How I Wear: Double Denim

So our computer is finally up and running again, I've missed blogging so much and have a bunch of posts to share. I hope you all had a lovely Easter, our house seems to have chocolate in every cupboard which of course the kids have loved. I was seriously ill, but after weeks of being in bed and not pushing myself as hard I feel a lot better. I'm still taking it as easy were possible, but it's been great to get back into routine. I've been charity shopping again, so will share my finds as I got a fair bit. I thought I would kick this week off with an outfit as it's been great not to be wearing pjs. London's weather is a bit of a mix bag at the minute. Rather than trying to work out if I'll be reaching for a jumper, or stripping layers off. I've gone for comfortable wear, and double denim is always a go to for me. 

Glitter choker: Boohoo* (current season)
Faux fur shrug: Select fashion
Denim shirt: Primark via Sue ryder 
Rainbow knit crop top: Ebay
Jeans: Old
Boots: Primark (current season)
Bag: Next* (current season)

I'm still fully embracing the bralet trend, so grabbed my rainbow knit one to give my double denim some new life. I've had this denim shirt forever, it's from Primark but I picked it up at a charity shop. I've been watching The Runaways, and Dairy Of A Teenage Girl so glam rock and flares have been on my mind. I grabbed my faux fur shrug and faux snake skin boots, to punch it up as I don't feel ready for sandals yet. I love denim looks from the 70s, it was casual but somehow effortlessly cool. I like that it wasn't about looking polished, and that it was important to be wearing your favourite band tee. I'm still on the hunt for a denim flared jumpsuit, but for now I'm settle for my shirt and jeans. Of course I took my Girls bag (D.I.Y post here) to swagger about town. When I say swagger I mean walk like a zombie, and when I say town I mean close to home because I'm adjusting to being in the outside world again. How would you wear double denim? 

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