Ice Cream

So the other night, while listening to New Young Pony Club and flicking through my new Wah book, I got a hit of inspiration and decided that my weekend wouldn't be complete without ice cream nails (I know I'm easily pleased). Than it got me thinking what happened to them, they just disappeared I really liked them as a band. All our good bands in this country seem to vanish, instead we have lots and lots of people from reality talent shows releasing cover songs (good for them, but it can be 'meh'). I will be doing a post about the Wah book soon, as a lot of you have been asking about it.

Anyway I have a few exciting things this week coming and I'm going to be trying to dip dye my hair, it's killing me not having it. I need to bleach again, than put my colour in than I can dance around the house in joy. Yes, I'm sad but I'm like a dog with a bone if I have an idea be it makeup/hair/clothing wise I have to achieve it some how. I keep seeing rainbow hair on blogs and tumblr, if I was younger I would so go for it as it's so pretty and fun. It's odd that colour dye has become so mainstream now, back in the day people looked in total shock if you had so much of a streak of colour in your hair. 

Top & Necklace: Charity shop
Printed light Jacket: Tesco
Jeans: Clothing at Tesco
Shoes: Ebay
It's my mates birthday next weekend, so I will have my first night out since having baby Logan and I can't not wait. I'm going to wear a dress and glam up a bit, as it's a rare time to wear a dress and make an effort. I'm not sure where we are going, to be honest if we went to a bus stop for a party it would be a welcomed break. Logan is teething (lots of crying) and Corben my toddler has wanted lots of play time with mummy, so it will be great to have some real time to myself and enjoy myself rather than worrying what I need to do next. So if you see a girl dancing at the bus stop, that could possible be me, no wait that will definitely be me.


  1. Love the funky plait. And the mani.

  2. Love your nails! Very pretty.
    Colour of the top and trousers work so well together.
    Used to love NYPC, always wonder what happens to bands I love that seem to just disappear.

  3. Love the nails + those colours, they look amazing! Your hair plait looks super pretty as well :) Good luck with the hair dip-dying, hope it goes well and can't wait to see the results! x

  4. I used to love New Young Pony Club too, and I can't wait to see your dip-dye hair complete! I was thinking about how mainstream colourful hair has become the other day too, loads of children at work have it! Xx

  5. So colourful!
    You always look so fantastic! Loving those pink jeans xo

  6. I love this song, I haven't heard it for years! Your nails are so fun x

  7. So beautiful! Amazing nails!! :)

  8. you look stunning in these colours hun! and i have complete ring envy, those turqoise rings are gorgeous! Good luck with the next hair stage, its look quite funky right now too!

  9. Love ur outfit, those rings are gorgeous

  10. Your nails look great.I liked The new young pony club too i remember seeing them at Leeds festival.I have liked a lot of good bands which have just disappeared, its a shame really.Your hair looks lovely.I have my hair bright red and it causes a lot of funny looks and comments, its annoying sometimes but i like my hair so thats it. Gem xx

  11. those nails are amazing! and your hair looks fab! xxx


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