My Celebrity Fashion Re-Launch - 'Stealing Celebrity Style' Not Literally

Chucking clothes on the bed, I realised I had to just throw something on my back or I was going to be late for the relaunch of 'My Celebrity Fashion'. Now before you go thinking this is just one of many 'celebrity wannabe fashion sites' think again, this site has fashion news, fashion sales and a tab for discounts! I love a site that can offer you deals on brands, so you don't have to use your rent money to look good.

Top: New Look/ Skirt: eBay / Necklace: Old

So with my new skull shirt firmly on my back, I was happy to see who else was going to be there. Yep I love the thrill of meeting blogging friends and making new ones, it's the best part of blogging. So Clare and I trotted down to Shoreditch, to a trendy bar which although was stupidly hot had a great vibe about it. It wasn't long before I spotted people I knew left and right, it was a bloggers take over !

My arm party and nails
Milly/Banx/Clare/Steph/Sheila/Emily/Kim/ Julia
Motel Rocks

I finally got to meet Kim -Sweet Monday! I also meet heaps of new lovely bloggers, which was great I love discovering new blogs and speaking to the people that write them. Everyone was chatting and it was such a relaxed event, The Motel rocks crew were there showing off their as latest collection - check out their press day here. We were chatting to the lovely Selina from Mote rocks, and talking about the new 'Eye rocks' which is like instant eye liner - They have crystal ones and heaps of different designs!

I also briefly chatted with Stuart, who has one of thee funniest bogs and caught up with Natasha (also shortlisted for a Cosmo award) who I hadn't seen in forever, and got to meet her boyfriend Callum who designed her amazing blog 

Rare London ladies Rhiannon & Sophie
Hannah in a dress from Wish Want Wear
Bobbie's Clutch and nails
Some of the amazing team from My Celebrity Fashion
Me & Kim
Me/ ShabnaElodieMichelle/ Aisling/ Steph/ Kim/ Makaila & friend / Emily

The lovely PR team from Rare London where there too, I did an interview with them so that should be interesting. I love their style and they were such sweeties, they had a giveaway to win £200 shopping spree!

There was also 'Wish Want Wear ' there which is any fashion dreamers nirvana, you can hire items of must have designer clothing! Seriously if I had any where other than the local super market to be, than I would be rocking this dress for sure. As they say 'dress like a million bucks, without a million bucks' who knows maybe I will do this for the Cosmo blog awards! Aisling and I were gashing over dresses and jackets it was hard not too. They even had a giveaway of 6 months free hire, sadly I didn't win so no doing my daily shop in designer darling.

Than it all seemed to rush by, and soon it was time to jump on the tube and peel off my false eye lashes before bed- So glam I know. I had such a great night and meet so many people, it was lovely to meet you all and a huge thank you to Shannon for inviting me and to the team for a great event! 

Clare & Rare Ladies
Me & Scott from Webgains
Andy & Scott with Hannah from My Celebrity Fashion


  1. Sounds like you had such a lovely time! And your outfit was gorgeous (:

  2. Loving your arm candy! And your nails are cute too.

  3. Love you skirt, Looks like you had fun :) xx

  4. Gorgeous blog post from an equally beautiful lady. Was great to meet you on the night, glad you enjoyed yourself. Loving your pick from Wish Want Wear xx

  5. I love your nails and your outfit. Sounds like you had heaps of fun!

  6. Was sooo fab to meet you :D Must see you again soon! xx

  7. Such a good night, nice to meet you! Hopefully it won't be the last! xx

  8. It was such a good night! So lovely to meet you, hopefully it won't be the last time! xxx


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