My Everyday Eyeliner: Glam'Eyes By Rimmel

I've not really shared much of what beauty products I've been using lately, so I thought I'd show you my everyday eyeliner first as I get asked about it a lot. I've been using Glam'Eyes for a while now (this must be like my 25th one), I tend to line my eye's everyday as I just look odd without it. I don't really wear false lashes so just like a little something to make my eye pop. I also go back to this product because the liquid inside is thick so you don't have to go over the same line a 100x times. 

The brush also is pretty easy to master, and because it's thin you can get the liner to be more equal on either side. I think that's what has let a lot of other eyeliners down, great product but a rubbish brush. It's great for if you want a really thin swoop, or if you prefer a massive flick. I like the packaging, the top just screws off and the handle top is pretty long so you can get a good grip. I find it easy to hold the liquid liner in one hand while applying, which  agin with some liners isn't possible without ending up with panda eyes. The best thing is that it's only £5.29 and lasts ages, of course as it's an eye product I tend to buy a new one regularly. I think I will be trying the new Scandaleyes micro eyeliner too, I love an eyeliner so I'll let you know what it's like and if it beats this one. 


  1. I'm in need of a new liner as my Sephora one has run dry! Cheers for the review, i'll be picking this up next time im out :)


    Sade xo

  2. I really want to try this, it sounds great! x


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