London Fashion Week S/S 2013: Zeynep Tosun

I thought rather than loading you all up on London Fashion week, I would give your eyes mini fashion feasts. I don't know about you but last year I loved seeing collections, London is really living up to it's iconic fashion status. Now for those of you who are not into high fashion, fear not I aways find it's great to see what styles will influence the high street brands.

I think Zeynep Tosun collection will be one of them, this collection was clean and cuts were sharp in soft textured fabrics with a sports luxe edge. The exposed midriff was a strong look. Layered with a blazer and metal detailed cap, I can see this being big next season. Or you could try the crop top in sheer layered fabrics, I adore the neck detailing and shoulder straps she showcased.


I think the hats and caps gave the soft simple pieces, a structured finish. Veils were also a big part of the collection, which mixed well with the polo feel of the outfits and hats. Or you could go for a few spikes in the hair - Maybe try a headband instead with the low ponytail.

Colours were muted in whites and creams, mixed with cassia back but it made the metal detail pop. There were a couple of printed pieces, which had an amazing tattoo style to them in the form of dragons. 
The polo neck dress with cut out arm detail was sexy and stylish, and I loved the simple ankle cuffed shoes. As for hair, it's all about the low ponytail, because it's all about the hat -Perfect on those lazy hair days.

Things to note:
  • High caps, and low ponytails
  • Spikes in the hair
  • Midriff on show worn with either high waist trousers or a textured skirt
  • Structured layering
  • Muted colours or black in mixed textures

 All images taken by me

Stay tuned for more mini fashion feast posts, to give you a taste of London Fashion Week 2012


  1. i didnt notice the spikes til u pointed them out! i love showing a tiny bit of midriff with high waisted shorts :)

  2. It was really lovely to meet you too at LFW,
    fabulous blog and thank you for letting me know about the picture Sara posted :)


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