Catching Rainbows In A Jar

I'm having a lazy day of well not doing much, which usually results in an hour long session of searching for crafts, bakes and general inspiration. I really want to make some fun food things this summer, not just for my two boys but also because I enjoy pretty yummy food too. There is something so rewarding about making food fun, I was baking a lot but lately have just had no time but I really want to get bak into it and also try different things. I think this one break the internet -Sorry Kim.

Yes it's rainbow cake in a jar, yes I know best idea ever right.  You can keep it for five days too so you could always give it to someone. If you click the link you will see how to make them, I love this idea it's so simple but would be so great to give to someone or for a party. I am going to be doing a huge bake session as like I said it's long overdue. So when I try my hand at making these, I will have to share mine I'm not sure it will be anywhere near as pretty as these but worth a shot. Have you seen any cool bakes? Or been getting creative in the kitchen yourself let me know. 

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  1. This looks perfect x


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