London Fashion Week- Master Of Cobbles

I couldn't help but notice that most people were taking photos with their iPhone, rather than a camera. It was actual shocking how many people were snapping on their phones, cameras seemed to be a rare sight. I guess I'm still a little old school like texting my friend to meet up was a huge deal, how I ever met anyone before that I'll never know. 

I think phones are great from a fashion perspective, everyone has those days were you see someone dressed in thee most amazing outfit and no camera. With a phone you can get a quick snap, oh you don't just me randomly staking people than. I think I should start snapping more on my phone, as it's so instant and there's no need to spend ages editing etc ... Than again I love these photos, I don't think anyone likes the phone bur when you have one chance at getting a snap. So back to London Fashion Week, I promise Sunday I something different for you and I will reveal who the five winners are of the Witch skincare giveaway! 

Eleonora Carisi - famous blogger who is stunning!
Lovely ladies who's style I adore!
Kelly Brook, who got mobbed!

So more street style snaps for you to be inspired by, I wish I could print them all off and have them in a book as London's street style is beyond cool! I love how relaxed we are, and that we are not afraid of taking a chance and maybe getting it wrong. I even saw the gorgeous Eleonora Carisi who has been blogging forever, and has a really cool edgy style. Italians do it better and a that. 

Chris met Corrie- post here
Brownies, yes food at LFW!
Music Break with my new Sony headphones*
Corrie Nielson show
The amazing and wonderful Lou and Jayne

It's mad that me and Jayne who blogs over at Jaynes kitschen  have spoken on twitter forever, but never met so when we bumped to each other it was fate. She has a great beauty blog that you should check out by the way, I love meeting people in real life but I aways feel like I'm such a nerd. How amazing is her friends hair too, makes me miss that colour dip dye so bad. I also bumped into beauty Reena, if you don't know this bigger you must be living under a rock! Reena writes a fashion blog and has coverage of some amazing shows!

More celebrity spotting there was, Kelly brook who literally had everyone around her and a guy filming actual fall over poor thing as he was filming her- you can spot me in the background looking all stalker like! There was also stunning Delilah, she had pom pom shoes and hair like a goddess, seriously we need her secret! Also Kate Nash who was being interviewed by the fab Chris from 55 Factory! Loved her victory rolls and she is mega tall, I felt like I should have been painted blue and been a smuf- I'm so short.She has a new album coming out too, which such be interesting.

Also met Jazz who blogs over at Utter Jazz and I have to say this girl has style to die for, the JC boots and lilac hair and army jacket new inspiration for me to bog stalk! haha I'm joking ...okay maybe not. One thing I don't miss about London Fashion Week are those cobbles, I swear my feet still hurt!

Chris from 55 Factory interviewing Kate Nash
Reena  from Fashion daydreams
How fab does  Jazz from  Utter Jazz dress!
Lovely ladies with great style
Papping celeb's again this time the wonderful Delilah

Stay tuned for more mini fashion feast posts, to give you a taste of London Fashion Week 2012


  1. well worth taking the real camera then!

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  3. Loving all your street style pics!

  4. oooooo some wicked street style shots AND your boots amazing.

    J x

  5. Such cool street style, great inspiration! xx


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