Pop Art Nails

Primark Nails £1 per pack (pack includes 24 nails)

As usually my own nails are long I have not worn false nails in forever, but as mine all snapped and I saw these that I though what have I got to lose for one pound. The pack comes with a tube of nail glue, and 24 nails that are different sizes to get the perfect fit for your nail. I love that these are short, as I find the longer the false nail the more likely it is to fall off (usually when your shopping, it's never fun trying to track it down). So no having to cut and shape it and losing all the pretty print. 

The print itself is really cute, except there's a tiny little bit of white at the top. To be honest I don't really care, as these look and feel good on so I can handle a little flaw. I ended up buying some of the other designs and think they are well worth it. They also have nail wraps if you don't like false nails, and they are always added new designs. I think it's my bargain of 2014 for sure. 


  1. These look so cool! I wear contacts so false nails are a no-go, I'm happy to hear that Primark do nail wraps too :) xx

  2. Those are gorgeous! I'd love to rock some pop-art nails at the next comic convention i go to :) Just wish there was a primark in my neck of the woods.

  3. Love these, really pretty design
    Would be great for accent nails too!



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