Yummy Mummy -Lush's Lifesavers For Dry Skin

Feeling like death, I decided that maybe a warm bath would help relieve some of the aches and pains in my paper like bones  It wasn't the perfect mothers day I had hoped, due to the fact I could not enjoy it with Barry and our boys like going for meal. But I packed up my pity party make the best of it, and broke out my box of bath goodies that Lush had kindly sent me for mothers day. I've always enjoyed a Lush bath, when life is all getting a bit stressful and I find even the smell of products in the bathroom lift my spirits a little. 

Taking my bath and not expecting anything that new - I've used Lush for years so I've gotten use to most of their products. I didn't want to spend too long in the bath, so thought that I would save my bath ballistic and bubble bar for a good soak. 

I liked the sound of the Yummy Mummy body conditioner*, I have super dry skin we're talking almost raisin like - I know sexy right. It smells so incredible like a caramel sundae with orange zest on top, I was tempted to scoop the whole pot out and smear it like my life depended on it. Than my logical side told me to breathe and just use a little. You really don't need much, it's packed with cocoa butter and almond oil so it spreads easily and you don't need a thick layer to see the benefits. I left it on a while to let it really soak into my skin, as it needs a little time kind of like a hair mask to get the full effect. 

I used it more on my under body, my arms and shoulder tend to be my problem areas. I used the Yummy Mummy shower gel* on the rest of my body, because I'm just that crazy and ignore the word shower. I liked the purple colour, it's so pretty and the smell was even better it also has seaweed which is so good for dry skin. It left my skin with a sweet flowery smell and my skin felt soft and renewed. Some of the body washes don't have much later too them, as of course they try and kept it natural. This had a little more than others that I've tried. 

I came down stairs to open my cards and have a cup of tea, and the boys were laughing at me as I kept sniffing my arm. I've used it non stop since, so will have to treat myself to another tube and bottle soon. I honestly don't believe in a mass of products in my bathroom, I have my everyday things but I do like having those special pamper top ups too. My dry skin is a lot better for it, and I've even started thinking about scrappy summer tops. You don't have to be yummy or a mummy to discover that if your also raisin like than these can work wonders on your skin. 

When your sniffing your arm after a bath, I say that counts as being yummy and that's good enough for me. Be warned these are limited -Why Lush Why! So you need to snap them up while you can. Also if you bring back five clean full sized pots or tubes, you get one free face mask so that's another treat to look forward to once your product is all gone. I'm saving mine for Catastrophe Cosmetic, as my face is spotty due to being run down lately. Which would you save your pots for?  


  1. Oh my gosh these sound great! Trust Lush to make them limited edition too! Great photography hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. Oh this body conditioner sounds DIVINE, my skin needs some TLC at the moment so I will have to try and find this!

    Maria xxx


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