How I Got Rainbow Hair

As promised I'm taking you on my hair colour journey, and as you may have seen I dyed my hair rainbow colours. There's no set way on doing this, as there are so many ways to dye the hair believe it or not. I wanted a rainbow mix, rather than colour blending over where the colours fit together in a colour wheel. I decided to take chunky sections of the hair, as you will find topping up hair dye a lot easier than small tricky sections. So as always step one is the same, reach for that bleach. 

Firstly I had to bleach my roots than worked the bleach down the lengths as I had old colour to remove. I  am still using Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL 00A Absolute Platinum as it's not as harsh as some other bleach kits. Never apply bleach to clean hair, it strips your hair of oils so making sure you leave it a couple of days will give you the best result. Make sure your hair is dry, than follow the instructions step by step, make sure the bleach has no lumps and is yoghurt like in texture (it may be a little runner). This will insure that your hair won't break and that it lifts and you get the same colour over all. I skipped toning my roots as I was going to apply dye once my hair had fully dried, but you can use toner if your using pastel shades to remove the yellow from the blonde, making it more white blonde.


This is the most important step, so rushing it will cause you a lot of trouble later. I took hair bands (I redid them after taking the photo as the ends would have been covered in dye) and tied my hair in mini buns. It may take time but trust me it's worth it, or you could end up colouring your whole bathroom in dye and blending all the colours. 

I'm using:
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 90 Fiery Copper*
Directions Fluorescent Glow
Crazy Colour Sky Blue
Directions Spring Green
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 94 Purple Punk*
Crazy Colour Canary Yellow
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL HD 93 Shocking Pink*


Make sure to premix all your chosen colours, you do not want to do this while dying your hair again preparation is key to the finished result. Have your foil squares ready to apply once colour is applied. For any colours that where a little too dark I added a little conditioner to lighten the colour, make sure it's fully mixed. Make sure your hair is dry, I've been dying my hair forever now and found my colour lasts twice as long as it really takes to the hair. Pick one colour to apply -Go one by one with colour placement, and rinse all colour from your gloves and brush to start the next colour. Let out one section at a time and than pin or foil once done. I messed it up the first time (it happens) as I made my colours too light and rushed. 

The second time I started at the root like I do with bleaching, rubbed the dye in on both sides and down the length of the hair than wrapped foil around it-  You could also use bobby pins, hair bands etc... Once I had applied all the colours I left it for two hours than rinsed them all out together in cool water, if you use hot you will lose colour and the end result won't be as dramatic.  I added some canary yellow by directions over some of the neon yellow, to blend it out more into the other colours. But it's really up to you which colours you want, so I hope this helps and I would love to know if you try this. The fade is pretty strong, and topping up can be a pain so be prepared for topping up often for vivid colour payoff. 


  1. Woah this looks amazing, you did such a great job! xx

  2. Your hair turned out so, so stunning! I really want to do a pastel rainbow look in mine, maybe if I'm spending more time at festivals dressed as mermaids and fairies this summer! Xo

  3. Yay, I'm so excited this is up! Once my hair gets longer I'll definitely be trying something like this out... I've got the bright hair bug now!



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