Hello Kitty Lipstick Collection (From Primark)

I've always been a massive fan of Hello Kitty, but like any grow up I resist buying all the merch as there's just so much now you would need a couple Disney size kingdom to stash it all in. So when I spied these lipsticks in Primark, it was a sign. Hello Kitty themed, check. Practical, check, check and check. Also did I mention that these are only £1.50 each, so you can get all four for a mere £6! The day I got them I was on my way to buy some new MAC lippy, but I took a chance and went for these instead and treated myself to  some other bits. 

So are they any good, Firstly the packaging is so cute that I have had to have them out on display. They are the perfect thing to have on your dresser. Product wise, I was pleasantly surprised, they are highly pigmented and are not as dry as other lipstick I have. I would say my least favourite is Baby Doll, as it doesn't really suit my skin tone as it's a shimmery orange tone. Betz Believe is a great nude, and is my day lipstick it reminds me of Pink Plaid by MAC but I find it's a little darker but it's one of my favourites but I wish it lasted a bit longer still a great bargain. 

Blazin, is a hot red almost like Lady Danger by MAC but not as orange. It's such a great red, it instantly makes my lips look fuller and lasted even with drinks and food with minimal top up.Than there's Underground Queen, which looks like it will be more of a purple shade but is my a candy pink. I'd say MAC wise it's in-between Girl about town and Candy Yum Yum but I really love it. I do still adore high end lipsticks as of course you have more shades to pick from, and they last maybe a little while longer. But for £1.50 they are more than I excepted, and I have already gone back to buy all of them apart from Baby Doll. I actual think they are the perfect lipstick for taking out, I've had lipstick break on me too many times to take out my pricey ones but these are cheap as chips. The only tip I can give you as simple as it is, (and downside) is these don't come sealed so make sure you check that the lipstick is not broken or used.


  1. ah I spotted these in superdrug a while back, i think they stopped selling them though! wow they are super cheap! xx

  2. OMG I never knew they sold these in Primark. I absolutely adore them! x

  3. I need these, just for the packaging alone! x

  4. Nice!! I would never have guessed these were from Primark if you had not said so
    The quality seems really nice for the price too


  5. oh, they´re so pretty!!! Especially "Betz Believe" ♥


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