shop in the heart of Shoreditch this July, which will not only stock Only child but also 25 other up and coming designers. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Showroom Shoreditch, if you want to be ahead of the cool crowd this summer. 

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