LFW: Day 2 Outfit | Flower Power

This season I was pretty much all over the shop, I had planned nothing and only had a very basic plan. No shows and no outfits, which are probably the two most important things of LFW. So I decided the day before to make a bag and skirt from fabrics I had at home, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. As this year it was being held in Soho, I wanted to wear something that reflected the soho scene. So of course I needed some rainbow in there, and added in a dash of fun with my Absolutely Fabulous quote. I went for a 60s feel, as the 60s was possible thee sassy decade yet.

Photos By: Stacey from Style Speaks louder Than Words 
Top: Old
Skirt: Made by me
Bag: Made by me
Shoes and socks: Ebay
Wooden Watch: Jord*

Thankfully Boohoo had workshops for the weekend, so I had this fab flower wall to snap some photos. Plus  we learned all about vlogging and got to see some amazing catwalk inspired looks from their current A/W collection  As I'm sure you have probably read by now, that Brewer Street Soho is worlds apart from Somerset house - Goodbye glamour and personal space. To get any street style photos you have to dodge cars, while being careful not to elbow someone else in the face. Getting to shows or presentations is a battle, of getting pass tourist who literally slap you with their smartphones trying to get a photo of your outfit. 

Thankfully I and the other bloggers were invite to some presentations, so we could escape the outside madness and enjoy drooling at all the amazing new collections - Which I'll be sharing soon. I think seeing new collection made it, plus spending time with everyone we powered on together.  I think we all felt it this season, and it's a shame as there was such amazing street style too which is a massive part of LFW now and it seemed to get lost amongst street life. 


  1. Really love your skirt, and what a fab backdrop that flower wall makes!

  2. love your outfit - wish i could make stuff like that! making it my mission to get to lfw next year! wasnt sure when i heard about the new location tho :/ x http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/born-wild.html

  3. Oh my god your bag!!! It's so cute! Can I have your bag and skirt making talents please?

  4. The combination of that top with your hair is just perfect!

    Maria xxx


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