How I Wear: A Bralet

While I'm feeling a lot better, after having the flu for what felt like a lifetime it left me feeling limp. My sleeping pattern has been up the wall, and so eye bags have been a daily feature. I could of photoshopped them out, but I'm human I get tried I don't see the point of pretending I'm not. Hi I'm Laura, and I haven't slept properly for over six months but now you pointed out I look tried I've transformed into a Disney princess. * sings in high pitch voice 'I have to dash I'm off to tidy with birds'. 

It feels like more and more blogs are becoming like magazines in that way. I'm all for amazing shots and great content trust me. But when people lack pores and everything is heavily photoshopped it takes away what set blogs apart. It wasn't about looking like you stepped out of a shot, it was a step into the beautiful flawed realness that we all live. 

Headscarf: Old
Jacket: Pretty Little Things
Yellow Top: Charity shop | Sue Ryder
Black Bralet: Charity shop | Sue Ryder
Trousers: Charity shop | Sue Ryder 
Trainers: Converse via Cloggs *

I'm not knocking anyone, if you want it to look like a magazine than it's up to you. Honestly some blogs blow my mind with the energy and work that goes into them. Your space, your rules go for it. But personally I like seeing someone who just is, if that makes sense. I can relate more, and it inspires me to keep it real. So what if your eyeliner isn't perfect, or you forgot to zip a pocket up, if you have a few spots or a bad hair day. That is life, that's you and why should that be a negative. It doesn't make your outfit unless cool, or take away from your amazing writing and I'm glad people shared that rather than trash a post because of some small flaw. 

As I've been super drained (mini violin at the ready please), I've been keeping my outfits pretty low key. These trousers are like wearing pjs, and I think my trainers are ready to fall apart but my spine isn't ready for boots or heels just yet. I'm all over the bralet trend, I'm not even going to lie and be like ' oh is that in ' because I've been pinning looks at 3 AM like crazy lately. If I'm going to be wide awake in the early hours, than I'm putting that time to good use. In the past I layered tops like this, as I felt awkward about showing skin sometimes. I get a lot of acne on my body as well as my face, and this has always been a way of wearing cute tops without feeling awkward and gives me a confidence boost. I picked this one up in the charity shop the other day, along with this yellow top. I wanted a black one, as you can literally layer it over everything!

I use to loathe yellow on me, but over the years I've found warm shades that suit me. So getting this basic top was a great way of putting a bit more yellow in my wardrobe. As yellow and pink are big colours this season. This is a great way to jazz up a basic t-shirt and jeans look, so if your after some low key glam this is the way to go. So if you have been thinking about trying it just go for it, it's great for making the most of your summer wear too. Would you wear try this look? Do you think bloggers need to be more real, or do you prefer a magazine vibe. I'd love to hear your side. 

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  1. you look gorgeous!


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