How I Wear: A Crochet Jumper

Firstly 'hey ant-poison, thanks for ruining my photos', this is what happens when it begins to rain and you you don't have any other time to take your outfit photo. This outfit was too cute not to share, you probably know the feeling. I swear when I have my any old tat outfit on, it's sunny I'm in a great place where I know for a fact if I were wearing something nice it would be a dream. I gave my new wooden watch another outing, and I'm shocked at how many times I've checked it. Far better than having to dig around my bag for my phone. 

Rainbow Crocheted Jumper: eBay
Acid wash Jeans: Primark*
Bag: Swap shop
Pom pom biker Jacket: D.I.Y

So background woes aside, I had the best luck winning this beautiful crochet jumper on eBay  My aunt had one when I was younger and I loved hers so much, I still don't know where it went. Than after seeing some sassy girls, rocking them again over on Instagram it  became a mission to track one down. It's hand crocheted as well, and as someone who has starting crocheting myself I really appreciate how much time and love went into it. I'm living in these acid wash jeans, Primark have some great high waisted ones at the moment so I literally got every shade of denim going. They are so prefect teamed with my favourite Converse, for my casual everyday wear. I probably will get another pair of these trainers, as I'm pretty sure these ones will fall apart soon as I wear they to death during autumn. 

My little Logan is not so little anymore, and starts nursery this week (only part time) but I'm excited and a little nervous. Corben (my other son) is back at school and already making me proud, it's his birthday later this month. So it's going to be non stop, I'm looking forward to getting into a routine and having a little free time. I really want to get back into doing my D.I.Y projects, and maybe even going for the odd coffee. Knowing me I'll probably spend it just pinning stuff, damn you Pinterest. 


  1. omg! that jacket! im in lovvveee! looks great with the crochet, so. many.colours! <3 x

  2. amazing jumper! and jacket! <3

  3. You look amazing (as ever!) here Law! I can't believe Logan is starting nursery, I can remember when he was born!

    Maria xxx


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