DIY Day | Crochet Projects 003

After spending a whole day, working on a piece only to burn the middle while blocking. I decided that rather than cry and get myself in a state, I'd vent on twitter and fingers crossed someone could talk me back from binning all my work and throwing the crochet town in. Yes I was feeling dramatic, but anyone who has done this will understand seeing your hardworking ruined in 5 secs flat. Thankfully Isobel being the babe she is, gave me words of comfort and I thought about all the work I hadn't burnt. So in light of staying positive, and for any other crochet peeps who have had a blocking disaster. It happens, we all mess up but don't lose all hope. Here's some of the pieces I've worked on since my last crochet projects post

Over The Rainbow Granny Square Cardigan (seen above) - I had seen these cardigans everywhere, and I'm surprised I never made one before. All your making is two Hexagon granny squares (not that different from a regular granny square) that you just have to join them together and you can make a basic cardigan. A great project for beginners who want to practise more, as it uses double crochet (US) thought out. I searched for the basic pattern, and found a great way here showing step by step. Than I decided what colours to use and how big I wanted it. As you know by now I like to use Woolcraft, as it washes well and the colours are dreamy. 

Hook used: 5.00m 

Rainbow Cover up- As I made the rainbow top before, I wanted to make one without the band at the bottom. This was from my own freestyle, but next time I make one I'm going to share a pattern with you all. It's really simple, but when I was working it out it takes a while so next time I'm going to write it all down. 

Mollies Makes Issue 66, 'Lazy days tank' top by Jennifer Reid-  So sadly can't find the pattern online (not sure I can share it either I'll look into it), but they have a bunch of other projects. This was from a while ago now, and part fail. I was making it while travelling, and as it was all in UK terms which I'm not use to I found it hard to follow. So it ended up being over sized (seems to be a theme with me). But I decided to rescue it by making a gathered bottom. I just added lines of Single crochet (US term) and a tie, and I've worn it heaps of times. It's really nice to layer over dresses and I love the colours combo. I will try and make another, as I think it's great to challenge yourself more and more with crochet. Otherwise you end up being scare to try something different, and practise really does make perfect in crochet land. 

Hook Used - Not sure,  but larger than hook recommend in pattern. 

Ziggy Stardust Lives On - Yes I made another one of this pattern, because it's awesome and I was emotional about Bowie. So my hook came out and I knocked this up in a day. If you read this post ages ago, you would know I have a rainbow version and I also have a pink and blue one so I'm up to three now. The truth is, they are simple and they fit so well. I like changing up the colours, and you can really play with it. This beauty  I found over on Bobs channel, she shows you how to follow the pattern by Cre8tion crochet  who is a genius and has heaps more if your after new projects. 

Hook size: 6.00m

So I hope this inspires you, and if you have burn a project than finish it (this is what I'm doing, I give zero shits at this point). Or take a break and move on to something new. If you do try any of these projects than hashtag #Lawdiyday so I can have a look. You can also see what I'm crocheting over on Instagarm with the #lawdoescrochet hashtag. 

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