How I Wear: A Jumper & A Midi Skirt

Coat: Primark (old)
Nails: Primark

So Yesterday I put on my boots as my back was a little better, but I'm still taking it easy (thank you for your lovely comments) but to be honest I would rather be in PJ's and catching up on the many nights of last night, eye bags are not welcome. So I thought if I wore enough colour, it would distract from my zombie like state. I love the print of this skirt, it's vintage 80s and is a little too big so I belt it to make it fit just right. I don't have the heart to store away this jumper, skeletons are not just for Halloween in my book. 

Don't be afraid to clash and mash a patterned jumper and skirt, as long as you can make the colours match with similar coloured accessories it will work. Don't be afraid of getting it wrong, as the more you try different combinations you will get a couple that look amazing. 


  1. This is such a cute combination; love how your bag brings it all together!

  2. The jumper is fabulous!!!
    Can I ask what size you bought?

    Thank you xxxx

  3. This outfit rocks! Love to see some color! The pattern mix is awesome and I adore that pink fur collar!


  4. That skirt is so bad it's good- I love it! x

  5. Love the skellie top - That looks great - but wow - those nails - How coooooool

  6. Oh wow your hair is amazing! I love the contrast between your top and your skirt, so nice!


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