London Fashion Weekend

As I mentioned in my last post the folks at living social gave me tickets for London Fashion weekend, I hadn't been in years so wanted to see if it had changed much over time. London Fashion weekend is a public event, and you can purchased tickets for different experiences I had silver tickets so I got a goodie bag, and catwalk tickets. I decided to take my friend con, to get a non blogger view of the event. As I waited for con outside Somerset house, I went to take some photos only to discover I'd left my memory card at home ... I know worst blogger ever. 

Thankfully I managed to buy one from a shop just across from the event, and heading back to meet Con. We grabbed some coffee and went to pick up our goodies bags, they were packed with makeup bits, dry fruit pack and a copy of Hello. Than it was time for the catwalk show. 

I thought that the show would be a trend run down, but it was actual Sibling (hello fabulous) S/S 2015 collection. While the collection was amazing, I found trying to watch and take photos differ a lot from London  Fashion Week. A sea of selfie sticks started to block most of my photos, and Con even as a non blogger found it annoying. If you used a selfie stick during London fashion Week, I'm pretty sure a sea of editors and buyers would beat you with it. Saying that thankful my camera managed to capture these images, and so I could look back to see what selfie sticks had blocked. 

Also something that me and Con did discuss was that while the show offer a real LFW experience. It lacked what the weekend is about, discovering new designers and shopping their current collections at a discounted rate. It would have been great to see the designers pieces styled like in past years, I know me and Con both agreed that's what a lot of young girls want. As great as the catwalk show was I'm not sure if showing one designer would inspire a host of women and lets not forget the fellas. Yeah no mens style which I felt was bad, as there were plenty of men there of their own free will. There were however lots of talks going on, which for someone knowing nothing about the industry gives a step into the fashion world. 

As Con and I wanted to go for a late lunch, before she had to go pack for a work trip we went to see what designers where selling pieces. I was really pleased we did as I found  some new designers, (hello Kit Neale cat prints ) I had not heard of and two I adore. Overall we did enjoy it, but I think the selfie sticks need to be banned when it comes to catwalk show and maybe have a more trend focused catwalk. A great event, to discover amazing designers and really get a feel for the whole excitement of discover at Fashion week.

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  1. Laura, you have excellent taste. LOVE your highlights here I adore that cactus print, I have a feeling that cactuses are going to be this year's watermelons. ;-)


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