WAH Nails Book Review

Being a nail art addict (regardless of how lame some of mine is), when I saw this on a few blogs I knew I had to get it. So as a heap of you have been asking about it, I decided to write a mini review.

I ordered the book off amazon  (£6.59 free p&p) and could not wait for it to arrive, when it did the first thing I checked out was how many looks there were to try and also checking if I would need to buy a heap of art stuff to achieve the looks. So firstly there are 25 projects, saying this the book shows photo inspiration of the nails in different colour variations and also mixed together. So really learning these simple looks can open up a heap of other nail looks, which is great for people who are new to nail art. 

On the left of the page you see a hand and on each nail the steps are show, and in clear simple writing are the steps. I found you don't need to buy heaps of stuff to achieve these looks, I would say get some nail art pens as on some it says have striper but you could just do this free hand or even just use tape to achieve the line projects. So you can get all these bits and pieces, but for most of the projects I found you don't need them, it just takes practise.

I tried out the Drippy project right away, and like I said was inspired to mix it up and make them into ice creams. The book has WAH's history and how Sharmadean Reid's (who is a super star, a new mum and she is running all this too! Legend) the founder of WAH, was feed up of the lack of creative nail art in salons and her journey to launch WAH. Also I love the added touch that all the nail projects, have a WAH girl showing you how to get the look. 

I love that WAH is almost like a club that all girls can be part of, just by painting your nails, I think most girls can spot the style of the WAH nail. They show you their 100 (yes I know crazy) nail looks, and there is a page in the back for you to brain storm your own and stickers. Overall this book is worth every penny and it's going to be my go to for when I need nail inspiration. From nail art addicts to begins, this is a must have. Sharmadean Reid has helped make nail art accessible and acceptable, once seen as ghetto, nail art is now a statement and is seen on catwalks etc ... I think it's such a instant feel good factor, and even better is you can get together with your mates and do each others nails, spread the nail love. This gets 10/10!


  1. I love the look of this. I've tried a few simple nail art projects and my major downfall is my lack of patience in letting the layers dry. Must. Try. Harder xx

  2. Looks amazing!
    I'm gutted that this book looks so bloody good I'll have to add it to my 'want list'.
    This list is so long now it have it's own word doc. :/


  3. I've seen a few people posting pics of the book and have been very intrigued, it looks great! Love the nail effect you chose, I don't really have the patience with nail art, I only mess them up while I make orders.


  4. I really need to get this book! It looks great, I love trying out new nail art even though I'm proper "cack-handed" most of the time :D xx

  5. I really like ur blog:)


  6. Love how this looks. I love the whole Scrapbook style, like Company magazine :)


  7. Aaah WOW! This is definitely going onto my lust list, I'd love to have a go at a few more adventurous with my nail art... gradient glitter is probably getting boring! Love your drip nails, looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

  8. I love this outfit, it is so cute.

  9. oh no...now i really, really want to buy it! x


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