The London Fashion Week Experience S/S 2013

So Friday I got my fashion taste buds filled to the brim. My three year old Corben decided to keep me up most of the night, so I look like fashion road kill. But with my new business cards in hand I decided to grab my pass and just enjoy the day, and I did eye bags aside. It's so refreshing to see bloggers you know, I'm not going to lie it can be overwhelming so it's great to see a friendly face.

People were filling the courtyard and it was a photo fest- I loved the street style and while many were snapping away at the very 'on trend' peeps, I was looking for people who just had natural style. I filled my memory card quicker than people instagraming photos of Starbucks! So I will have lots of posts showing street style and I have another catwalk show too, I also snapped a few celebs. I have already posted about the Zeynep Tonsun show, I attend thanks to the wonderful Amy. Catwalks can be really strange, one part of you just wants to sit back and enjoy, but the blogger part of me wants to share it.

Me & Jen from - A little bird told me
Possible two of thee most stylish people there, love them
The lovely Motel Rocks girls  - Check out Selina blog here
Sara from Saraluxe

It was great to chat to people I hadn't seen in forever, and see what shows they were attending. Also to street style snap their outfits, I adored Jen's Zara necklace and who can resist a cat tee. I have more, so will share them in the next post! Sara was filming for Missguided and looked amazing, I swear she was photography by everyone but how could you not- pleated skirt and that jacket perfect combo! I spent most of the morning chatting with friends and than before we knew it, everyone was dashing off to shows. Trust me it's easy to forget about the shows, when there's a buzz in the air outside you don't want to miss anything. 

Lois was with thee amazing folk from 55 Factory, they were interviewing heaps of celeb's and they really made me feel part of their team. They work so hard, but make everything seem effortless and I adore that about them. Lois had on a jacket by The ragged priest that was so unreal, I think it had the whole courtyard drooling over it! So with my half eaten sandwich stuffed into my bag, it was back to hitting the cobbles and going to see shows.

Susie Bubble hard at work -she's so nice, and let me take this photo (fangirled a little)

Thee ├╝ber cool Lois from - Bunnipunch
Sarah from - Stil-Sraide
A very cool pair making high street look flawless

Once the shows had finished, I went back into 'snap street style' mode and felt at home along side everyone else, asking random people 'can I take your picture'. I did have to laugh when someone asked to take a photo of my hair, but said and I quote 'Not your face!' so turning away in disbelief that anyone could be that rude, she snapped me and   I'm guessing jumped on her broom to go steal candy from a baby.

I met Sarah who has one of thee most fantastic street style sites I have ever seen, I am addicted already! She also has great style herself, and when I saw she had on Jeffery Campbell's on I had to snap her. I love how she mixed so much colour and print, and kept it looking chic! After a long day of shows and cobbles it was so great to just seat down, and have a chat with my blog pals and reflect on shows we had seen. We were looked after by the amazing team in the glam media lounge, so a massive thank you to them for the perfect end to the perfect day. Have a look at their coverage of fashion shows, they have such amazing photos.

Poster by Topshop
All images taken by  me, apart from the first.

Stay tuned for more mini fashion feast posts, to give you a taste of London Fashion Week 2012


  1. Awesome pics and now I know why your feet hurt with all that trapsing around on cobbles! Thanks for keeping us posted on all the fun at LFW :)

    1. aww thank you, yeah I want to share the fun side, you know me I would choose style over fashion any day xx

  2. this is about the most colourful most i've never seen on your blog, great snaps. certainly brightened my day up

    1. aww thank Mat, hey you and Holly have got to come to the next LFW! It would be amazing to meet you both and you would LOVE it!

  3. amazing pictures x x



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