Halloween Nails: Six Perfect Shades

As I said over on twitter I am doing a Halloween series so today is the first in many posts to come this month. I was going to start with some nail art, but thought I would ease you in and so I picked my top six Halloween nail polish shades. These are great for everyday wear, and will get you in the spooky spirit of this month. 

Blood red nails

So I have picked two, a shocking bright red by Nailgirls London, and than a zombie dark reddish plum by Pixi. I love both these colours and they are great autumn shades, I think the bright red works with colours and the Deepest Dahlia is great to work with monochrome and add a little vamp. You may need two coats of this polish as it's a darker colour. I found I only needed one coat of the red for even coverage.

Always Pink

I know some of you love pink no matter what, so why don't try Topshop Paint it on. It's pink with a red hue to it, and is the perfect 'pink nail' for Halloween. A great tip for if you are useless at nail art or don't have the time, is to buy nail decals you can get these from most drugstores and online and they come in a massive range of designs. 

Witching hour

This gel nail polish from Claire's is one of my favourite black shades, the polish is semi matt and you do need a few coats but the results are so worth it. If black is a little much, why not try a dark purple, Barry M Indigo is shade a deep shade and has a blue hue to it. Or if you don't like black or a bold colour, than a foil like sliver can give your nails a ghostly edge. This polish from F&F Casino Nights, is not only cheap but hard wearing too this is also great for using on an accent nail to break up those darker nail shades.

So these are my picks, what is your favourite shade of Halloween inspired nail colour? Let me know. 

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