Corrie Nielsen S/S 2013 Collection & 55 Factory

I'm actual in love with this collection, I think Corrie Nielsen has such an amazing talent and vision this show was truly breath taking. I felt like I was watching caged birds fly for the first time, thanks to the lovely Lois who's now part of the wonderful 55 Factory team (Chris interviewing, Nick filming and Joe getting everything up online) I could have easily gone and elbowed a model in the face - I would never do that, but that's how close I was to all the action. 

I also got to chat with Corrie after Chris from 55 Factory had interviewed her. It was so surreal meeting her after seeing what she had created, and hearing abut her inspiration for this collection. Corrie Nielsen is so relaxed and a pleasure to talk with, I think she is going to go from strength to strength.



The collection was based on a trip to the Royal Botanic gardens at Kew, I love how deconstructed this collection was but some how still structured in an organic way. As if the clothing grew around the models somehow, the dresses were stunning and the dress below was the final piece I think from the front it looks like a tulip upside down. 

I think everyone held their breath, and I could mentality hear women photographing it with their minds, as their dream wedding dress inspiration. I think the colours and the fabrics were perfect, and maybe the square box dress was a little bizarre but this collection left me on a visual high. Models walked at a dream like speed, it was wonderful as people could take photos and still enjoy the show. I can't stand when them stomp down, and in a seconds it's over I think it added to the fairy tale feel of this collection. It really made my London Fashion Week real!

I felt like she had captured the best parts of the Kew gardens, and transformed them into magical like pieces. The hair and makeup fit in too, it was sleeked back most of the time, and combed out almost bird like but it didn't take over from the clothing. With a bronze like power to the top of the face, made the modes bend into the outfits.
Thank you so much to Lois for inviting me a long, it was magic!

What do you think of the collection? Stayed tuned as there are more  London Fashion week posts to come.

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