Fruit Salad

It's finally feeling like Spring in London, so I'm slowly pushing all my knitwear to the back of my wardrobe and pulling out all my light cotton tees and pretty dresses. I did a lot of running around yesterday, so I just wanted to be comfortable so opted for my new favourite pineapple tee as it's very lightweight and my fit flops sandals - The slipper of the sandal word by the way, that also helps you tone utter bonus. I love that my Sugar and Vice battenburg necklace matches it perfectly, this is from the new afternoon tea collection. They have some amazing pieces, I really want to get the weather necklace which features a sunshine, a rainbow and a raincloud perfect right. Yes I love my rainbows, but I blame that on missing dying my hair different colours every other week. 

As it was too hot for my faux fur collar, I opted for my faux fur bag instead. I love the pastel shade of it, and as I'm usually a hot pink kinda girl it's nice to go for something a little softer. I really want to wear more pastels this summer, as I want to try something different. I tend to go crazy for colour or wear black and white, so it would be nice to get to balance. 

Glasses: Pretavoir* 
Kimono: Primark
Battenburg Necklace: Sugar and Vice *
High Waisted Jeans and Belt: Thrifted
Fluffy Lilac Bag: Kylijane*
Pineapple Top: Primark
Smiley Bracelet: Lucky Eyes London*

I'm still trying to clear out a lot of my wardrobe, as it seems I get rid of one thing and it gets replaced by three other things. I'm trying to be good, but I do find it hard not to buy clothing. But who can resist a bargain, like this lemon kimono from Primark that cost me all of £3! The other night however I did attempt to make a dress, I figured if I can make some things it will stop me from shopping. As I can make it exactly how I want. With a lot of trail or error.. okay a lot of error I managed to make my first dress. I made the mistake of using a non stretch fabric without a pattern, big no no. Still I have my fingers crossed that the more I sew the better I will get .. maybe, hopeful.


  1. I LOVE how you've styled this tee shirt! I've had it a while and still haven't gotten round to wearing it but this looks amazing! Great post xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I wish I could sew, or at least liked to do it, but I have so little patience for it!! haha!

    You look so fab. In freakin' love. Especially love that BAG!!! OMG.


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