How I Wear: A Playsuit

I've been fully embracing the sunshine, and this year I've had my legs out nonstop. Usually I avoid showing them, as they're sensitive and hair removal leaves them in a state. This year I was too hot too care what anyone else though, I just wanted to feel the breeze on my skin and enjoy my days. I do love a playsuit, and it had been forever since I've worn one. I like being able to feel relaxed, and that I can eat what I like, sit how I like and not have to worry about adjusting my outfit. This denim beaut is super comfortable, and I like the fact the bottom half it's too short. I love that it's roomy, and the off the shoulder frill keeps from being too casual. 

Sunglasses: EBay
Choker: Boohoo*
Rainbow Bag: Skinny Dip london
Rainbow shoes: Red Or Dead

Denim is timeless as far as I'm concerned, so I think this will be a firm winner in my wardrobe. I've already started thinking of how I'm going to style it with tights and a polo neck for the colder months. I love clothing that just feels like it was made for you, I'm such a comfy first person. I love fashion, but I love feeling good more. So this Next playsuit I think is the perfect mix of style and comfort. I decided in true Laura style to throw all my rainbows on with it. I do love these shoes, as a short gal it's great to pretend that I have legs for days for a while. I've been living in flats and trainers, so wanted to feel my feet.  Of course my beloved Skinnydip bag hasn't left my side, and you would be surprised at how much you can get into it. 

I love my chunky earrings still, so just popped on my sparkle choker you know so it's not too OTT (okay feel free to laugh at that). I'm pleased I'm starting to embrace summer a bit more this year. To feel a little more confident to wear what I want, as soon I know I'll be back in my beloved jumpers and layers. But for now I'm just going to enjoy the sunshine, time with family and friends and ice cold drinks. 


  1. This whole outfit is amazing, I love the bag and the shoes. Red or Dead have such a timeless aesthetic, I'm sure I had some multi-colour striped shoes from them about 12 years ago. Love the playsuit too, I'm such a fan of them in the summer as they're so versatile for camping trips etc.

  2. I'm such a fan of Red or Dead too. Ever since Wayne Hemingway appeared on the Big Breakfast in the late 90s with a segment called 'Pensioner Chic' - nylon trousers pulled up high, NHS specs, mustard-coloured tank tops. Perfection.


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