GHD Style & Protect Gift Set

I think ghd is a brand that has a cult following, it's one of those rare brands that you know if your getting some as a gift you can be happy and even excited. This said it's always nice to know that a brand really is living up to it's name. The folks at Best British Bloggers did just that by asking me to review some, so here I'm going to see if the 'ghd Style & Protect gift sets' can tame my 'dry as a bone' bush like hair. This is going to be a challenge!

ghd gift set* Best British bloggers

I love the box the products come in, it's also totally wrap friendly I think if I was buying this for my mum, or a friend it would be easy and not a mission to wrap (perfect for us who are not gifted in the wrapping department). It also protects the sprays from getting damaged, I've kept it for storing bits in so that got bonus points from me I hate overkill on packaging.

  • Paddle Hair brush- I know a lot of people will say a brush is a brush, this is not true usually my other brushes tend to have a tough time getting through my dry knots in my hair. This didn't, it's got a little weight to it but my hair was brushed and ready to style quickly. I like that at the bottom it has the 'ghd' too, simple but cute. 
  • Hair clips- Yeah can't rave about hair grips/clips they do the job, and are always great if you have a fringe. I think I will use these and the brush the most, as these come in handy for when I did my makeup too. Don't know about you, but foundation in my hair is no fun to remove.

  • Hair Spray Straight & Smooth- This comes out like a sprites rather than a spray, it wets the hair and does have a nice smell but not overpowering. I would recommend using it more at the ends of the hair, rather than towards the scalp. I don't think this product a lone well smooth your hair, it's design to help when styling so I used it when blow drying my hair out to get it really sleek. I did notice my hair had a softer finish and didn't look as dry as it usually does, my hair is in need of a cut as my ends are so bad but I think this is great as a quick fix. It didn't get rid of the dry ends all together, but worked better than some of the other smoothing sprays I have used in the past- Also it's not sticky like a lot of sprays.    
  • Hair Spray Final Shine- This is a finishing spray and again it's not sticky and has a nice smell. I did notice that my hair looked more glossy and healthy, rather than it's usually dull and lifeless self. I think I will use this on it's own too, great for when I roll out out of bed and have zero time to do anything with it.  
                                               my hair two day's after styling with products.

Over all- 
I really liked this gift set, it's simple but I think it's something a lot of women will use. I think with Christmas around the corner, I can see this being a great present for many and it's a great gift for a girl who has everything. Price wise it's a little pricey personal I think at £39.00, but it is ghd so I think you know it's more up market and the product sprays are worth it. Also it's well presented, when I received it the box had me smiling before even trying anything. I'd give this an 8/10 this is based overall. Thank you Best British Bloggers, anything that helps tame this mane is a winner.


  1. that does look like a nice set! and would totally make a good xmas pressie. your hair is looking awesome btw hun xx

  2. The colour of your hair is unreal - I am in LOVE with it <3

  3. I do love a bit of GHD and your hair is such an amazing colour.



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