Summer On The Southbank

London is a strange beast, sometimes it feels grey and like if you have no money you may as well stay in. Other times the sun comes out and the city comes to life, free festivals etc and it's hard to pick what to do first. We were long overdue for a nice family day out, and Baz and I didn't want to head out too far. As the boys get hot and bothered, than we argue and it ruins the day. So Southbank is always a go too. They have a massive sandpit during the summer, that the boys absolutely love and let's us take in our surroundings without the boys nagging that they are bored. There are a heap of places to eat and drink, whatever your budget.

Royal Festival Hall

I have been coming here since I was little, my mum would take me on 'adventures' when she didn't have a lot of money. There were always things to do and see here, as she never wanted me to miss out. Now there is still plenty that it offers, exhibitions, festivals and music. We always check their website to see what's going on first, but you can just pop in to see what's going on. I wanted to see Falling shawls by artist Outi Pieski, I have a love of yarn as you know from my crochet posts. I thought there would be more if I'm honest, but they were beautiful the way that they mirrored each other and the space between them. I love that there's always something new. Last time we were there, the boys made bracelets and there was music playing on a different level. They have a cafe and shop there too, but we headed outside to the bar up top. Southbank in the summer has lovely views, I could watch the boats all day. 

We started off with Wahaca just across from Waterloo station, if you have never heard of it then your missing out. It's services traditional Mexican street food, and they have a good selection to choose from. You can get main dishes or put together your our tapas style selection. The kids menu is more limited, but thankful the boys enjoy it. But again for the price you could just section from the main menu. The food is amazing bursting with flavour, and so are the staff are warm and friendly. I had a really bad experience at the one on the southbank.  I would recommend the Waterloo one, as it's a short walk from there and get the real experience. My favourites are the sweet potatoes, rice and black beans with the Bajo Taco the buttermilk chicken it's spicy but just tastes so good. They have lots of vegetarian options as well, that are just as tasty. I would recommend the sweet potato and feta taquito, it's heaven. 

Baz and boys headed down by the water, I couldn't climb over the gate so let them enjoy some boy time. They enjoyed being closer to the boats, and 'being cool like daddy', it's nice to see them enjoy the city. When you live somewhere it's easy to take it for granted, I like that you will always spot something different here. That a simple drink and meal out, can be a little adventure. I love it when all the huts are out, selling different things Baz got me a wooden Moth necklace from one a while back, and there is a massive food market that's around the back of festival hall. We got a massive servicing of curry for £6, and it was so good. So if you live in London or just visiting, go enjoy the Southbank this summer it's packed with cool places and great for soaking in the city views. 

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