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It feels like a decade since I've posted an outfit, as I've been ill I've not really been dressing up much anyway. It was such a lovely day, so with every fibre of my being I put on my makeup and put on my new glad rags. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@law1sfab) you would have seen the video on how my t-shirt was made, I'll have a post later this week all about YR store and how you can play designer with their clothing. I felt like a princess when Lucky Eyes London sent me this divine bracelet, I was gobsmacked at just how beautiful it is in real life. Anyone who knows me will know I'm a massive Nirvana fan, so I can't get enough of the Smiley if you hadn't guessed from the earring, hair bobble and bracelet so just a couple than Laura yeah ha ha. Anyway I love it, rather than a fussy clasp it has a chain and pull design so putting it on yourself is easy. I like rose gold as it tends to go with more, they do sell it in sliver and gold and they have a heap of different colour crystals to choose from. 

Kimono- Old
Ice Cream T-shirt- YR Store*
Smiley Earring and Bobble- Super Kawaii baby on Depop
Pink Trousers-River Island via EBay 
Smiley Rose Gold Bracelet - Lucky Eyes London *
Perfume Bag- Next*
Black Sandals- Fit flop*

As I spend the holiday stuck in, I ended up buying bits and pieces online as you do when your having a pity party. I nabbed these River Island trousers on EBay for under a fiver and got these smiley earring off a friends Depop. I was also a very lucky girl as Barry treated me to a new sewing machine (major  boyfriend brownie points), after he throw out my last one thinking it was broken. So I decided it was time to stock up on some new fabric, so I can attempt to make myself some fun summer clothing. If I vanish offline, than I've properly sewed my fingers to a dress, just to give you a heads up. I have discovered so me amazing new You Tube channels and blogs for sewing, so I'll share those with you soon if your feeling crafty this summer. I'm slowly getting back into a routine, and now that spring is here I'm sure that will help. 

Do you sew? Want are you planning on making this summer? 


  1. I absolutely love your hair like this!! I have a fringe but it goes all the way back and I realllly want it like yours but its hard to grow out and regrow... if that makes sense?!

    I sew too!! I'm toying with the idea of making a few dresses for our summer holiday, but the idea of a dress really scares me!!! Ic you haven't already, watch everything by Annikas youtube channel;


  2. Well, you're back with a bang darling, you look fabulous x

  3. I have an awesome dinosaur vest from YR Store that I made ages ago, I love that it's one of a kind. I want to sign up to a dressmaking course as I've completely forgotten how to use a sewing machine, so I'd love to see the blogs you've found!


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