Peppersmith Mints and Gums - Can sugar free really taste as good?

I really don't know why, but my bag habits tend to change in summer. I'll always make sure I have a drink, a pack of wet wipes for the boys ice cream covered hands and faces. But I tend to turn my bag into a mint shop, maybe it's because in summer I tend to eat differently. I like spicy wraps, tangy salads and sweet cooling deserts. As much as I enjoy them sometimes after tastes are left which isn't pleasant, plus I drink a lot of tea and coffee which doesn't help either. Thankfully Peppersmith have designed a pack to fill any mint or gum lovers needs.

For a box of 12 packs it will cost you £15.00, which sounds a lot but when I think about how much I spend in corner shops and their stupid mark up prices -I live in London, so trust me it gets pricey. It actual works out to £1.25 for each pack and you get 25 mints (15g) in each pack. Which I think is fair, if you consider that unlike most on the market their mints or gums don't have artificial colours and flavours and they don't use any preservatives and they are all sugar free. So do they really taste good that is the question.

They actual taste better, usual I fine gum either too overpowering almost to the point it feels like I've eaten a blob of toothpaste. My favourite was the Sicilian lemon, which are almost gone as I've unconsciously been having them over the last couple of weeks. I'm not a massive gum lover, but I again I prefer that instead of a hit of sugar you can actual taste the different mints. It's been great to be able to let my boys have one too, usually as they are only five and three I say no. But with these I didn't even have to think about it. 

I like that the flavours don't effect when your going to eat next too, because having the taste of  mints or gum when your about to eat just kills it really. My least favourite was the Eucalyptus, as I said I'm not a fan of overly strong mints. But as my half has had a cold, I've given them to him as it's so good for opening up your airways. Overall I was really impressed, and sorry but how cute is the packing. I like that it's made from recyclable card and that they are easy to get out, I hate wrappers as you usually end up with them all flowing around your bag and who wants to eat gum or mint that's been next to your hair brush. I really didn't think I would be that impressed, I mean they are just mints after all but if it means that I can keep my teeth healthy and my breath fresh than it's actual a mini lifesaver. 

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