How I Wear: Clashing Patterns

Clashing prints is so hit and miss, but if you don't try it you will never know. It feels like forever since I had a good play in my wardrobe, and worn something different from my usual everyday wear.  I took a bit of time out this month, I've been struggling with my depression and been finding it hard to shake myself out of it. So rather than being excited to go out, take photos, I've been spending my days repeating the same routine, and just trying to get through the day. But I'm starting to feel more myself again, and bored of my routine which is a sign that my social anxiety is easing. On a plus of being indoors, I sorted through my wardrobe, and pieced items I had together to try and take the stress out of what to wear. 

Jacket : (D.I.Y here)
Bag: Dune*
Stripe jeans: Topshop
Rainbow sliders: Ego*
Gingham top: Primark -A dress I made into a top.

It's so great just to do even the little things, I had so much I could of done this month and just couldn't bring myself to get dressed up and be around people. This was a while ago, but it was a really good day. I treated myself to cake and coffee and decided to put my 'to do' list on hold. I put on a little makeup, and thought to hell with it. On went my Topshop stripe trousers and I finally wore my 'dress to D.I.Y off the shoulder top' gingham top. I hadn't worn the dress in forever, so busted out my sewing machine and got to work. Despite the weather, I put on my fluffy rainbow sliders as colour always makes me feel a little better. 

I promise I will share a how to on how I transformed it, as it's so simply. Great for if your trying to up-cycle more pieces in your wardrobe, or for anyone on a spending ban. This outfit is hit and miss, but I was happy to be excited about picking out a nice outfit to wear. I hate that when I'm down I just live in whatever, it makes me feel worst. I have so many nice summer things, and it's now been raining in London. So I'm putting them on hold, till it's brighter again. I'm not really a summer person, I adore winter as I'm all about layering. I think I just need to play more with my summer wardrobe, be brave and care less about if it 'works'. 

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  1. I always want to try the clashing patterns thing but I always chicken out - love the look of these together. And cant believe that top is DIYed, I was going to ask where it was from until I saw that! Sophie xxx


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