It's Only Fashion But I Like It!- London Fashion Week

I was waiting in line for a show when I thought I recognise this pretty girl, it was only Company's columnist Jameela Jamil! She was waiting with everyone and than a guy came over to take her into the show, so I quickly asked for a snap. She was munching on popcorn I think, and we joked that maybe the shoot would look better without it. 

She's so down to earth and her style was flawless as ever. I love reading her column in Company, and just how real she is I think this has just made me adore her even more! I hope I see her again, as I always love seeing what she has on her style is so  quirky meets cool but in a grown up way. 

Sophie from - La Fashion Folie
Pearl from - Fashion Pearls Of Wisdom
Hannah from- Bow Dream Nation & Jen from- A Little Bird Told Me 

I always love seeing Hannah and Jen, they are so bubbly and easy to be around perfect pals for London Fashion Week. Hannah's flatforms strap broke, so I went into mum mode and got her to put her flats on before she injured herself! I bumped into Pearl while I was there, not literally that would have been awkward. She introduced me to her friends Sophie and Katie, who have amazing blogs! I thought it would be rude not to snap their outfits, such a savvy stylist bunch!

Pearl has some of the best coverage of London Fashion Week I've ever seen, so if you want to see catwalk coverage and some mega street style shoots than check out her blog. I feel like we have always know each other, she's a great person to be around I feel like we bounce energy off one another and we both have pretty creative style. She style's outfits far better than me, and she is the queen at finding designer bargains! We were talking while stood against a wall with our phones out, and joking how 'social' we looked it's the 'faShion way darling'. Than noticed that there was actual a man snapping away, so I'm sure that is flowing around on the web somewhere.

A girl with thee coolest shirt ever!
 Cathryn from- Little Paper Swans
Katie from- Glass Of Fashion
Amy, PR for Dune aka the nicest person you could ever met!

Also a guy called 'Sugarpuff' -Yes you read that correctly was filming, and some how got me, Pearl and Cathryn to DANCE in front of everyone. Oh the shame and horror of it, note to self do NOT dance at London Fashion Week. Than later I spotted them getting Dionne Bromfield (who looked stunning) to do the same, so the shame melted away ish.

I adore this lot!
All Images  are mine

Stay tuned for more mini fashion feast posts, to give you a taste of London Fashion Week 2012


  1. Amazing photos! You're sooo lucky Xx

  2. Fab pics hun! :) xo

  3. Love these shots! Hannah x

  4. Inspiring!!
    When you find time check out my last post on Kim Kardashian.

  5. You are now my eyes and ears for the rest of fashion week! I love Jameela Jamil. So jealous x

  6. seems like you had a pretty swell time, good stuff!


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