Thrift Haul | February

Thrifting for certain items can be so rewarding, I don't get the same rush when I walk into  a high street shop and it's all laid out for me. I guess it reminds me of being little and playing dress up, rooting through my mums wardrobe to shuffle around the living room in her over sized shoes putting on a ' fashion show ' for my dolls and my much missed dog Fred. They can be hit and miss, and my days of shuffling around in shoes are long behind me. I think some people assume I go into a charity shop and just buy anything. Which couldn't be further from the truth. It's great getting that chance find, those are always a little bit of magic. But in honestly I have a clear idea about what I want, in my younger years it was the frill of the buy. Now it's the thrill of putting together pieces that make up the look I have in my mind.

I know for some the idea of shopping at a charity shop is overwhelming, where to begin. But honestly it's really simple, I have written a post with tricks and tips here for any newbies. But my main tip is, have an idea of what your really looking for. Yes chance finds are great, and if you love it buy it. But a simple ' I need a red jumper' can narrow your search, save you time and money. I thought I would start sharing my finds each month, and what I was looking for vs what I got. Sometimes it can beg hit and miss, but that's the beauty of thrifting, charity shopping and boot sales. 

Pink Flamingo 

It started with the jacket, which my friend gave me. She was going away and gave me a bag of items to rummage through. I knew this jacket/shirt was going to be a keeper. I love the print, so when I saw this pink 90s dress I grabbed it. It cost me £4, and will be perfect for SS17 I love pink and this shade is perfect. I have some others light coats I know I will layer it with. In Sue Ryder I found these faux Converse, I have a lot of baby blue in my wardrobe already so thought that these would add a subtle colour black effect to my outfits and I snapped these up for £3. 

That 70s Show

It started with the red jumper, which is handmade. It's fitted and I was considering putting it back, but as I've started wearing high waisted jeans again it's perfect. It cost me £4 from Mind. I guess I still had that jumper in my mind when I went shopping and got the record for 50p, the beautiful vintage scarf for a £1 and the high waisted jeans that were also a £1. Simple yet perfect, I was considering turning the scarf into a cushion cover but it's too cute to cut up. I'm slowly building my vinyl collection, and this one has some pretty groovy tracks on. I had to go through the whole rack to find it, but I've played it a lot already. The jeans fit perfectly and are pretty basic, but I live in jeans so why pretend and buy a bunch of skirts and dresses I'll never wear. Knowing what you wear is a great when going thrift shopping. 

Trendy Much

'I don't really wear trends' is rubbish I say almost any time I talk about fashion. But of course I do, it's impossible not to when your inspiration comes from other bloggers, catwalks, and street style. So while I can't afford to buy every trendy piece going, I adapt it. I have a full on addiction to rainbow scarfs, I get cold and I wear them every single day so why not have bright happy ones. This one cost me £2 and I managed to grab another for £2.50 that I shared over on my Instagram - @Law1sfab . The corset top is everywhere, so I knew I was looking for something black as it goes with more and that looked bralet like. This little cutie has a button missing but for a £1, I really couldn't care less. When I washed it, I than noticed the unicorn at the bottom which now makes this the coolest thing I own. I also wanted a yellow top, yellow is a massive trend colour and this basic one is great for my love of layering. It's light so will take me into spring nicely. Also more jeans for £1, these are cropped so again are perfect for my summer wardrobe which I've start focusing on now. - Sorry cool jumpers. 

So these are just some of the things I've bagged this month. I didn't include everything, because honestly I'm embarrassed at how much I've bought lately. For March I'm putting a £5 cap on my spending, as I'm still in the process of sorting a massive hoard of stuff. I know that more has to go out than come in, so trying to keep that balance. If you read my post on Wellness, you can follow my journey on not only clearing crap from my life but also what books I'm reading to found out what it's all about. 

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