Halloween Nails: Simple Glam Look With Beauty UK & O.P.I

As easy as nail art can be (practice makes perfect) I know for some of you it's just a no no, so here's a simple glam look for Halloween nails to go with any outfit. In the past years I've shown D.I.Y guides on a cobweb look and  slime nails , and next week I will be showing you some simple nail art for Halloween if you prefer fun to glam. This look is so simple and quick, so if your off to a party after work this is the look for you. You could always shape your nails first, maybe go for a more pointed nail like the stiletto shape. Sadly mine are not long enough yet, but this shape is perfect for Halloween.

Base Coat: After applying a clear base coat,  apply two coats with a  dark shimmer purple ( I used OPI 52*, part of their core line) to get a really strong colour to make the glitter really stand out. 

Top Coat: Once the base coats are fully dry, apply two coats of a glitter polish you have (I used Beauty Uk Intergalactic*, which has a mix of coloured glitter both big and small) Than you can always finish with a clear top coat, so that it lasts longer. You could always add some 3D nail art, maybe some mini skull heads or bats just press them on the wet polish and they will stay in place. 

So I hope this helps, I know it's simple but it still makes for a really nice nail look for those that are in a rush or can't get the hang of nail art. 


  1. Gorgeous! I love the glitter <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. Love your photos with the Halloween things and I love the glitter polish :)


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