Primark | Spring Summer 2017 Collection

While you know I'm a thrifty charity shop gal at heart, I still struggle every now hunting down perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe. I'll put my hands up and say, of course I like a little bit of trend pieces in my wardrobe sometimes it's nice to mix it up. The thing I love about Primark is that while pieces are still trend lead, they tend to still keep a mix that whatever your style you can get on board with. If you're on the tiniest budget, you can still add a couple of must have pieces without the fear of having to eat baked beans on toast. So what offerings do Primark have for you this season, and what can you find in store now. 

Gingham baby, think less panic blanket and more sassy girl of the ranch. Bell sleeves are a must, and if your not feeling gingham than the classic blue stripes, are everywhere. Sleeves are a massive deal and I couldn't be happier, I personal love some drama when it comes to clothing. So go big, or go ... well to your wardrobe and wear something else. But honestly I am drinking them up. There are layered ruffles, and if your not for drama on top, than there are plenty of skirts with ruffle detail. If your not overly into fashion, than you may not know that Gucci have probably had the biggest influence on the high street. I absolutely love their shoe collection this season, especially these Gucci style loafers. I'm not even a fan of loafers, but honestly the embroidery detail is lush. Embroidery is another big trend, and it's over everything so the options are endless. 

Being a Skater girl back in the day, I was all over this collection. Pink hoodies, denim grunge jackets, with  cool prints and high shine skirts in colours Barbie would be proud of. It's defiantly a cleaner version of the skater girl, but it's so dreamy. This one is great for those that love to layer, which is a must living in the U.K as it's the start of Spring and still pretty chilly. Hoodies are a massive deal, but are dressed up more swapping out trainers for heels with jeans is great for a more high fashion feel like these pink faux fur heels err Yazzz. Saying that a funky flat shoe, will keep the comfort factor. You can wear with trainers if you prefer, this is great to show case some sock action. I always feel bad, when I have to cover up cute socks.  

There was so much, but these were my favourite pieces. So if your looking to add something fab to your summer wardrobe, than pop into Primark. I'm looking forward to jazzy it up this year. They also have a whole bunch of cute home ware, and have expanded their makeup and beauty range. Are there any pieces that are on your wish list this season, I'd love to hear what you'll be buying. 


  1. That rabbit jacket! Omg I need it! And I saw that cute rose bralette in there yesterday and my eyes lit up! Love these photos too girl 😊

  2. Obsessed with the furry mules! Can't wait for these to hit stores.

  3. Wow what a great blog post, definitely gonna pop in to primany πŸ˜‰ I'm definitely not a fan of loafers either but loving the embroidered ones xxx

  4. This is amazing, fab collection :) x

  5. The embroidered loafers are to die for! <3



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